In London, will open the first “kotkafe”

Wed, 02 Mar 2016

The first cat café in the UK will open its doors already in
end of May this year. Animals will live directly in
institution. The sponsors of the kota-cafe were the people of Britain themselves, who recognized
about the idea of ​​establishing a cafe from the press. Lauren Innovation Initiator
Pierce told reporters that the British have already donated to the fund
kotokafe almost a hundred thousand pounds. In addition, the most
loyal cat fans expressed a desire to work alongside
fluffy favorites.

Pierce claims that she has already received three hundred resumes and it’s not yet
limit. All cats who will live in a London cafe will enter
there from the shelter. Paying the money, visitors to the institution will receive
the opportunity to visit animals and enjoy spending time with them.
Lauren Pierce emphasized that for London such a cafe would be
a real find since not all people can contain a cat
houses. Many homeowners do not allow to keep in rented
apartments of animals, and some residents simply do not have enough
on this means.

The future owner of kotkafe said she was talking to cats
even those who do not have enough money to
посиделки в institution. A special charity is planned.
a program in which everyone wants to talk with cats
will be able to do this at night when the cafes are closed for visiting.

Such kota cafes are extremely popular in Japan. They
open to lovers of furry animals that are different
reasons can not keep animals at home, had the opportunity
get rid of stress and find the joy of communicating with cats.

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