July 10: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthday July 10th.

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Holidays 10 July

Day of Military Glory of Russia (Victory Day in Poltava

On the date we specified in Russia, the state
holiday – Victory Day in the Battle of Poltava (the battle between the Russian
army under the command of Peter the Great and the Swedes), which
ranked in one of the Days of Military Glory. In 1995, the State Duma
adopted a law on victorious days where the most important were established
victory dates in the history of Russia. In all ages, courage and heroism
Russian warriors, the power and glory of our weapons were integral
part of the power of Russia, its indestructible greatness. Poltava
the battle (battle) was a debilitating episode
Northern War. It took place on July 8, 1709. Among the participants
Poltava battle were Russian troops under the command of Peter the Great
and the swedish army of king charles. According to historians, this
the battle received the status of the largest in the history of the North
of war. Its enormous significance lies in the fact that it has changed
the course of the war in favor of the Russian Empire. As a result Sweden
ceased to be the primary military power of Europe.

Festival “Taste of Chicago”

Culinary Festival “Taste of Chicago” is the largest
culinary arts event in the USA. This holiday competition
Annually held in Illinois since 1980 and lasts for about
ten days. Look at the grand “cooking show” come
people from all over the world. Participation in the festival, as a rule
representatives of restaurant chains and other places
Catering. Even the largest restaurants in the country
consider it an honor to receive an invitation to this culinary
performance. “Taste of Chicago” traditionally held in Grand Park
(center of Chicago) in the open. For the period of celebration
the park is decorated as much as possible, and for visitors
all the necessary conditions for a comfortable stay. Selection
The dishes offered at the festival are grand. Here you can try
such foods that are impossible to find anywhere else in the world. By the way
dishes can not only taste, but also see how they
get ready, stock up on a rare recipe. The atmosphere in the park
fun, a variety of entertainment events are held,
There are many rides. Guests of any age without problems
will find here a lesson to their liking.

July 10 in the national calendar

Samsonov day

July 10, people honor the memory of Rev. Samson
Weekeeper, who was the son of wealthy and noble parents.
Samson received a good education and mastered the art of medicine.
And after, by virtue of generosity, he was engaged in the free treatment of all
needing For his good work, the Lord rewarded the young man with a gift
healing. According to legend, Samson cured the emperor himself,
touching the palm of his sore spot. The ruler wanted generously
thank the wonderworker, but he refused and as a reward
asked to build a hostel (shelter for the disadvantaged) and
the hospital. In Russia, the saint was called Senoh. And it was connected with
the fact that, as noted by the people, on this day very often went
rains, so that the hay got wet and rotted. In addition, by
the condition of harvested hay was decided to judge the future harvest.
For example, if it is still green, then it will be buckwheat cereal in winter
plenty on the table, if the hay is dark – to be a crop of millet. Today
men also led their horses to the churches and sprinkled them holy
water This ceremony was held before re-plowing

Historical events of July 10

10 июля 1925 год — Начало «обезьяньего
process ”in Dayton v. Darwinian theory of evolution. The date of our
the review in the American town of Dayton began the trial,
received the name “monkey”, before which appeared school
Scopes teacher. He was charged that he
despite the prohibition, he taught the Darwinian theory of evolution.
The initiator of this process was the pharmacist Fred Robinson. In those
times the economy of daytona fell sharply, people were leaving for more
promising areas, and Robinson thought: a situation can
fix some noisy business to attract attention
public, investors and tourists. School teacher Scopes
agreed to participate in this process. Also to him were
well-known lawyers and journalists are involved. Going to trial in Dayton
prepared thoroughly. Many streets of the town were decorated
loud-speaking posters depicting monkeys. On process
attended by about a thousand people. The journalists were
installed special equipment to transmit news in direct
on air. In the end, Scopes was convicted and sentenced to a fine in
the amount of 100 dollars. However, at a loss he did not stay, because
after such a bustling affair, the city treasury is pretty
пополнилась.10 июля 1941 год — Начало обороны
Leningrad German troops attacked Leningrad from the north and
southwest side, almost simultaneously striking at
Luga and Novgorod directions. Fierce battle for city
lasted a little over three years, it became the longest battle for
the whole period of World War II, and for several hundred
thousand inhabitants of Leningrad, it was the last. Осада cityа
обернулась для него величайшей трагедией века.10 июля 1962
— В США был осуществлен запуск спутника связи
�Telstar-1 The construction of the satellite began in two years
before its launch into orbit. This project cost its implementers in
six million dollars. The satellite was shaped like a ball
diameter of about a meter. By feeding on solar energy, he could transmit
any signals (radio, television, telegraph, telephone and
etc.) around the globe. On the same day via satellite was
The first telephone conversation between the representative
phone company and vice president of the United States Johnson. In orbit
�Telstar-1 lasted about seven months, and in February 1963
he ceased to exist. Telstar’s equipment allowed
transmit simultaneously either 500 calls or one television
channel. The equipment of the 21st century is already capable of more: today
telecommunications satellites transmit about hundreds of thousands of calls and
more than 500 channels.

Were born on July 10

Камиль Писсарро (1830 — 1903 гг.) — выдающийся
impressionist painter. By fifty, the artist became violent
anarchist. Hard to believe in looking at its full of heat
the pictures. Pissarro’s disciples were such famous personalities as
Cezanne, Gauguin, Lucien, etc. Никола Тесла (1856 —
1943) – engineer, physicist and inventor. Harvey
(1921 — 2001 гг.) — американский художник, который
created a smiling smiley face. For his work he received
about fifty dollars. By the way Болл никогда не претендовал на
авторские права.Юрий Стоянов (родился в 1957 году)
– People’s Artist of Russia, theater and film actor. Started to roll in
1980s. On the set of “Anecdotes” he was honored
meet with Ilya Oleinikov, who has become a real for him
a friend. Stoyanov also belong to roles in such films as
�“Carnival Night-2”, “Lily of the Valley Silver”, “Alchemists”, “Hare over
the abyss “,” Hitler kaput! “,” White Guard “,” Golden Key “and

Name Day July 10

Celebrate: Yuri (George, Egor), Vladimir, Alexander, Martin,
Ivanna, Samson, Peter, Serapion, Lily, Amelia.

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