Is it possible to wash the newborn with soap, how to choosesoap? How to wash a newborn and how soapto use

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Having a baby is a new responsibility for parents.
Return from the hospital marks a new stage in the life of the family, and before
young parents have many questions. One of them is how
properly wash the newborn. It is not clear what the water should be in
bath, whether it is necessary to add something, can I use
soap. Answers to these questions are not so difficult, but important.

Is it possible to wash a newborn with soap

The skin of infants is very delicate, so with soap you need to be extremely
careful. Even if a bar of soap is labeled “baby”,
pediatricians do not recommend using it in the first weeks of life.

Is it possible to wash a newborn with soap? Possible but
infrequently. During the first week after returning from the maternity ward
at home while bathing, use soap at all is not necessary. AT
You can continue to soap the baby’s body more than once or twice.
in Week.

But by and large, until the child begins to crawl, get dirty
he simply has nowhere, which means the need to use soap
test, rather, parents than the kid himself. Sweat glands on
body of the baby work differently than on the body of an adult or
grown up child. Therefore, the baby rather simple ablution

Что касается подмываний, то после стула
Use baby soap is possible and even necessary. After washing your ass
and legs need to be wet well with a thick terry towel, and skin
lubricate baby cream without fragrances.

Is it possible to wash a newborn with soap жидким, не кусковым, или
for example, cream soap? The answer is the same. Possible but только если малыш
really got dirty. ATо время ежедневного «ритуального»
bathing meaning in the use of soap is not. Moreover, frequent washing with
soap can harm not only the skin of the crumbs, but also its health.

Why you can not abuse soap

Any soap, even specially created for delicate baby skin
infants, contains drying substances. It dissolves the particular
fatty film on infant skin, that is, deprives it of the natural
protection. Therefore parents should not be carried away by excessive purity. BUT
you need to know how to wash your newborn with soap

What is fraught with abuse of soap when bathing?

• deprived of protective film epidermis (outer skin layer)
subject to increased attack by bacteria and viruses. On recovery
protection takes about two days and this time is potentially

• after washing with soap, the skin begins to actively absorb substances in
including those that are excreted as toxins. With another
hand, soap violates the function of excretion. Accordingly, through
the skin of the body seems to be poisoning itself;

• drying agents contained in soap are negative
affect the condition of the skin, can cause itching and irritation. Exactly
therefore, after using soap, you need to treat the skin of children

• if the soap contains synthetic substances, it is clearly not
will bring health to baby skin and generally can seriously affect
on the state of health;

• flavors work in the same way. If a bar of soap
it smells strong, brightly colored, it is clearly not suitable for babies, as
Whatever the manufacturer marked its goods.

Frequent use of soap is undesirable and even harmful. One thing
a maximum of two washes per week will not do any harm. Swim every day
with soap is impossible.

What soap is better to wash a newborn

ATовсе обойтись без мыла не получится. At least because
The baby smears diapers from 5 to 8 times a day. What soap is better
wash the newborn so as not to harm his body? ATот основные
rules that will help parents choose the best for their

• the purchase of soap “know her” should be abandoned immediately. Have large
reliable manufacturers introduced a rigid quality system,
natural and safe ingredients are used;

• When buying a product, pay attention to the “neutral PH” marks.
and “clinical trials.” This means that the soap is tested and not
harm baby’s skin;

• good baby soap should not contain fragrances or
dyes, no synthetic components;

• If herbs are included in the soap, it is not always good. The thing is
that they can cause allergies, irritation, dryness.

It is necessary to take into account the individual characteristics of the child. It is impossible
unequivocally say what soap is better to wash a newborn. Some
children skin responds well to herbal extracts (a series of
celandine, chamomile), and other plants cause allergies.

Therefore, before lathering your beloved child, check, will not cause
Do soap negative reaction. Making a test is very simple: apply soap
fold the elbow or on the wrist, rinse and observe the skin. If a
after two or three days nothing bad happened to the skin, it remained
чистой, без покраснений, этим мылом to use можно.

How to wash a newborn

After each stool, the child must be washed. For boys and
girls procedure is slightly different. This is due to the structure
genitalia organs.

The newborn girl is washed away under the stream of water by hand movements.
towards the anus, so as not to allow the ingress of dirt
and inflammation.

Soap is used as a last resort. The thing is том, что кожа
слизистых на genitalia органах девочки очень нежная, и мыло
injures her, causes inflammation. This, in turn, is fraught
сращением малых genitalia губ (синехия). When washing away hold
the girl is more correct on the back, laying on his elbow and holding

It is more convenient to wash the newborn boy the other way around: putting it on
elbow tummy. It is necessary to wash the baby under a stream of warm water,
first the ass, then the genitals. Baby Care

How to prepare a bath

Bathing the baby daily is a ritual that should
to give pleasure to both the baby and his mother. Therefore important
details: water and air temperature, “hill” for convenience, soft
diaper, spread on the bottom of the tub.

The meaning of the procedure is not so much to wash off the dirt as in
that the child relaxes, feels the pleasant warmth of the water,
a touch of maternal hands and fluffy towels. Besides,
Daily bathing is a tempering procedure. Combination of water and
air, temperature changes make the immune system work,
strengthen it.

It is possible to bathe the newborn already a day after the first
BCG vaccination. However, this is not necessary, so nothing
it’s not gonna happen if mom postpones the procedure for a few
days The duration of the first swim is 2-3 minutes. A week later
baby can be left in the water for five minutes, gradually bringing
procedures up to 10-15 minutes.

How to wash a newborn в ванночке? First of all
prepare the water. AT течение первого месяца жизни некоторые педиатры
It is recommended to boil it to avoid inflammation of the umbilical wound.
For disinfection (especially if unboiled water is used)
add manganese, achieving a weak pinkish coloration

The temperature of the water should not be higher than 37 degrees, and the temperature
air – below 22 degrees. ATажно, чтобы ребенок не замерз, но и
swimming in hot water will not bring him joy. If a нет
special water thermometer, mom can easily check
temperature, immersing the elbow in the prepared bath. Skin not
should feel neither cold nor heat.

Whether to add broths of healing herbs to water depends on the desire
parents. There is no special need for them if the baby’s skin
is healthy. Moreover, the newborn may be allergic.
If a так случилось, то эксперименты нужно сразу же прекратить.
Another thing is if the doctor prescribes a decoction of a particular herb with a medical
target (for example, prickly heat, dermatitis, etc.). AT этом случае
It is necessary to follow the recommendations of the pediatrician.

How to wash a newborn

A special slide in the baby bath is convenient because the child is not
have to hold. Slope slides need to lay a diaper to the body
did not slip. If a горки нет, то ребенка нужно положить спинкой на
левый локоть и придерживать за pen. Carefully dip into the water and
держать так, чтобы голова и плечи находились над water

Wash baby need right hand smooth movements: first
pens and armpits, then legs, groin folds, ass and tummy.
Now you can turn the baby on the tummy, lift above the water and
wash the back.

If a используется мыло, то мама намыливает свои ладони и ими
washes the baby. Regular shower gel used in bathing
newborn can not. Baby shampoo – you can, but only after
achieve a baby of four months of age. Shampoo
need no more than once a month.

If a мама использовала мыло, то после купания тело малыша нужно
pour clean water from a prepared jug. Now
all that remains is to get the baby wet with a towel, smear the baby’s skin
cream and put the baby to sleep.

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