Is it possible to sunbathe during pregnancy?

Sat, Nov 19, 2016

There are long winter months ahead, and some families rush to
rest in warm countries – take a break from dank dampness and snatch
an extra piece of summer. And what if vacation, and together with
him and a trip to the sunny beaches, coincided with an interesting

Is it possible to fully enjoy the sunshine during
pregnancy, or with a tan will have to wait? Attitude to
ultraviolet in a twofold society – fans of chocolate tan
remind of the undoubted benefits obtained naturally
vitamin D, and opponents scare premature aging and even
skin cancer, the first enemy of which is the sun. Ultraviolet
– so useful and so dangerous at the same time. Should I avoid
his pregnant woman?

Abandon sunbathing and sea bathing, of course, not
worth it. After all, really, getting vitamin D for pregnant women is vital
is required. In addition, the sun’s rays strengthen the immune system,
weakened by the position of the future mother, and raise the shattered
hormonal mood swings. It is important to remember your position.
following simple rules:

  • Leave for sunburn the best watches when sunlight
    soft and harmless. The time until 10 am is most favorable for
    sunburn when the sun warms, but does not burn. In addition, do not have to
    walk away from the beach to the very sun. Good for tanning and late afternoon
    – soft sunset rays are no longer able to cause burns, and the evening
    carries with it a pleasant coolness.
  • You should not go to the beach on an empty stomach. Low level
    blood sugar, coupled with the additional load on the vessels and high
    air temperature can cause vascular spasm and
  • Be wary of dehydration. The fluid leaves the body along with
    then, and the hot sun contributes to increased sweating. Not
    go to the beach without a bottle of water.
  • For the period of pregnancy try not to sit directly on
    sand or stones. Heated in the sun, they create an extra
    heat. An ideal place for the future mother will be a comfortable chaise
    set in the shade. Time to stay in direct sunlight
    should be limited to 10-15 minutes per session.
  • Take care of your skin. During pregnancy, pigmentation increases. AT
    As a result, instead of an even tan, the face and body can decorate large ones.
    freckles and age spots.
  • Not забывайте об опасности теплового удара. Overheating occurs
    very quietly, a person may not experience any unpleasant
    sensations, however, the effects of prolonged exposure to high
    temperatures are very dangerous. Not спасает от теплового удара и легкий
    sea ​​breeze – on the contrary, it makes you relax and forget about
    danger. If the day promises to be very hot, you should miss
    visiting the beach Manifestations of overheating are expressed in weakness
    dizziness, falling blood pressure, lack of appetite and
    bowel disorder. For a pregnant woman is a special danger
    represents dehydration during heat stroke.
  • Try not to go to the beach unaccompanied. Bouts
    dizziness, drops in blood pressure and rapid
    heartbeat – not rare in pregnancy, but a sharp drop
    temperatures when moving from a hot beach to a cooler place
    or prolonged exposure to the sun can turn around
  • ATозвращаясь из лета в зиму, поберегите себя в первую неделю
    after vacation. Try to spend a few days at home in a circle.
    families, avoiding large concentrations of people sneezing and coughing.

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