Is abundant blood flow normal afterchildbirth why don’t they end so long? How much blood comes afterchildbirth

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Кровяные выделения после childbirth — процесс обязательный и вполне

Thus, lochia and remnants are removed from the body.

Нормой принято считать выделения в течение всего послеchildbirthого
period (approximately 8 weeks).

Кровяные выделения после childbirth: сколько могут идти в норме и что
if they are plentiful and do not end long?

Is this a cause for concern?

Кровь после childbirth: сколько идет и почему так происходит?

Послеchildbirthые выделения — это естественный физиологический
the process of rejection by the body of the mucous membrane
uterus. ATыделения идут независимо от того, каким путем родился
baby (naturally or by caesarean). Birth of a child
represents the separation of all fruit membranes. Uterus after
this represents one large bleeding wound.

ATосстановление слизистой оболочки матки начинается сразу после
завершения childbirthой деятельности. itт процесс берут на себя
uterine glands. AT первые дни после childbirth выделения состоят из
blood (80%) and secretion of the uterine glands. Gradually the amount of blood in
discharge is reduced.

Лохии идут и в раннем, и в позднем послеchildbirthых периодах. Early
период считается в первые два часа после childbirth. Next 6-8
weeks – late.

Кровь после childbirth: сколько идет и от чего зависит

AT норме duration послеchildbirthых кровотечений составляет около
6 weeks. During this time, a woman loses about one and a half liters of blood.
Do not be afraid of such a figure, because the woman’s body in advance to this
is ready. When pregnancy occurs in the female body begins
to circulate significantly more blood than in an ordinary person.

The duration of bleeding depends on many factors.
Significantly reduces this period of breastfeeding. AT организме
women initially laid the link between breastfeeding and
сокращением uterus. Accordingly, the faster the uterus comes into its
normal state, the faster the discharge will end.

На duration выделений влияет и процесс родоразрешения. Have those
женщин, которые рожали естественным путем, кровь после childbirth
ends faster. After cesarean section uterus
recovers somewhat longer. it связано с тем, что на ней
made a cut, which was subsequently sewn up.

Somewhat longer spotting will go in those women
которые в послеchildbirthом периоде подвергаются постоянным стрессам и
heavy physical exertion. Even so young mothers
рекомендуют после childbirth больше отдыхать и стараться не

Какие еще факторы влияют на duration выделения из
childbirthых путей:

● multiple pregnancy (the uterus in this case is strong
increases in size, which means that the reduction process will be

● impaired blood clotting;

● trauma at birth, internal seams;

● large child;

● элементы последа, которые могут остаться в childbirthых путях (в
in this case, the inflammatory process begins);

● contractile feature of the uterus;

● the existence of fibroids or fibroids.

Кровь после childbirth: сколько идет и каковы правила личной гигиены
in this period

While there is blood discharge, there is a high risk of developing
infectious disease. To avoid this it is necessary
follow certain rules of personal hygiene. AT послеchildbirthом
period, they will be somewhat different from the generally accepted and all

● special attention should be paid to sanitary pads, better
выбирать предназначенные специально для послеchildbirthых выделений;

● when the discharge becomes less abundant, you can start
use regular gaskets for menstruation, but also when
choosing to be attentive: they must have a high degree

● change gaskets more often; despite the fact that the product bundle
it is written that they are able to retain moisture up to 8 hours, it is not necessary
be carried on advertising, ideally, the gasket should be changed every 3-4

● тампоны при послеchildbirthых выделениях использовать категорически
prohibited by what you are not guided and what manufacturer
did not choose;

● it is desirable to wash away after each change of gasket;

● it can be done using baby soap, it is also important
to follow the stream of water: it should be directed to the front

● if the doctor indicated the need for home treatment of stitches,
this should be done with the use of antiseptics – furatsilina or
potassium permanganate;

● take a bath categorically contraindicated, wash and
you can wash yourself only in the shower.

Blood discharge after childbirth: how many days can be normal
and when is it worth sounding the alarm?

Нормальные послеchildbirthые выделения

Первые несколько дней после childbirth выделения будут максимально
plentiful. Approximately 400 ml of blood should come out daily. More often
in all, it is not homogeneous, but with mucus or clots. Get scared
not worth it, it is quite a natural process. It should be so. AT эти
highlight days go bright red colors.

After 3 days, the color will gradually change to brown. Than
closer to the end of the postpartum period (8 weeks), the less will be
secretions. Gradually, they will look like menstruation, then
light and go into the usual slime.

When it is worth sounding the alarm

If a woman noticed at the maternity hospital that the discharge has become more intense
or less often, thicker or, conversely, watery, you must immediately say
about this doctor.

Also, postpartum secretions must be monitored after discharge.
from the hospital. Although the postpartum recovery process
each woman passes individually, there are common moments that
should be a reason to consult a gynecologist.

What should alert every young mother

Быстрая остановка secretions. If lochia stopped going earlier,
than 5 weeks after delivery, this is a serious reason for
anxiety. Every woman should know that the functional layer
endometrium is fully restored no earlier than 40 days
after delivery. If the discharge stopped very soon after
the appearance of the baby, it does not mean a good ability
body to recover. Most likely this is due to
complications. Often they are infectious. However, this
may be cervical spasm. He holds up the lochia in her cavity,
not letting go outside. This situation requires immediate
decisions, as it leads to serious consequences.

Красный окрас выделений. 5 days after
childbirth, lochia take their color. Every woman can have it
individual. But if the discharge remained bright red, like
in the first days after childbirth, an urgent need to tell the doctor. it
may indicate problems such as violation
hematopoiesis or blood clotting.

Изменение цвета лохий. If first selection
changed their color from red to brown, and after some
time, turned back red, it also speaks about the problems. AT
in most cases this is due to intrauterine bleeding,
which urgently needs to be eliminated. Timely treatment to the doctor,
will avoid serious consequences. Repeat color change
blood after childbirth may indicate the existence of a polyp or rupture
soft tissue in the birth canal.

Появление запаха. If after some time
discharge began to have a smell (no matter what), it means that in
uterine cavity crept infection. It can cause
endometritis. ATовремя обратившись к врачу и диагностировав
disease, young mom can avoid so unpleasant
procedures like scraping. It is carried out when other methods
treatment (taking drugs that suppress the development of microorganisms and
forced reinforcement of uterine contraction)

Blood discharge after childbirth: how many days can be normal
and when do menstruations begin?

Absolutely answer the question: when they come monthly, it is impossible.
Every female body is individual. Usually if mom stopped
breastfeed by the end of the postpartum period, she will soon begin
egg maturation.

For those who continue to breastfeed, periods can begin
six months after birth, not before. First the cycle will be
irregular. Monthly can be both scanty and abundant,
both short (up to 1-2 days) and long (up to 7-8
days) You should not be afraid of this, everything is within the normal range. Some
Mom menstruation does not appear until the end of lactation. Such
option is also considered the norm. it связано с послеchildbirthой
production of the hormone prolactin. It stimulates milk production for
feeding the baby and helps suppress the formation of hormones in
ovary (ovulation simply does not occur).

The postpartum period is as important as pregnancy and childbirth. AT
this time must also be attentive to your health and
condition At the slightest deviation from the norm, you must visit
the doctor. Do not be afraid to talk about all the changes in the bleeding,
which disturb you. Even if your gynecologist is a man, remember that
first of all he is a doctor who is interested in your speedy
recovery after childbirth. If something bothers you still in the hospital,
be sure to consult him. Many problems are easy to solve.
at the stage of their formation, and not in a neglected form.

After discharge home, do not neglect the rules of personal hygiene and
рекомендациями the doctor. Remember, your baby needs a healthy and
cheerful mom!

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