It hurts the seam after cesarean: when it is normal, butwhen does it require treatment? How to relieve the pain of a suture after cesareansections

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AT последние годы всё больше женщин рожают путём кесарева

This technique allows for delivery, in cases
when childbirth is naturally impossible or contraindicated.

However, like any surgery, a cesarean section may result in
a negative consequences or complications.

Can a stitch hurt after a cesarean?

Послеоперационный шов после кесарева sections обязательно будет
беспокоить женщину во время восстановительного period Pain
sensations arise immediately after the cessation of anesthesia. With
This character and intensity of pain are individual and
depend on many factors.

ATажно общее состояние женщины, её личный болевой порог, а также
наличие предыдущих родов путём кесарева sections. It is believed that,
if the cut is made on the already existing previous
postoperative suture, then healing and recovery will be
occur faster and less painful.

Why does a stitch after a cesarea hurt?

Боли после кесарева sections женщине не избежать. AT первую
queue, this is due to the presence of a wound on the anterior abdominal wall and
on the uterus, because during the operation the integrity of the skin, muscles
and ligaments. Кроме того, после кесарева sections, как и после
vaginal delivery, there is an active contraction of the uterus, since
she begins to take its former size. With сокращении мышц
The uterus may experience tingling sensations.

Such ощущения женщины часто принимают за боли в
postoperative seam. The largest uterine contractions occur when
breastfeeding. It is associated with the production of the hormone – oxytocin.
Учитывая, что во время кесарева sections повреждаются ткани матки,
then during her postpartum contractions, painful sensations
will be stronger than women who give birth naturally.

Also, pain can cause accumulations in the intestines.
gases. AT результате нарушения перистальтики кишечника и продвижения
fecal masses may experience discomfort and pressure on the uterus. To
avoid similar complications, women in the postoperative period
empty the intestines with an enema.

Иногда, болевые ощущения в области шва после кесарева sections
may be associated with complications. The most frequent postpartum
inflammation of the uterus cavity with involvement is considered a complication
internal seams. This process is called endometritis. it
the state is accompanied not only by pain in the area
suture, but also pulling pain in the lower abdomen, fever
body, discharge with an unpleasant odor. Endometritis is considered
serious complication. If you do not start in time
anti-inflammatory and antibacterial therapy, endometritis can
lead to radical removal of the uterus or even fatal
to the end

In addition, the inflammatory process may develop as a result of
discrepancies postoperative suture. ATоспаление может развиться при
неправильном уходе за швами и занесении infections. AT данном случае
antimicrobials are prescribed and repeated
surgical intervention.

Pain in the area of ​​postoperative sutures may occur on the background
formation of adhesions. Usually spikes do not dissolve and
only symptomatic therapy is possible. AT некоторых случаях, через
specific time, perform special laparoscopic surgery
on dissection of adhesions.

Sometimes pain results from involvement.
nerve endings in the suture itself. Such pain can not be eliminated.
Therapy consists of prescribing pain medications.
means. Что значительно уменьшает болевые sensations.

AT редких случаях боль в области шва после кесарева возникает в
result of the development of endometriosis. it заболевание связано с
endometrial casts during surgery in the area of ​​the outer
seam. For such cases is characterized by the development of pain and pulling
sensations during menstruation. After the completion of menstruation pain
disappear. Finally eliminate the cause of such pain
impossible, so the treatment is the appointment of painkillers
means, sometimes hormonal drugs.

What if oozing and sore suture after a cesarean?

AT первые дни после кесарева sections женщина находится под
supervision of medical personnel in the hospital. For decreasing
болевых ощущений prescribe успокоительные и обезболивающие
medications. If the seam does not heal well and oozes,
prescribe специальные мази и препараты, улучшающие регенерацию
skin, accelerating the absorption of sutures and prevent release from
they are fluid.

In order for the seam to regenerate faster, it is not necessary
abuse moisturizing ointments. AT основном рекомендуют
use drying and disinfecting agents such as
iodine, potassium permanganate, green. Кроме того, шов после кесарева sections
should be processed with vitamin E. Such processing contributes
good nutrition of the skin and accelerate the healing process. If the seam
begins to fester, except treatment with antiseptics, prescribe
antibacterial ointments and antibiotics inside.

Usually, after discharge from the maternity hospital, a woman should no longer
disturb strong pain. If the seam after cesarean
section hurts for a long time, or marked discharge of fluid
from it, the attending physician should pay attention to it or

In medical practice, there have been cases when pain in
areas of sutures after cesarean arose after a few years. Can
so-called ligature fistula in the form of inflamed
seals. This is due to the rejection of the suture material by the body.
women. In such cases, you may need to re-prompt
intervention to exclude a fistula and prevent entry
infections. Therefore, if a woman after even a long time
notes pain in the seam area, you should immediately consult a doctor
for the timely provision of medical care.

Prevention of pain in the suture area after cesarean section

In order to reduce pain in the first days after childbirth and
prevent their occurrence in the future, women should abide
certain rules of regime and nutrition in the postoperative

First of all, you need to pay attention to the diet
food. Food should be as healthy, safe and
balanced. Products must contain a large number
vitamins and minerals. Vitamin E is very helpful.
as it promotes faster healing and regeneration. Him
It is recommended to apply both inside and out.

At first, after surgery, it is forbidden to lift weights.
Excessive physical exertion can lead to seam divergence.
However, this does not mean that further sports and
Exercise is prohibited for a long time. Sex life
do not recommend starting earlier than two months. Already through
12-15 days after surgery, you can start doing light exercises,
aimed at restoring the body. Before you engage
gymnastics, you should consult a doctor. Only
the specialist can correctly guide and advise the complex
exercises that help restore shape and strengthen muscles, and
do no harm to the body. Usually, a couple of months after birth,
swimming and walking are allowed. Even in the postpartum
period should be repeatedly shown to the doctor. This will prevent
the development of remote complications and calm the woman with psychological

Is it worth it to panic if the seam after cesarean hurts
cross section?

Pain in the seam after a cesarean is a common occurrence. AT
the first days after surgery, women should not be alarmed by pain
sensations. This is typical for any type of postoperative
period Especially the first 5-7 days after cesarean section woman
is under the supervision of medical personnel. AT случае
any worries, a woman in labor can turn with
questions and for help to your doctor.

Другое дело, если боль беспокоит в отдалённом period. Such
pain should alert the woman and to avoid
serious complications and consequences should be treated immediately
to the doctor.

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