Joint childbirth

Sun, Nov 20, 2016

Childbirth contract gave families a new opportunity –
the presence of future fathers when the baby is born. And along with
this opportunity brought a new headache for couples – whether to give birth
in the old manner, without a husband or go to the first meeting with
a child with the whole family?

It is curious that the weak half of humanity, which from time immemorial
centuries, both shyness and endurance are attributed,
clung to the idea of ​​joint birth, as a drowning man at a straw. BUT
here men showed weakness – only a small percentage of the first
called to come to the aid of a friend in these painful and joyful
moments, the rest fade, turn red, and enter once
sanctuary inaccessible to them, maternity hospital, on cotton feet. BUT пережив
mystery of childbirth, sharing impressions with friends, proudly
telling about the feat of cutting the umbilical cord.

Women fighting for the presence of husbands in childbirth emphasize
few important points:

  • Families that have passed this test together from beginning to end,
    combines great intimacy. A man is aware of what kind of torment
    for the sake of him and the child’s beloved woman. It makes him
    show later more care and attention to his
    a half.
  • Dad, who took the hands of the baby immediately after birth, refers to
    him with more love and trepidation than those who get used to
    fatherhood gradually. In addition, the father is forced to start caring for
    a child almost from the first minutes of his life, giving his wife a break
    after hard work. It is not surprising that after receiving such a charge, men
    on the machine continue to strenuously care for children and relatives
    the walls.
  • The presence of a partner at birth causes the staff to recall
    necessary courtesy. In addition, there is someone to stand up for a woman
    not always clearly thinking during painful contractions, and
    make a sound decision if necessary.

However, there are those who prefer to experience childbirth in
alone Moreover, their arguments sound no less convincing:

  • Instead of working on breathing, or afford
    scream and moan, the woman will have to worry about the state
    husbands. After all, most of them are too afraid of childbirth, and especially
    sensitive ones can even be injured seeing the condition
  • Childbirth – a natural process and very painful, and facilitate
    one’s position has to be done using non-standard tricks and taking
    fancy poses. If on presence at these manipulations
    nursing staff and even interns a woman in labor can close their eyes then lead
    yourself too naturally in front of your beloved husband will not
  • Female nature should always remain an exciting puzzle for
    partner. Our nature, represented in the process of childbirth in all
    анатомических подробностях — удел специалистов, а не husbands.

How to persuade a spouse to give birth?

First of all, decide how the presence of her husband
necessary and important to you personally? If his unwillingness to take part
in childbirth categorically, and your desire is dictated only by tribute
fashion, it may make sense to reconsider its position. If
partner childbirth, really important to you, start by watching
video about childbirth, visit trainings and groups of future parents. Not
put pressure on your spouse – he must come to the decision on participation in childbirth
on their own.

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