In Switzerland, Titan Arum dissolved – the mostthe world’s largest flower

Wed, Nov 23, 2016

An event that occurred in the Swiss Botanical Pavilion,
shocked all the inhabitants of the country. In one of the gardens of the city of Basel
blossomed one of the largest flowers on the planet, known
titled – Titan Arum. The scientific name of this
Giant plants sound like Amorphophallus titanic. The size
This really giant flower is 2.27 meters in
height and 1.72 in width.

The petals of the plant have a dark red color, which is in tandem with
the cob of yellow color gives it a very attractive exterior
view, and makes it noticeable over long distances. However, this
seemingly unusual miracle of nature there is one very
unpleasant feature is the smell of rotten meat emanating from
loose flower. But, despite this, as reported by Geneva
Lunch, the whole city has gathered to look at the flowering process, and the residents
neighboring suburbs. Big connoisseurs of botany and, in particular,
plants weren’t stingy with tickets going here from the farthest
corners of the country.

For the characteristic exclusive fragrance Titan Arum received
appropriate name. In places of natural growth this is a miracle.
nature called “corpse flower.” Contrary to the myths folded about it
plant by locals, botanists found out that such
non-standard smell and the brightest coloring are necessary for
the process of pollination, which is produced exclusively by
the help of carrion flies and beetles. It should be noted that in natural
amorphophallus titanic (corpse flower) grows only in
jungle of Sumatra, located in Indonesia.

However, despite the report of biologists, residents of Sumatra
Remained on their opinion regarding this flower. Despite all
�The “capriciousness” of the giant plant, the botanists’ staff still shrank
create all the necessary conditions for its favorable
existence, thanks to which Titan Arum can be found almost in
every large botanical garden. The bud of the plant blossoms
only 1 time in 20 – 40 years, and the process of flowering lasts only
2 days.

Surprisingly, the whole history of botany around the world has been
only 163 cases of flowering of Arum were recorded. Titan located in
This garden blossomed for the first time.

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