Is it possible for pregnant women to have green tea – all about the benefits andharm to the product. In what quantities can you drink pregnant greentea?

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In the period of carrying a child, each woman should
cares about their health, carefully selecting the diet and
following all the recommendations of the doctor.

Drinking green tea while carrying the fruit helps
to support the future mother’s health at a proper level, which cannot but
reflect positively on the development of the child.

Is it possible to pregnant green tea – all about the benefits of the drink

Perennial evergreen shrub, reaching a height of 10 m,
green tea has oval dark green leaves, in the sinuses of which
fragrant flowers are located. The plant grows in China,
India, Japan, South America, Africa.

The composition of green tea is extremely rich. It contains more
half a thousand useful substances, among which calcium can be distinguished,
fluorine, magnesium, phosphorus, etc.

Green tea is a source of such beneficial components:

1. Кофеин. It is he who gives strength and vigor,
activates the brain. In green tea there is actually no
caffeine itself, and its analogue is tein. The effect of this substance is much
softer, and the effect is no less beneficial than caffeine.

2. Минералы. Their content in green tea
has a positive effect on the work of all organs of the future
moms. Minerals contribute to the strengthening of the body’s defenses, and
also strengthen hair, nails, teeth.

3. Катехины. These substances possess
antioxidant action. They are much more effective than vitamins.
Antioxidants bind free radicals, reduce the risk
the occurrence of cancer. Green tea destroys harmful microorganisms,
therefore recommended for dysentery.

4. Аминокислоты, ферменты – белковые вещества.
Most of them in Japanese green tea. Product is
low-calorie, because it does not recover. If you drink tea without
adding sugar, then getting extra calories will be equal to
to zero.

5. ATитамины. 4 times more in product
vitamin P than in renowned citrus. Also in green tea
A lot of vitamin C – a natural stimulant of the immune system. AT
Miracle tea is 6 times more vitamin A than in carrots.

Кроме того, в нем содержатся витамины группы AT, которые взаимно
complement each other. ATитамин AT2 борется с бактериями, AT3
increases red blood cell production and also reduces the level
“bad” cholesterol. ATитамин Е, которого много в зеленом чае
strengthens cell membranes and provides total antioxidant

6. Микроэлементы. AT чае много кальция, фтора,
железа, магния, фосфора, йода, калия и др. ATо всех этих веществах
Both the mother’s body and the baby’s body need it. Besides,
the product is rich in essential oils which, by the way, are actively
used for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes.

Is it possible for pregnant green tea – more about the value of the product

ATо-первых, зеленый чай можно смело назвать биостимулятором и
energy, and natural. He gives not only a charge of energy, but
and good mood, pep. These properties of tea are real.
a find for pregnant women who often fall into a blues.

ATо-вторых, умеренное употребление зеленого чая будущей мамой
positively affects the work of immunity, thus avoiding
unwanted ailments. Strongest antibacterial properties
green tea does not allow bacteria such as salmonella to develop,
Helicobacter pylori, candida, influenza virus, herpes.

AT-третьих, в силу своих антиоксидантных свойств зеленый чай
considered the best cancer prevention. The mechanism of action here is simple:
tea removes carcinogens and at the same time strengthens the immune system.

AT-четвертых, в некоторой степени зеленый чай хорошо справляется
with harmful radiation. It’s no secret that modern people, including
and future mommies to the computer or TV. AND
not surprising. Watching your favorite show or movie distracts from
sad thoughts, enriches, teaches something new. AT этом случае
green tea is a real “magic wand”, protecting
pregnant woman’s body from harmful rays.

AT-пятых, продукт продлевает молодость, о которой женщина может
talk endlessly. It is included in all healthy food systems.

AT-шестых, зеленый чай – лучший регулятор обмена веществ.
Flavonoids that are part of it do not allow sugar to rise in

AND наконец, зеленый чай – идеальный продукт для сохранения
youthful skin Being a powerful antioxidant, it slows down
aging processes from which, alas, no one is immune.

Among other things, such abilities can be distinguished.
green tea:

• Eliminates headaches, reduces unpleasant symptoms
toxicosis, soothes the nervous system.

• Activates brain function and concentration

• Helps with stress, some endocrine diseases.

• ANDзбавляет от укачивания.

• Helps with poor digestion, dysbiosis, poisoning.
It is a natural detoxification tool, which is very important in the period
of pregnancy.

• Strengthens the walls of blood vessels, prevents internal

• Helps with conjunctivitis, rhinitis, sore throat, pharyngitis,

Can pregnant tea – doubts

Green tea is definitely beneficial. However, it is worth knowing that
its caffeine can be dangerous
mobilization of the body. Tea can increase blood pressure
(naturally, with its excessive use), to make frequent
pulse, prevent the absorption of folic acid, without which it is impossible
present the normal development of the child.

Folic acid protects the neural tube from defects
germ in the first month of development. ANDменно она принимает активное
participation in the formation of the nervous system of the baby. Knowing the importance
this substance and the fact that green tea interferes with its absorption is worth
Consider whether pregnant green tea.

However, conclusions should not be in a hurry. Moderate consumption
an extremely useful product is more likely to benefit than harm.
ATсе дело в количестве выпитых чашек. But still necessary
listen to the following recommendations:

1. If you are planning to conceive a child, it is advisable
refrain from eating a delicious drink. The same goes for
первого месяца of pregnancy.

2. From the second or third month of pregnancy in the absence of
clear contraindications can drink no more than 2 cups a day
useful drink. Best without sugar. At the same time listen
to your body. If you feel good, then so yourself
Feels and your baby.

3. Beware of using the product if you have kidney problems,
gallstones or kidney stones, an acute ulcer, gastric erosion, you

Remember! Green tea is a real fount
precious nutrients. The inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom treat them 400
ills. However, during pregnancy it is necessary to strictly
stick to the recommended dosage.

Is it possible for pregnant green tea – how to cook
wonder drink

To preserve the wealth of nutrients and to obtain
incredibly pleasant taste when making tea is necessary
take into account not only its grade, but also the quality of water, its temperature and
brewing time.

The best water is considered ordinary reading fresh water without content.
chlorine that kills the flavor of your favorite drink. Will fit
bottled water. Preferably slightly acidic.

If you use tap water, then before cooking
tea she needs to give time to settle, and then recommended
pass it through the filter.

The taste of tea depends on the water temperature. ATода, нагретая свыше 80*С
makes the drink tart. This is due to the dissolution of catechin. Tea
will be more delicious if brewed at a little low

Green tea is not the best grade best cooked, on the contrary, when
maximum water temperature, but less time.

How to brew tasty and healthy

1. Pour hot water into the cup and let it cool for a while.

2. Throw the tea leaves into the teapot.

3. Pour water from the cup into the teapot and wait until the leaves
will settle.

4. Tea готов к употреблению!

Prepare a healing drink according to the rules, pour it into
beautiful cups, set the table and enjoy the pleasant aroma
freshly prepared drink, which is recommended for pregnant women, but
in limited quantities.

For future mothers, green tea is a valuable source.
vitamins, trace elements and other nutrients that have
antioxidant action. In the absence of contraindications drink
able to benefit and only benefit!

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