Is it possible to feed apples: what is their use andcan they hurt? Is it possible to feed the apples and in what form theyuse

Чт, 05 май 2016 Автор: Марина Гришина

Apples – one of the most popular and healthy fruits.

Everyone knows about their beneficial properties.

However, women who have recently become mothers are concerned with the question:
Are apples harmless during breastfeeding?

Is it possible to feed apples: benefits for mother and baby

Apples – a real storehouse of vitamins. They contain E, C, P and
vitamins of group B. This fruit is not deprived and useful
microelements. For example, potassium, which is rich in fruit, improves
work of the cardiovascular system and prevents the appearance of many
diseases associated with it.

Calcium in apples strengthens mother’s bones, teeth and nails, as well as
involved in strengthening the bone system of the baby. Phosphorus in the composition
The fruit helps in the easy absorption of calcium.

Apples are the best hemoglobin, due to the high
easily digestible iron in the composition. They control the level
cholesterol and purify the blood, removing toxins from it. Than blood is cleaner
Mom has the better quality milk that the baby eats, which means
more nutrients he gets with him.

Fiber in fruit pulp improves digestive function
system, prevents constipation, removes toxins from the intestine.

Vitamin A helps fight viral infections, right
forms the immune system of the child, and also “rejuvenates”
mom’s organism.

B vitamins soothe the nervous system and mothers, and

It is also believed that apples are the most hypoallergenic product.

Can nursing apples: can they be harmful?

If apples are so rich in nutrients and carry
только пользу, возникает вопрос: а can they hurt?

Is it possible to feed the apples and does it harm the baby?
Breastfeeding specialists say that the fruit is not
just possible, and very necessary during lactation. It is believed that
if mom ate apples during pregnancy, then during
feeding any reactions from the child will not follow.

Many mothers are worried about the fact that the baby may appear
allergic to apples. Do not, in this case, deny yourself
pleasure to eat an apple. Just then you should give preference
green variety. They do not exactly cause redness and
высыпаний на коже baby

There is confidence that apples can cause flatulence
baby Such a reaction of the fragile intestinal baby too
is possible. But, it is believed that if the mother after eating apples
everything is fine, then the child will have nothing of the kind.

During breastfeeding, preference should be given only
natural apples. The ideal option would be grown in their own
garden. However, even such fruits may not be beneficial if
kept all winter. Already by spring there will be no such apples
trace of the useful, despite the storage conditions. Better for them
drink natural apple juices from the children’s line that have passed

Buy in stores or markets for apples brought from
border also does not follow. Most likely, for their growth and beautiful
appearance, all kinds of chemicals were added,
which will enter the child’s body with milk and harm it.

Can I feed apples: red, green or … baked?

During breastfeeding, the woman is especially attentive.
applies to everything that eats. When the question of entering apples is solved, she
It is logical to think: can nourishing apples be green or red?
And, maybe, baked are safer?


Like the rest of the food in red, these varieties of apples cause
doubt moms. Of course, the chances are that it is red apples
cause allergies in infants, are very high, as in them
pigment present. Do not be the first to introduce apples with
red skinned also because they are high in sugar.
It is these extra carbohydrates that can cause colic and
вздутие живота и baby

Red apples are also not recommended due to large
acid content. They destroy the tooth enamel of mom, who has
already in the body there is calcium deficiency, because almost all
leaves with milk for the child.

If you really wanted to eat just a red apple, then
it should first be peeled.


Experts believe that these apples never cause
allergies in infants. They can start eating from the first days.
after childbirth. Their vitamin composition allows the mother’s body
recover faster from such a tremendous burden.

Many after childbirth suffer from constipation. This problem is delicate
green apples will decide. Thanks to indigestible fiber,
the intestine is easily released from the feces.

If suddenly after a green apple was eaten, mom’s
there is flatulence or stomach discomfort, it is worth a while
refuse this product.


This is a delicacy that is served even in maternity hospitals. Fast in
cooking, baked apples retain all useful
properties. Besides the fact that they are very delicious and tender they
adjust the gastrointestinal tract and easily digested
by the body.

A large number of baked apples
pectin and fiber. These components establish all exchange
processes in the body and have an anti-inflammatory effect that
also very important in the postpartum period.

The fruits thus prepared regulate the system.
blood circulation and blood pressure.

How to cook:

The core with the seeds is carefully cut so as not to spoil

A bit of sugar and chopped walnuts are poured into the hole.

The apple is laid out on a baking sheet and sent to the oven.

After 15 minutes, you can remove, cool and enjoy the aroma.
and fruit taste.

Can I feed apples? Not only possible, but necessary! They
help a woman recover from childbirth, saturate the body
infants are vitamins and trace elements and are simply delicious
dessert. Before eating apples need to be washed well to
avoid unpleasant consequences. But despite all the benefits,
do not get involved in fruit. All you need is a couple of fruits a day.
3-4 times a week.

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