Is it possible to sunbathe pregnant if there is not anycontraindications? How to sunbathe pregnant and not harmbaby?

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The summer is very soon, the sun begins to burn, and many have already
able to soak up its beautiful rays.

Imagine a summer without sun is quite difficult.

That is why pregnant women also make their plans for
summer, wanting to sunbathe.

But before you go under the alluring rays, you need to know, but you can
Does it do?

Is it possible to sunbathe pregnant: the pros and cons of sunburn

Before answering this question, you need to consider
The positive moments of sunburn:

1. Under the influence of the sun, vitamin D is produced,
which prevents the development of rickets in an infant.

2. After a pregnant woman “takes” the sun
bath, her mood is noticeably improving.

3. If in ordinary life a woman spends little time in the sun,
then sunbathe a little, you can. Warm rays increase and strengthen

4. In the sun, sweating increases, along with sweat, from
the body go to waste.

The sun is the best source of energy and vigor for
future mom. That is why, after staying on the beach, women
feel much better, and many even disappear

Ban on tanning

Many experts believe that sunbathing pregnant women
contraindicated, and this they have their own explanations:

1. Long stay in dry air, can negative
reflect on well-being.

2. You can get a sunstroke.

3. When you are on the beach, where there is a large crowd of people, there is
probability of injury to the stomach. For example, if someone plays a ball,
he can fly off and get into a woman.

4. If the beach is not very clean, you can get hurt, and put in
wound infection. This will adversely affect both mom and

Ultraviolet rays are also considered dangerous if
The body of a pregnant woman has many moles. They can
provoke the development of skin cancer.

Is it possible to sunbathe pregnant women: tanning rules

You can sunbathe pregnant women, but you need to comply
a number of important rules:

• experts allow women to sunbathe only in the morning
time, up to 10 hours, and in the evening, after four. The rest of the time
the risk of getting sunstroke increases several times;

• spend a lot of time on the beach, you can not. At the time of gestation
Fetus, tan on the body of a woman to go to bed several times faster. Not in
In no case should you lie down and wait for your skin to finally
acquire golden color. It is better to visit the beach several times in
a week, but stay there for no more than two hours;

• it is necessary to wear a kerchief or cap on the head, and
eyes – glasses;

• you cannot lie on the sand or pebbles, as they have in the sun
property to heat up to 60 degrees. At this temperature,
Your body may burn. Pregnant woman should go to bed
on a special lounger, so that the head was slightly raised;

• install a deck chair right in the middle of the beach, of course, not the best
option. That is why you should look for a place in the shade, for example under

• going to the beach, you need to take a non-carbonated
water Drink cold drinks is not worth it, as a sharp change
temperature can cause a cold;

• visiting the beach alone is not recommended; take with you
spouse, or for example friends;

• to prevent sunburn buy sunscreen

Is it possible to sunbathe pregnant women: possible dangers

It is necessary to take into account the fact that during pregnancy the body
women doing double work. A woman’s skin requires more
attentive attitude. On the face, hands, pigment may occur.
stains. In order to protect yourself from UV exposure
rays, it is necessary to give up tanning during the day, and also not to attend
tanning beds.

When the mother’s body overheats, negative
impact on the fetus. After all, the baby in the mother’s womb is not
can independently regulate the temperature of its body, since
his sweat glands are not yet formed. Most negative
the consequence that may arise from overheating – malfunction
the nervous system of the infant.

Experts have long proved the relationship between tan and
the occurrence of skin cancers. Therefore, to stay on
the sun, even ordinary people who are not in position, cannot.

As you can see, there are quite a few contraindications for
tanning, but also completely abandon it, of course, not worth it.
If you sunbathe correctly, then, no harm to the body, not caused
will be.

Can I use tanning

If about whether you can be in the sun during pregnancy, mom
think, then about the tanning, they, unfortunately, do not think
and use it without any restrictions. All this can lead to
serious, undesirable consequences. The thing is that after
application of tanning, an effect similar to the effect
dihydroxyacetone, which penetrates the skin through the blood. Placental
the barrier is not an obstacle for this substance, therefore it
can easily get into the fetal blood system.

When overheating in the sun, you need to know what to do, in order
so as not to hurt yourself and the baby:

1. Hide from the sun, go to a cool room.

2. Lie down in a horizontal position for 30-40 minutes.

3. Take off excess clothing.

4. Drink lightly salted water to help restore.
balance of minerals in your body.

5. If after a few hours, your condition does not improve,
Be sure to call an ambulance.

In very hot weather, the body can not always independently
cope with its cooling, and the body of a pregnant woman,
especially. Pregnancy is the most beautiful time in life
parents during this period need to be more attentive to
your body. Do not abuse your stay in the sun, because
very soon your baby will be born, and no restrictions
for sunbathing will not be! So just dial
patience and wait.

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