Is ultrasound harmful during pregnancy?

Sun, 02 Feb 2014

An ultrasound that appeared more than forty years ago
actively held in pregnant women today meets
quite a few disturbing discussions. And what if it is unsafe for
baby? What if the baby is in pain or fear under the influence of
apparatus? Does the procedure of ultrasound pregnancy interruption
and can it cause serious pathologies? Some women
believed in the harmfulness of this procedure, while others perceive
Ultrasound as fun entertainment, the ability to put in a photo album
The first pictures of the child, taken before his birth.

Ultrasound – benefit or harm?

This study is intended to monitor the condition.
fetus. The very first visit to a specialist helps to ensure that
the ovum stuck in the uterus and confirm or exclude
anembryony or death of the embryo. It is held at the earliest
duration of pregnancy, using a transvaginal probe.

Is it dangerous? The sensor is inserted into the vagina very carefully and
has a small size. Such an ultrasound is completely safe and
necessary if you suspect a frozen or ectopic pregnancy.
The ideal time to hold – from 5 to 6 week, in this period
the heartbeat is already tapped, and the size of the ovum allows
determine the exact age of the embryo and adjust the estimated
date of delivery.

The next study will be in accordance with
screenings and allows you to check not only
matching the size of the fetus to the norm, but also measure the thickness
collar space and the size of the baby’s nasal bone.
It is held in the usual way, through the peritoneal wall.

The third ultrasound will assess the condition of the placenta and the position
baby in the womb. Perhaps, according to its results will be taken and
final decision on the method of delivery. Last study may
be held at the beginning of labor activity – during contractions.

Do I need to be afraid of ultrasound?

Excessive suspicion during pregnancy is inherent in each
to the woman. But controlling your own fears is necessary, otherwise
Harm can be caused by mother’s anxiety and anxiety before and during
carrying out the procedure. The very same study is being conducted more than one
decade, while the negative impact on the fetus is not

Is it possible to carry out ultrasound at will?

Normally, in the absence of a threat or suspicion of genetic
deviations, ultrasound is prescribed three times for the entire period of pregnancy.
Of course, to abuse this procedure because of the desire to watch
for the baby or see his gender – not necessarily, but with
additional concerns or suspicions
It will not be superfluous. Usually the direction to the control ultrasound gives the doctor
but if confidence in the quality of the equipment or the level of skill
there is no specialist, you can contact other clinics or medical
centers equipped with more modern equipment.

When does ultrasound become a necessity?

In some cases, visit the office uzist often have.
Women who pass through a caesarean section must
be observed by a specialist who will monitor the condition
scar. Additional control may be assigned if available
difficult pregnancy, pathological conditions of the fetus or mother.
The threat of termination of pregnancy, bleeding, suspicion of
lack of heartbeat – all these conditions need
additional control by an ultrasound specialist
research. The presence of cysts and tumors are also a cause for
control using ultrasound because pregnancy can trigger
their height.

Currently, ultrasound helps to quickly and accurately monitor
possible deviations and risks, which means it gives the opportunity
intervene in time and conduct the necessary treatment. Try
save all study results – they may be required
any time and help the doctor more accurately assess the situation in a timely manner
warning risks.

Text: Vera Guler

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