Ivan Okhlobystin’s statement “blew up”the Internet

Sun, 04 May 2014

Popular actor Ivan Okhlobystin posted in his microblog
commentary reflecting his political views on
situation in Ukraine. In particular, the actor wished everyone after May
holidays wake up and find out that Russian troops are on
approaches in Odessa.

Such a statement Okhlobystin not passed unnoticed. Actor,
Apparently, having decided that he went too far, he sank on his back, saying:

�“Odessa, you should know, Russia was crying yesterday. Women from
grief, men from powerlessness. Glory and eternal memory to the martyrs
Odessa! “.

However, this did not reduce the passions. So, the Ukrainian singer
Anastasia Prikhodko was amazed how “the servant of God” can
wish people evil.

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