Is it possible for pregnant kvass: what is its use andharm? Is it possible for pregnant women to drink kvass and how to cook on their owndrink

Вт, 24 май 2016 Автор: Марина Гришина

During pregnancy, edema may appear, which is why doctors
limit women in fluid intake.

It is especially hard for those who have an “interesting position”
summer months.

Жара изматывает и женщина ищет drink, который эффективно
quench thirst.

Is it possible for pregnant kvass, in fact it is the best way for him
coping with this task?


Can kvass be pregnant: its positives

Few people think about the fact that kvass is not just delicious.
drink, который быстро способен утолить жажду. He, besides this,
is very useful due to the content of vitamins and
trace elements. Kvass is able to improve digestion, improve
metabolic processes in the body and strengthen the nervous system. Also
drink положительно влияет на состояние зубной эмали — она
getting stronger.

Regular consumption of kvass leads to the fact that the muscles begin
work better and get tired less. During pregnancy (especially on
late dates) is a very important point.

Хлебный drink способен не только быстро утолить жажду, но и
improve body tone, kill harmful bacteria in
gastrointestinal tract and normalize the microflora in

Can kvass be pregnant and what harm can it cause

The harm of kvass is in its production, and more precisely, in impurities,
which are added during the manufacturing process. Pregnant
it is strictly forbidden to drink purchased kvass. There is practically no
natural ingredients, instead a long list of chemical
components. Даже газируют drink не путем брожения, а
artificially. The benefits of such a brew will not be accurate.

Опасен drink может быть и из-за содержащихся в его составе
yeast. They are able to cause increased gas formation in
stomach, which will lead to discomfort and poor health
pregnant For the same reason, kvass cannot be drunk for women with
increased uterine tone and the presence of threatened miscarriage.

Can pregnant kvass, which is sold on the streets in barrels?
Answer: it is strictly prohibited. Despite the fact that many consider
именно этот drink натуральным и полезным, вреда он может принести
much more than shoplifting. The fact is that faucets and tubes, by
who served kvass in a glass, no one can. It is unlikely that
after hibernation, they are properly processed before
�”Go” on the streets of the city. For the time they lie idle,
rust forms inside and starts to develop

No less dangerous are the bottles and cups in which
bottled kvass on the street. How they were kept or washed and from where in general
This container remains a mystery to the buyer. This is exactly what hides in
serious danger that could turn into food
poisoning. During pregnancy, it is dangerous miscarriage.

Можно ли беременным квас и как приготовить drink
by myself

If you want kvass, and buying in the markets or in stores is scary,
то отличным решением станет by myselfе приготовление.

Kvass from rye crackers

You will need:

● 500 g rye crackers;

● 5 liters of boiling water;

● 15 g dry yeast;

● 100 g sugar;

● 10 g mint.


Ржаные сухарики (их лучше сделать by myself, а не брать
Purchased) poured boiling water.

The container is tightly closed with a lid and left to stand on
4 hours.

When the infusion time comes to an end, the yeast is diluted in
warm water until completely dissolved.

The liquid that has been drawn is filtered.

Sugar, yeast and mint are added to it.

Drink infused under the lid for another 12 hours.

Then the resulting kvass is bottled and infused in
at least two more refrigerators (or any other cool place)

Only after that you can drink kvass.

Kvass from beet

Этот drink очень полезен во время беременности. It boosts
hemoglobin, quenches thirst and cleans the intestines from harmful
bacteria. Beet kvass has all the properties of beets.
It is especially useful for women who have a thyroid problem.
gland, namely the lack of iodine. He is in large numbers
contained in beets.

Iron in the beet and drink from it helps to prevent
fetal hypoxia.

You will need:

● 1 kg of beets;

● 2 liters of clean water;

● 1 slice of black bread;

● 20 g of sugar;

● pinch of salt.


Beetroot cleaned, well washed and rubbed on a large

Grated vegetable folds into a large jar and poured

Bread, sugar and salt are also added there.

The jar is covered with gauze (not a lid, as kvass is in the process
insisting must “breathe”) and left in a warm place for 4
of the day

After that, the beet kvass is filtered, bottled
bottled and ready to eat.

For those pregnant women who are afraid to drink yeast brew, there is
the option of making a drink without using it

Yeast-free kvass

You will need:

● 2 slices of rye bread;

● 1.5 liters of boiled water;

● 0.5 liters of leaven;

● 1 tbsp. Sahara.

for the leaven you will need:

● 2 glasses of water;

● half a slice of rye bread;

● 1 tsp Sahara.


First, the leaven is prepared.

To do this, in a small jar (0.5 l will fit)
crushed rye bread, boiled water at room temperature and

The jar is covered with gauze and left to insist on two.
days (yeast-free fermentation takes much longer).

When the leaven is ready (it has become cloudy and has a sharp taste), you can
start preparing the drink.

An infused sourdough is poured into a 2 liter can and
crushed bread, sugar and water are added.

The resulting mixture is infused under tightly closed lid not
меньше days.

After that, ⅔ cans are drained into a clean container, and for the remaining
leavened topped up with clean boiled water and laid
crushed piece of rye bread.

Thus, with one starter you can prepare two servings.

Now all women know whether pregnant kvass is possible. In small
количества даже полезно, но при условии, что drink приготовлен
houses. It is better to abandon the purchase, since there is no use in it, but
it can cause serious harm to both mother and fetus. If a
the use of homemade bread to a woman does not cause
discomfort and discomfort in the intestines, then they can safely

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