Is a newborn baby sleeping badly? What to do,if the newborn sleeps badly, what are the main mistakes of actionparents?

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After the baby appears in the family, adults
completely change their lives and begin to live in mode
baby hornet

And all would be nothing, because almost all the time he sleeps, but on the other
hand – sleep krokhotulya can restlessly, constantly waking up,
or do not sleep at all. Why is this happening, why is this small
a man – a newborn – does not sleep well – try to figure it out.

Sleep rate in babies

According to the claims of pediatricians, the duration of sleep recently
children born must be at least
eighteen to twenty hours a day. Baby is growing up and sleeping time
gradually decreases.

At the two-month baby, the sleep time is already a little reduced – to
17-18 hours, for someone who has reached four months old – 16-17
hours Godowasik has been sleeping for about 14 hours, in babies under the age of
three years – from 10 to 13.

Cheerful pastime of a crumb is replaced by a sound sleep and
vice versa. Such time intervals are days and nights
durations are approximately equal.

Родители должны помнить: если вся совокупность сна
baby is too different in one direction or another from what he needs
about 4-5 hours old (the little tot doesn’t sleep much during the day
or, on the contrary, sleeps for the whole day), this shows
that you need to consult with
a neurologist.

Infants and naps

A compulsory condition for the health of the pied piper is his daytime sleep.
In adults, sleep takes 1/3 of their lives, but many do not want to spend
time to rest, reduce the duration of sleep at night.
The result is disappointing: in the afternoon, as a rule, low efficiency and
lack of any activity. In the worst case – may develop
a variety of diseases.

A baby just born should sleep a lot
more adults. So that it develops well mentally and physically,
should teach the child to rest not only at night, but during the day.

Psychologists believe that sleep is not the wish of lazy parents,
which during this time can take a break from your worries
baby It is a guarantee that the child’s psyche will develop as
can be more harmonious.

If the baby does not sleep during the day, over time may occur
Some consequences:

– immunity will decrease;

– anxiety will increase;

– the baby will be tired quickly;

– the child’s physical and mental development will occur with

Because of this, moms and dads should not think about
Do I need a daytime sleep of their little girl? Another important point about
which they need to remember: the younger the man, the more important for him
rest throughout the day.

The newborn sleeps poorly: the reasons for which the baby can
sleep is not enough or bad

As a rule, all newborns sleep soundly. Diverse
malfunctions can be met quite infrequently.

What makes newborns sleep badly? If the baby doesn’t want to sleep,
the most likely cause is that he is worried about something or
have any discomfort.

In most cases, the reluctance to sleep crumb extra
argues quiet tears or loud crying.

If parents can eliminate all the reasons that prevent
productive sleep, the baby will fall asleep very quickly and sleep so much
how much he needs in this case.

Hot room

This is the most common reason why the little one
sleeps anxious day and night. If in a bedroom in which sleeps
the little hornet, it’s hot, he will be very uncomfortable. In infants
heat exchange is much more intense than their parents,
therefore, in a room where babies are constantly located, there must be
fresh and cool. In the case where the bedroom will be all the time
filled with hot air, there is a chance that children’s colic and
irritation on their delicate skin your baby will experience much
more often than in a room where it will be cool.

The situation can be normalized by constant airing or
Installation of air conditioner. Only during the airing is necessary
ensure that this fresh air stream does not fall on
little girl.

Colic prevent sleep

If the newborn does not sleep well, the reasons are quite often
Pets are colic. This kind of ailment happens in about 4/5
newborns. How can a mother understand correctly that the baby is suffering
from discomfort in the tummy? Little bitch knives, trying
pull them up to your tummy; and tummy crumbs tense and

Now there are a lot of drugs to help deal with this.
by the situation. It is better to use them after consulting with children
a doctor Many such medicines come in the form of
sweeties siropchikov who infants drink, not capricious. But
if the baby has a tendency to allergic reactions, then with such
syrups need to be very careful. And, of course, not worth it
overfeed krokhotulyu.

Sleep doesn’t go to the hungry baby either

Why a newborn does not sleep well, to understand, sometimes
not difficult. Recently born to the world karapuzikov need to feed
strictly according to of time. Butчами это сделать несколько затруднительно,
because the young mommy has already managed to get tired of the whole troublesome
day and may well, without waking up in time, skip the necessary
time. The baby will tell her that he wants to eat, crying loudly.

If krokhotulya often wakes up due to the fact that he is hungry,
Mom should understand what he lacks milk during breast
feeding or rate of the mixture during artificial. May be
and so that the portion offered by mom is simply small.

Wet diapers or diapers – the motive
little girl wake up

When a baby is only a month old, he may not notice that
his diapers got wet. But подрастая, это его начинает раздражать и
pussy poured bitter tears. Moreover, it happens like a day
so at night. When the diaper or diaper change, the problem goes away
by itself and the baby will quietly sleep on.

Noisy surroundings or more than necessary illuminated
the room

Another stumbling block in the problem is why a newborn
sleeps badly, you can determine the following. Karapuzik days can
refuse to go to bed if his room is very bright. it
he will not like it and will even annoy him. You can shut the windows,
or lower the blinds.

We must pay attention to the noise level around. Of course,
complete silence is not a necessity, especially if baby
sleeping in the same bedroom with someone else. But совершенно необязательно
include loud music, scream at the time when the baby-calf
trying to sleep

Why the baby does not sleep well: the reasons for the natural
of character

Another reason a baby might refuse to sleep (and
it has long been proven), this is if mommies are not around. And to
see if mommy is near
personal physiological mechanism – the so-called scanning

If a child grows up a little or whimpers in a dream, this
considered normal. After all, this is how he can determine whether
is his mommy. What to do, если новорожденному плохо
do you sleep? If the baby did not hear Mommy’s soothing voice or
did not feel her gentle hugs or touches, then he
will cry very loudly, with feeling.

Of course, мамочка не может 24 часа в сутки быть в
close proximity with the baby. But и оставлять его надолго
one does not follow either. This simple way can be on time
to calm the baby, not allowing his final awakening.

How to organize the sleep of newborns?

If a baby has a bad day or night sleep, parents can
Use the following guidelines to help
разобраться, что делать, если новорожденный плохо

– Mommy can come up with a certain ritual of preparing for bed,
which would be repeated daily. Thus, the baby gradually
develop the habit of falling asleep. The order may be:
bathe the toddler, do a massage or gymnastics, feed,
read a fairy tale or sing a lullaby Baby falls asleep.
Очень важно укладывать крошку спать в одно и то же time.
The change of time can cause not only capricious, but also

– buy valerian grass and sew a small sachet from it, which
put in the head of the crib baby. it поможет сделать его сон
a little tighter;

– during bathing you can add soothing herbs to the water
– lavender, string or chamomile;

– in the evenings it is better not to play funny outdoor games with children,
it is better to choose a calmer lesson; it is also better to exclude noisy
watching TV and loud music. The first days and weeks after
Birthday baby does not respond to the sounds that surround them. But вот
when he falls asleep, all this can prevent him – knock, noise, any
loud noise;

– when the newborn grows up a little and reaches about 4-6
months old, it is already possible to teach him to go to bed with a toy
(it must be soft, without sharp corners so that you can
wash it in a typewriter), which the crumb will feel next and
he will sleep better;

– be sure to air the child’s room before bedtime;

– to improve the quality of sleep your baby will be useful for longer
walk with him in the fresh air before going to bed at night or throughout

– most experts advise for better
prevention of sleep disorders in babies mom’s joint sleep and
child; if such actions are acceptable for the family, it will be
the best solution. Throughout pregnancy, baby was in
maternal womb, heard her heart beating, from which he felt
yourself in utter security. And after birth, when his
put in a crib, he can get scared and panic.

As it becomes clear, the causes of sleep disorders in newborns
not so scary and completely removable. If the right approach to
the solution to this problem, then the sleep of the pooch will be adjusted. And it is very
important point because it is a guarantee that the baby will
to develop properly, and mommy fully relax.

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