Is a raw pumpkin really as beneficial as itsuse? What is the harm raw pumpkin, to whom it is absolutely impossiblethere is

Ср, 14 мар 2018 Автор: Анна Лунина

Pumpkin is a bright beautiful autumn fruit, originally from
Mexico. This gourd culture has been known for more than seven thousand years
but in Europe, and then in Russia, was introduced in the XVI. Here she is
fell in love and got accustomed due to the huge number of useful
qualities, availability, simplicity and ability to be stored for a long time
without loss of taste and quality characteristics.

Both the pulp and the seeds of the fruit have a unique chemical composition, and
bring the body invaluable benefits.

Eating pumpkin pulp is effective in any culinary
performance – the first and second boiled, fried and baked in
oven dishes, mashed potatoes, juices, jam, jam and even salads. But how
and all fruits, fruits and vegetables, the greatest benefit to the body brings
raw pumpkin.


Сырая тыква: there is или не there is?

About the beneficial properties of this amazing product heard,
perhaps all, without exception. But, for some reason, not everyone wants
include pumpkin dishes in your diet – even dishes that do not
speaking of raw product. So is it worth it or not to focus your attention
on a pumpkin, to eat or not to eat bright orange flesh?
Definitely – yes!

Doctors and nutritionists, emphasizing the uniqueness of the useful composition,
It is the raw pumpkin that is called for – the greatest benefit for
the body is to use the product in its natural form. AT
As a last resort, you can alternate pumpkin dishes with raw food. But,
in fairness, it should be noted that the taste of raw pumpkin is much
more pleasant than boiled, and the smell too. Raw pumpkin has
rich aroma of freshness, and during heat treatment appears
a kind of “pumpkin” smell, frankly, an amateur.

Raw pumpkin – a storehouse of vitamins and minerals

Why is this melon culture so useful? The benefits of raw pumpkin
is a record number of vitamins, trace elements and
fiber. Especially valuable is that in the autumn-winter period everything
beneficial substances are best preserved in the fruit, and in the first
1.5 – 2 months pumpkin matures, improving taste.

The chemical composition of the product

ATес одного среднего экземпляра составляет 3-6 кг. Imagine
nutritional value of one pumpkin, if 100 g of flesh

• vitamins – A, E, C, D, F, PP, T (carnitine), a group of vitamins
AT, каротин (больше, чем в морковке);

• trace elements – zinc, copper, cobalt, as well as iron, calcium,
potassium and magnesium in the form of salts;

• sugar;

• starch;

• pectin;

• cellulose;

• vegetable proteins;

• organic and fatty acids.

And all this with a caloric content of 22 kcal / 100 g.

Useful and healing properties

The richest vitamin and mineral composition provides a whole
The complex properties of raw pumpkin:

• has a positive effect on vision due to the content
vitamin A and carotene;

• improves the digestive system, contributes to more
fast metabolism; a large amount of fiber cleans
intestines, and a couple of pieces of pumpkin after a hearty lunch will help faster
digest the contents of the stomach;

• raw pumpkin is a powerful antioxidant that helps to remove
organism of slags, toxins and “bad” cholesterol, strengthens
blood vessels due to the content of pectins; regular
eating raw pulp or freshly squeezed juice contributes
normalization of blood pressure and water-salt balance;

• pumpkin is one of the leaders in iron content; this
essential trace element and vitamin A help fight anemia;

• iron + vitamin T (carnitine) improves metabolism and
blood clotting;

• anti-inflammatory effect – helps get rid of
various inflammations in the intestines; pumpkin puree recommended
apply to burns, wounds, rashes, eczema – heals and
relieves pain;

• raw pumpkin at the beginning of the autumn-winter season – excellent
prevention of colds because the product contains
vitamin C in large quantities;

• raw pumpkin is useful in old age – it is
promotes tissue repair, cell renewal, strengthening

• has a diuretic effect, promotes splitting
kidney stones, treatment of hemorrhoids and inflammatory processes in

• pumpkin juice before bedtime will calm the nervous system and relieve from

This series of useful properties can be continued. AT косметологии
pumpkin extracts and extracts are used to create creams,
shampoos, masks, lotions, etc. Raw pumpkin masks,
cooked at home, smooth wrinkles effectively
and rejuvenate the skin of the face.

Pumpkin – a dietary product for effective weight loss

The benefits of raw pumpkin для похудения неоспорима. On low
calorie pulp pumpkin based various diets. Carnitine in
composition contributes to the acceleration of metabolism and intensive burning
fat deposits. In addition, vitamin T strengthens muscles, does not
tissues sag after losing weight.

Another major component of bright orange flesh is
structured water – up to 91%. It is structured water
renders on the body healing effects.

Fiber cleans the intestines like a brush and does not allow to be absorbed
fats. Слабительное действие, которое renders тыква, также
helps to cleanse the body and speeds up metabolism.

Pumpkin diet is to eat raw and
heat-treated pumpkin for 2 weeks during this time
You can easily lose an extra 6-8 kg.

Pumpkin juice

Raw fresh pumpkin juice – the source of a huge amount
полезных веществ и витаминов AT1, AT2, AT6, Е, А, С, бета-каротина,
being a powerful antioxidant. Drinking pumpkin juice
on an empty stomach (150 g per day) will allow to clean the liver of toxins,
improve and rejuvenate the entire body. Raw pumpkin juice is very
useful for children: improve immunity, help the work of the digestive tract,
will provide the child’s body with nutrients and vitamins.

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds – a versatile product containing mass
essential components for the body: folic acid, vitamins,
minerals, amino acids, essential oils, glycosides. Rich composition
allows to use sunflower seeds as anthelmintic, against
hair loss, prostatitis, zinc helps fight skin
infections, acne. If earlier the use of pumpkin seeds in order to
recovery attributed to traditional medicine, now doctors
strongly advised to eat the product, since its
therapeutic value and benefits are scientifically proven.

What kind of damage can a raw pumpkin do?

Anyone, even the most useful product, has limitations in
using. Raw pumpkin can also harm the body.
Never eat raw unripe fruit.
In addition, raw pumpkin is harmful when

• gastritis with reduced gastric secretion;

• intestinal colic of a different nature;

• violation of acid-base balance;

• stomach ulcer.

AT остальных случаях в умеренных количествах сырая тыква может
only benefit the body, and doctors officially recommend it
to eat it raw. AT осенне-зимний сезон яркий
orange fruit will support the body and saturate the healthy

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