Is it possible to watermelon pregnant and with breastfeeding. Can a nursing mother watermelon and how much it canto eat

Ср, 12 окт 2016 Автор: Юлия Улиткина

Watermelon pulp rarely leaves you indifferent
sweet tooth Gentle aroma, delicious juice and sugar sweetness give
real pleasure. It’s hard to refuse the generous gift of nature
especially if you are in a position or have just become a mother.

Is it possible to watermelon pregnant and with breast feeding?

What can be dangerous watermelon pregnant and breast

It is believed that pregnant and lactating mothers watermelons
categorically contraindicated. Many women do not eat them themselves and not
give children, fearing at least poisoning.

Indeed, the giant striped berry can incorporate into its
juicy flesh is a lot of toxic nitrates and other nastiness, which
process watermelons both during watering and during transportation to
long distance. At special moments in the life of a woman, leaving her
not at all, because it’s not just your own

Therefore it is important to follow certain rules when choosing

• naturally ripe berries appear on the territory
Russia not earlier than the last week of August. Therefore, buy
safer September watermelons. Earlier gifts of nature are collected from
bahchi prematurely and clearly treated with chemistry;

• at a ripe and healthy watermelon gentle, easily injured
skin with pronounced stripes, and the flesh is bright, with sugar
grains, non-uniform color;

• ripe watermelon quite easily comes in when squeezed;

• if the cut is too smooth, yellowish or pale pink
colors, has hard streaks – there is no watermelon.

A proven way to ensure the safety of melon berries –
throw a slice of pulp into clean cold water. If it does not change
colors, watermelon is safe. If it becomes reddish, you have to
get rid of. There is no such product.

In addition to the administration of nitrates, for women in position and afterbirth
A berry can be dangerous for other reasons. Is it possible to watermelon
беременными и при грудном feeding, зависит от наличия
chronic diseases in the mother and allergies in the newborn. Watermelon
contraindicated in large kidney stones, diabetes,
acute diarrhea and other intestinal diseases.

As for allergies, diathesis in
newborn or urticaria. Can a nursing mother watermelon,
depends on the age of the child. In infants up to two months immature
the intestinal system may respond to the inclusion in the mother’s diet
watermelons painful gas and bowel disorder.

Is it possible to watermelon беременным, в чем его польза

Exclude watermelon from the diet of a pregnant woman is not worth it. More
In addition, many obstetrician gynecologists recommend using seasonal
Watermelons in the period of carrying “summer” kids. Why?

The fact is that sweet melon culture brings
considerable benefit and the mother’s body, and emerging

• There is a lot of iron in the watermelon pulp, which helps to avoid

• juicy berry has a diuretic effect, and therefore fine
fights swelling;

• watermelon soothes the nervous system, helping the expectant mother
keep a good mood;

• the berry removes toxins from the body, cleanses the lymph and
blood, is an excellent prevention of constipation, normalizes
digestive processes due to the high content of pectins;

• watermelon is a source of vitamins, minerals and beneficial

Minerals help the heart and vessels of a pregnant woman to work well.
women, folic acid has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and
contributes to the proper formation of the fetus.

Despite the sweetness, the calories in the flesh of watermelon are only 25 per 100
grams, and therefore the use of berries will not lead to weight gain.
The main thing is not to overeat: abuse will cause bloating and

Кстати, всего два ломтика арбуза — это
daily dose of ascorbic acid. It is vitamin C that helps
convert nitrates to safe chemicals and remove from
organism. This fact must be borne in mind when considering whether
арбуз беременным и при грудном feeding.

Can a nursing mother watermelon and why

There is no absolute ban on the use of watermelons and for nursing
women The reasons are the same: rich natural vitamin-mineral
complex. Especially valuable is the abundance of folic acid and vitamin B5,
which is rich in watermelon pulp. With mother’s milk gets them and
baby, which ensures its harmonious development.

As for allergy concerns, then
worry not worth it.
Many modern babies are born
are allergic to potato starch or gluten contained in
wheat. But do refuse bread, pasta and potatoes from
anxiety provoke allergies in the newborn?

Another thing, if after drinking watermelon baby skin
отреагировала плохо:
появилась сыпь, зуд, краснота. Can
Does nursing mother watermelon in this case? Certainly impossible. To
проверить реакцию, нужно to eat буквально столовую ложку мякоти и
wait a day. If during this time nothing wrong with the baby
happened (not colic and rash), no allergies.

One of the arguments that should make a woman in labor
eliminate from the diet watermelon pulp, – reduction of nutritional
milk values.
But this is a myth: in fact, no connection
between the fat content of milk and drinking watermelons there. Can ли
nursing mother watermelon, if she does not exceed the norm and does not eat
some watermelons? Of course, it is possible and very useful. Gut will
work like a clock, postpartum depression will recede.

The only thing you need to pay attention to is
age of the child.
Until the baby is two months old,
do not eat watermelons. They are really very sweet, and
if mom has no consequences from the delicious food, then
immature intestines of the infant may respond to the intestines
colic and bloating. If this happens, you need to stop
drinking watermelons and try again when the baby reaches
age of four months.

Как есть арбуз беременным и при грудном feeding

Pregnant and lactating mothers it is important that the watermelon bought ripened
in natural conditions. But no less important is how to properly wash and
There is a striped berry. The rules are simple.

Watermelon тщательно моют под горячей водой, намылив губкой с детским
soap or completely washable dishware. After
slicing store the rest you need in the refrigerator. She is
suitable for food during the day. After суточного хранения ответ на
вопрос, можно ли арбуз беременным и при грудном feeding,
will be negative. Risk the health of the unborn child or
the newborn mother has no right.

Pregnant women should not eat watermelon at night,
especially if the term is already large.
Excessive urinary pressure
the bubble is a direct path to agonizing insomnia. Also worth
check with the obstetrician gynecologist how much exactly the watermelon pulp
You can eat a day for you. The fact is that the volume of water in
gestational age is regulated as a woman. Counted and
the total volume of liquids, including in the form of juices, tea, soups and,
of course, watery watermelon (which is more than 90 percent
consists of water).

Important: Do not eat watermelon with other foods, especially with
black bread. Digestion will be hit, which is completely
unnecessarily for pregnant.

You shouldn’t nibble the berry too much, either:
the crust is concentrated the most nitrates.

Эти рекомендации касаются, безусловно, и кормящих women

To check the amount of nitrates would be good to have on the farm.
special analyzer. It is useful to test for suitability.
not only watermelons, but also other vegetable products
origin, water, juices. Can ли кормящей матери арбуз, во
depends a lot on the quantity.

To не нанести вред ни себе, ни малышу, стоит принять во
attention is a primitive, but fairly accurate calculation.

If we accept that a kilogram of berry pulp may contain
100 mg of nitrate, then two kilograms is the daily dose is extremely
safe amount for life.

Therefore, if a young mother eats three or four slices, then harm
for her health, and therefore for the health of the baby, will not.

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