Interval fasting normalizes circadianhuman rhythms

Interval fasting normalizes circadian human rhythms

Interval fasting is the alternation of periods
normal food consumption and fasting at long intervals.
Until 2019, nothing was known about long-term
the effects of interval fasting. Now scientists have studied the trend
weight loss more carefully and compared the results obtained in

Does interval fasting help you lose weight?

Interval fasting helps to lose weight better than normal
diets. Scientists from the German Cancer Research
The center recently came to this conclusion. Countless popular
guides promise weight loss without the yo-yo effect.

Supporters also believe that long-term
changes in metabolism and therefore improves

The German Nutrition Society warns, however, that
interval fasting is not suitable for continuous regulation

There is no evidence-based research on the topic.
долгосрочных последствий diets.

There are only a few small interval interval studies.
starvation that show surprisingly positive effects on
metabolism in the body. The results obtained by scientists
stimulated other professionals to find a mechanism of action

How have scientists been able to identify a positive effect?

In a French study of 150 patients with overweight and
obesity for one year adhered to different types
fasting They were divided into three groups at the beginning

1 группу кормили в течение 12 недель обычной
diet with a decrease in calories by 20%.

2 группа придерживалась интервальной диеты 5:2,
by which they also reduced their intake of 20% of calories per
whole week. The control group did not adhere to a certain
плана diets.

After the end of the diet, scientists have recorded weight and condition
health of study participants for another 38 weeks. Result
can be as encouraging as disappointing for
любителей интервального fasting Because, as found
HELENA researchers, their health has improved as a result of both
diets All patients had decreased body weight.

The change in the distribution of fat in the body of the participants was exactly
determined by special MRI. The good news is
том, что даже небольшая диета приносит большую пользу для health
Patients who reduce body weight by only 5% lose about 20%
dangerous fat on the abdomen.

Scientists also discovered a curious effect: among participants,
who adhered to interval starvation, normalized
circadian rhythms.

New research has led scientists to discover the root cause
unknown phenomenon.

Как голодание нормализует циркадные human rhythms?

The authors of the new study were interested in
find out how fasting affects circadian rhythms in the liver and skeletal
muscles. The researchers published their findings in the journal Cell.

Fasting is a natural occurrence for most
animals, because food is not always available.

In difficult times, certain changes occur, allowing
body to adapt to the lack of food.

With a lack of sugar, the liver begins to produce ketones from
fatty acids that the body uses as
energy. A multitude of factors govern these changes in exchange
substances. Они, однако, также влияют на circadian rhythms.

Other similar studies come to the same conclusions?

The Spanish study divided the mice into two groups. First
consumed normal food, while the second – through certain
intervals. Both groups consumed the same amount of fat and
calories. In mice that received food at long intervals,
less frequently developed visceral obesity.

Scientists believe that following certain cycles
has a positive effect on organ systems

The last study also involved mice. Bye animals
adhered to 24-hour periods of fasting, scientists measured
various physiological functions.

They saw that mice consumed less during fasting.
oxygen and energy. However, as soon as the mice ate, these genes
physiological changes were completely changed. Positive
changes were also observed in the quality of sleep and mental

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