Joseph Prigogine decided to end the war withVolochkova

Wed, 07 May 2014

Похоже, война между Анастасией Volochkova и Валерий подходит к
its completion. Joseph Prigogine decided to officially speak with
a statement. In particular, the producer said that he and his wife express
sincere sympathy to the relatives of the people who suffered and who died in
Ukraine. In the face of unfolding tragedy, he does not consider
possible further clarification of any relationship with

Prigogine also said he did not want to continue to blow on the fire of PR
ballet dancers In addition, it was reported that the couple’s lawyer
Prigogine-Valeria was ordered to withdraw the application on
делу о занятии проституцией Volochkova, чтобы это не исказило ее
the reputation of the mother of the younger daughter.

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