It is extremely dangerous for women to eat pasta.

Tue, Feb 17, 2015

Italian scientists conducted a study that resulted in
it turned out that it is extremely dangerous for women to eat pasta,
because they dramatically increase the risk of cardiovascular
diseases. This conclusion was made possible by observations of 47 thousand.
women and men.

During the observation, the volunteers had the same diet,
including pasta and white bread. As a result women
began to rapidly gain weight, while men do not
got better. Concerning vascular and heart diseases, it turned out
that the probability of their occurrence in women has doubled. Cause
This is that pasta, digesting very quickly, breaks
blood sugar balance.

Scientists warn: ladies should refrain from pasta,
made from premium grade flour. At the same time, pasta
products made from durum wheat are extremely useful – the presence of
large amounts of fiber ensures satiety, as a result
what is the active burning of calories.

Also, nutritionists recommend eating hot pasta, and
not freshly cooked. The point in the atom is that in the process
warming up the starch becomes resistant, not increasing
blood sugar levels.

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