Improper nutrition – your barrier to the idealthe figure

people sometimes do not even think about what role in their lives plays
the right choice of foods they used to eat every

Although it is worth noting that lately more and more
a number of people are beginning to look for solutions to their own problems
power supply.

And this is certainly correct, because many modern diseases
actively spread primarily due to crap
human relationship to food choices.

What hides the term malnutrition?

The food we serve is peculiar to us.
fuel, thanks to which we fully live, move and
grow up And how well these processes will proceed, in
depends mainly on the list of products we give to

In this plane you can draw an analogy with the car, the motor
which evenly and perfectly works if in the fuel tank
good fuel is poured. And what happens if
experiment you try to refuel the dubious
quality? Right, at best, we will hear an uncharacteristic sound.
work of the engine, at worst – it just stalls.

The same applies to the human body! And so with you
this never happened, you need to stick to one very
important technique called balanced nutrition.

Unfortunately, the food we have today
Buying in supermarkets is no longer helpful.
It can only satisfy hunger and give a little
energy for work, but no more.

This happens because most often under beautiful packaging
hiding a lot of mysteries. For example, even in the most expensive
sausage, you can find a lot of food additives from chemical
laboratories that are used at all stages of their manufacture
products almost all well-known manufacturers. Permanent
the use of such additives in turn leads to their accumulation in
large volumes, which is extremely detrimental to
health status.

Also today, another global problem
covering almost the entire globe, is obesity.

With the development of a huge network of fast foods, people began to forget about
normal and nutritious food. After all, much easier to eat the same
hamburger than buying fresh meat and cook it
on their own. As a result, we make mistakes for which
and then pay the price.

But it’s time to think about your daily diet and
try to change it right now! All you need is
look at the right products that have not disappeared at all
from store shelves, we just forgot how to find them.


Consequences Of Malnutrition: Highlights

In this section we will talk about the problems that
may occur as a result of insufficiently compiled
рациона power supply.

First of all, this is the general condition of the whole organism. Same
concerns and decisions as much as possible to abandon food or use
low-calorie diets – in this case, severe fatigue, problems with
skin, bad mood due to lack of omega 3 fatty acids,
essential vitamins and minerals, as well as breakdown, stress and
depression is guaranteed.

Girls generally contraindicated to adhere to this approach.
It has a very destructive effect on their delicate skin, since
lack of protein and other nutrients are usually
leads to starvation of cells. Due to overuse
sweets can cause serious problems with teeth. Well worth it
ли говорить о том, как сладости могут отразиться на вашей the figure.
Not only will you look puffy, but also because
excessive accumulation of fat in the body disrupts the work of internal
organs and increase the percentage of cholesterol in the blood. And it is already easy
can lead to the development of diabetes, gout and, at the end
all, stroke.

Also due to improper nutrition a person can expect
health problems such as hypertension (high blood
pressure), angina (problems associated with the heart),
atherosclerosis, cancer. All these diseases are due to fat,
that enter our body in excess, which is in its
queue leads to the formation of plaques, slagging of the body,
Yes, and many other problems.

According to the latest researchers, more than 40% of all consumed
calories people get exactly with fats, while for
maintaining normal biochemical processes a person will
enough of them only about 10 grams. on the day the rest
the surplus will be used as an energy source.

By the way, fats are saturated, polyunsaturated and
monounsaturated. The most dangerous are animal fats.
origin of the first category, which can be found in milk,
red meat, buns, cakes, etc. Also, fatty food has
the property is long digested and move slowly along
the digestive tract, and this leads to the fact that on its walls
remains sticky film that interferes with normal digestion
other products.

Did you know that sore throat is caused by a large
accumulation in the body of food waste, and asthmatics suffer from
regular bronchospasms precisely because of malnutrition, in
As a result, too much mucus is formed, which leads
difficulty breathing?

In order to get rid of this disease, patients need to
the first place to abandon carbohydrate foods. Same касается и
treatment of bronchitis and cough.

What needs to be changed first?

How many bad and wrong things are hidden in many
products. Let’s stop poisoning your body with all the filth,
because life is one and we have to live it fully and
qualitatively. Start changing your eating habits right now.

Ideally, a person’s blood should have an alkaline reaction, otherwise
threatens to reduce its protective functions against various
pathogenic viruses and bacteria. All you need to do
in order to tidy up their blood – to use in
the composition of the daily diet foods that contain
alkali: fresh vegetables, fruits, vegetable salads and greens (more than 65%
from your daily volume of food).

Give preference to food boiled or steamed,
do not add a lot of salt and sugar, artificial seasonings and
other flavor enhancers. As often as possible walk in the fresh air,
which among other things will have a beneficial effect on your work

Eat only by mode – at least five times a day
in portions. Keep track of what you eat, count calories, proteins,
carbohydrates, fats, and vitamins and minerals that come in
your body. Do not save on your health and
buy only the most natural (natural)

If you begin to adhere to all of the above rules, you
can not only get rid of extra pounds, but also lead
your health is in perfect order. Significantly improve your
state of health, and you begin to look at the world with different eyes.

Eat right and stay healthy!

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