“I only ask!”: Queue in the nurseryclinic

Sun, Dec 14, 2014

Очередь к врачу в детской clinic — это шоу, подкрепленное
childish spontaneity and surely “creeping out”
disadvantages of adults. It’s never boring here and stand
many hours of languid waiting is not given to everyone. But anything is possible if
know exactly all types of parents waiting in the queue and measures to combat


These are people who come across any queue. Painful expectation
– this is definitely not about them. They rod through, sweeping discordant ranks
standing people and dragging for a child who does not understand. In rare
In cases, they can use the arguments: “I have agreed”, “Me
called “,” I still occupied in the morning “and the classic version” I only
ask. ” However, most often they do not condescend to this – why
perishable people to know where Her Majesty should be? The rest for sure
will wait.

Меры борьбы: только коллективная круговая оборона.
We expose the bayonets and do not miss the enemy a millimeter to the desired
the doors. Any argument to answer is also primitive: “I got up –
lost place “,” We all ask here “,” Everybody is standing, and you
stand. “


They come to not only show the child’s doctor, but also feed off
negative energy. Sometimes it even becomes incomprehensible that for them
more important. They don’t like everything, and they use every opportunity.
report it to the world. Mom with a hot baby asks to pass
out of turn? This is deception and provocation! Someone from children by chance
pushed her baby? Bad man ham beat my little one! Doctor
takes too slow? He does it on purpose, so as not to
accept me! Is the line moving fast? Doctor осматривает плохо!

Меры борьбы: лучше не трогать. Not getting collective
support, the brawler quickly “goes out” and only silently looks evil
at all from its corner. But the ideal option – “set on”
brawler on the “tank” – the struggle will be emotional and

�”Telephone operator”

�”Well, you imagine, it is generally … And he says this … And I tell him –
this is the finish, hee-hee-hee … “- and so for two and a half hours without a break.
While mom shares scant impressions on the phone with another
friend, her child is left to himself. It interferes with people and
staff, he takes away toys from other children, it is brought by strangers
people from the street where he was trying to feed the dogs with a cat. Mom everything
this time is engrossed in conversation.

Меры борьбы: подойти поближе, сделать резкое, громкое
comment. If she ignores, try to take the phone away from her ear and
repeat the phrase. Do not wait for an adequate response: in the worst case it will be
hysterical, at best – mother will pick up her friend again, grab the child
hand and wave away, on the way telling the phone what
Cattle now standing in line.

Sad dad

He, like many dads, was sure to drive a child to
clinic – a purely female occupation. He had plans for this
day: watch football, dig in the garage, drink beer … But
instead, he sits sadly on a bench, projecting the entire world
injustice on the world around us. The child is usually sad
Dad holds him tightly, without being distracted by talking to him or
answering in monosyllables – in order not to spill his sadness.

Меры борьбы: никаких. Sad dad невинен, аки агнец.
He strictly observes the laws of the queue and does not interfere with others. Let yourself

Right grandma

This is a classic old woman in a shabby wool coat of time.
stagnation. She brings with her grandson or granddaughter – a scared kid
in pressed pantyhose, two sweaters, a scarf and a hat with earflaps
(nothing on the street +15). She knows better than doctors and psychologists
how to raise and treat children. Not only that – she will not disdain
tell you that your child is not properly dressed
well developed for his age, behaves inappropriately, coughs
especially on her grandson – and so on to infinity. Guaranteed
examples from her experience and reference to the past, where everything, of course, was
better, people lived conscientiously, and doctors treated for thanks and ate
heavenly nectar. Energy granny enough for everyone. Slaughter option
– if there are several such old women in the queue.

Меры борьбы: игнорировать или, если есть настроение и
desire, “troll.” For example, begin to actively agree
will discourage the old woman), and to bring absolutely idiotic made-up
examples of how earlier it was better. Like what’s your grandma
the doctors did not examine naughty children, but
immediately identified in the orphanage – at the time it was! Order!

Of course, the most important thing in the queue is to try not to get into
under one of the listed categories and not to participate in scandals.
It is better to devote time and attention to the baby – then the wait will not be
so languid and painful.

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