Juicy beef: the benefits and harm of red meat.Is beef so useful, to whom it is useful and why beef is harmfulsteak

ATт, 24 янв 2017 Автор: Юлия Улиткина

Dietary beef – one of the most popular
products for the Russians. It has a wonderful taste, low
calorie and great benefits.


Composition and caloric content of beef meat

This meat in our country surpasses pork in popularity, it
more lean and has high nutritional properties. Of
Beef can be cooked many first and second courses, salads
and baking. It is from beef that kids begin to teach
�”Adult” food, as this meat rarely causes allergies and is excellent

The benefits of beef due to a set of substances included in
Its composition is:

• vitamins E, PP, B, E;

• minerals iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium, phosphorus, fluorine,
copper, manganese, molybdenum;

• The essential amino acids arginine, isoleucine, valine, lysine and

But the main value of beef as a food product is that
100 grams of beef pulp contains almost 20 grams of pure
squirrel. At the same time there is practically no fat in the fibers, which means there is no
loads on the liver and cardiovascular system. Optimal
a combination of taste, nutritional value and beneficial properties – that’s what
beef is recommended by nutritionists for health promotion and control

The benefits of beef

In Russia, the beneficial properties of red meat have long been known. By piece
beef could feed a large family. Meat can be easily
survive the long winter, return the body strength to the weakened person and
of the spirit.

Modern scientists have only confirmed what they knew about
the benefits of beef our ancestors:

• strengthens the heart muscle and vascular walls;

• prevents iron deficiency anemia, increasing

• normalizes blood circulation;

• normalizes cholesterol levels, preventing development
atherosclerosis due to the evacuation of “bad cholesterol”;

• improves digestion, maintaining optimal acidity
gastric juice;

• normalizes the exchange processes;

• strengthens bones;

• builds muscle mass;

• makes the nerves strong;

• improves memory.

Beef meat is especially needed by those involved.
heavy physical labor.
However, what works
Mentally, red beef is also very helpful. Weakened
after illness, the human body can be restored to the shortest
timing, including in the meal plan boiled beef meat. Have her in
boiled or shabby as possible and even necessary in
the postoperative period, especially if the operation was accompanied
big blood loss.

If a person suffers from cardiovascular disease
system or intestines, then it can be eaten beef.

There will be no harm from it, but you need to know the measure. Moreover, one of
properties of beef broth – to increase blood clotting,
heal injuries and wounds, restore muscles and ligaments. So that
It will be useful not only for sick people, but also for athletes.

Другая особенность говядины в том, что она благотворно
влияет на пищеварительную систему
: нейтрализует соли и
irritating enzymes, and therefore reduces acidity in the digestive tract. it
very valuable quality in diseases associated with improper
the work of the intestines and stomach.

Although beef is animal protein,
it is absorbed by the body of a healthy person quickly and easily. it
It means that you should not be afraid of rotting and fermentation in the stomach,
toxic poisoning and dangerous load on the liver.

Более того ученые утверждают, что кусок говядины
digested better than fruits, grains and vegetables.
if in a plate – young beef or veal. Their fibers are gentle,
soft, and the taste is pleasantly milky.

Именно поэтому для первых мясных прикормов педиатры
рекомендуют пюрированную отварную говядину
или телятину.
Kids love to eat tasty meat with vegetables or cereals and
grow strong and healthy.

Beef hurt

It is important to understand that all the beneficial properties of beef meat will come down.
to no, if overeat. No matter how well-assimilated
beef, the harm from exceeding the recommended dose of protein is
serious threat primarily to the gastrointestinal tract,
liver and kidneys.

People who do not know when to eat red meat risk
end the lives of patients with cardiology or another clinical
offices. Overeating will result in a critical level increase.
cholesterol, decreased immunity, development of cardiovascular
diseases, kidney stones, chronic inflammation
liver and pancreas. In addition, the risk of developing
oncologic neoplasm.

The norm of beef meat in a plate of a healthy person is not
more than 150 grams.
it в среднем. That is, physically
working men, for example, can eat 20 grams more.
However, per week the rate of beef pulp should not exceed
half a kilo.

Otherwise, the colon will accumulate
putrefactive bacteria and toxins, since the intestines cannot
digest that amount of meat. The result of life
bacteria will become the synthesis of substances such as phenol, skatole, putrescine,
крезол и other ATсе это продукты rotting protein foods. They are capable
not only poison the intestines, but also spread throughout the body and
hit the internal organs.

In addition, as part of the beef, scientists have identified the so-called
пуриновые основания. it органические вещества,
which contribute to the accumulation of harmful urinary
acid. The harm is that uric acid provokes the development
urolithiasis, gout and osteochondrosis.

Однако навредить здоровью можно и в том случае, если
eat the meat of the wrongly grown animal.
Antibiotics and
hormones used to prevent disease and increase
masses of animals are stored in meat and fall on our table. therefore
buying meat products from questionable sellers is very dangerous
especially if the meat is intended for feeding children.

Beef and slimming

Beef meat is indispensable for diets associated with getting rid of
лишнего weight. Дело в том, что калорийность 100 граммов
The pulp ranges from 200 to 250 kcal.
And the meat
animals specially raised on the farm and receiving nutritious
feed will be more calories.

However, in any case, almost no slice of raw beef
inferior to chicken meat from some parts of the carcass. That’s why no
nothing better than using it as a protein base dish
for lunch or dinner. Having added beef with vegetables, you will receive
healthy, balanced BJU food. She will saturate for a long time,
restore impaired metabolic processes and help lose weight.

However, the use of beef depends largely on how
cooked meat. The most dangerous option for health is
frying in oil.
Not only is it really very
harmful, it also increases the calorie almost doubled. AT
100-граммовом куске зажаренного в сковородке steakа — 380 калорий.
Compare: a piece of boiled beef meat of the same weight contains
no more than 180 calories, stew – 230 calories.

Dietary beef is an important component of healthy
power supply. If it prepares it correctly and does not exceed the protein norm
food, you can improve health and return weight to
the norm.

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