In the restaurant, the USA tried to feed the corpses to the guestsdowned deer

Tue, Oct 04, 2016

Kentucky in Williamsburg shocked by the shocking news
which instantly spread all over the world. She gave reason again
question the quality of the food we are served in restaurants and
honesty chefs ready for their own profit
sacrifice professional ethics.

According to FoxNews, the chefs of the famous Chinese restaurant Red
Flower wanted to feed their visitors with dishes prepared
dead deer meat (he was hit by a car and found on the side of the road
roads), with the result that the institution was closed, and its owners
given the opportunity to reopen it only after a thorough
sanitary inspection.

The fact that restaurant chefs are used in the cooking process
dead, said a visitor who saw employees
Red Flower was taken to the kitchen trash. Lay in it
dead deer, neatly covered by a large box. Sanitary
the service immediately took action and closed the restaurant.

The son of the owner of the institution in the sanitary epidemiological station
didn’t even deny that the restaurant chefs wanted to use
dead deer meat. Justifying this act, he declared that
This mistake was made due to lack of information.
employees who did not know that it is prohibited by law to file in
catering establishments dishes made from meat
shot down animals. The son of the owner of the restaurant assured that
the institution of this practice was not, and the cooks cooked food only with
fresh high-quality products.

As you know, some US citizens eat meat
animals hit by cars on the roads. Lovers of these dishes
special cookbooks are offered, which tell everything
about dishes made from meat of a downed animal.

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