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Hortensia is one of the most remarkable plants in the garden.

Its unusual inflorescence shape emphasizes refinement and
originality of design.

However, growing hydrangea, do not forget that the shrub
come from Asia, and therefore refers to the heat-loving cultures.

Proper care of hydrangea in the autumn is crucial.

Highlights of Autumn Hydrangea Care

Caring for hydrangea is not so difficult. All procedures for a long time
are familiar to a gardener, but stick with an integrated approach when
preparing hydrangeas for winter is a must.

Sub-winter watering: what is it for?

Hydrangea refers to those plants that are demanding
moisture at all stages of development. Late autumn watering should
be held in front of expected frosts. This will allow the shrub
accumulate enough moisture for a long winter. If autumn has stood out
especially rainy, you can not carry out watering.


For the full development of flower buds bushes required
enough nutrients to replenish with
of autumn. Caring for hydrangea includes additional feeding
mineral complexes. During this period, the exceptions are
only nitrogenous fertilizers, the use of which is unjustified, such
dressing can harm the plant, reduce its winter hardiness. BUT
here the presence of phosphorus and potassium in the nutrient mixtures is very helpful. These
elements help hydrangeas recover from prolonged

Professional pruning hydrangea in autumn

Autumn care for hydrangea includes proper pruning.
Among gardeners there is a perception that the fall should be carried out
radical pruning of shrubs, for lush flowering next summer.
But it is not so. This pruning method is used for
treelike and paniculate hydrangea. BUT вот крупнолистовую гортензию
do not cut. Это связано с особенностью ее flowering Kidney
laid on the shoots of last year, so they must successfully
winter. All other types of shrubs give color at annuals.
shoots, so they are subject to pruning.

Основываясь на этих знаниях, осенняя обрезка кустарника
divided into two types:

• cosmetic, which is used for flowering plants on
last year’s shoots;

• radical, it is used for varieties of hydrangea,
blooming on annual shoots.

Cosmetic pruning of a shrub should not
to arise. When it is carried out, only damaged shoots are removed,
branches thickening bush, sick and weak.

How to conduct a radical pruning of hydrangea in the fall

Many gardeners believe that pruning shrubs need
deal with in the spring, but in the case of adult plants it is not

The fact is that a tree hydrangea can expire juices and
perish. Autumn pruning does not give such results. Those
Shrubs older than 4 years must

To do this, all the shoots are removed as close as possible to the ground,
leaving only up to 5-10 cm from the surface. Older bushes
rejuvenate gradually, removing shoots gradually over
several years.

Properly done autumn pruning does not harm the plant,
and vice versa will help get a healthy flowering bush in the next

In tree hydrangea, only old, powerful shoots are removed;
paniculate – weak, healthy annual gains can be shortened
5 kidneys.

Preparation of hydrangeas for the winter: whether to cover

In addition to all the activities for the care of hydrangea autumn shelter
shrubs important. Why? This is due to the origin
plants. In the southern regions with a mild climate in preparation for
In winter, hydrangea is enough to pile up and grind. But in terms of
harsh climate such activities will not save the plant.

How to care for hydrangea in the fall in the northern regions

If winters are unpredictable, you should take care of
укрытии кустарника на зиму. You can do it
in several ways.

1. Young shrubs can be completely filled with mulch
material, additionally covered with film. This method will save
plant until spring, after which the shelter must be removed in time to
hydrangea not ripened.

2. Also young hydrangeas can be covered differently. All shoots
bind and bend down to the ground, laying the boards under them. Above
shrub can fall asleep sawdust or spruce. After that over
plant set frame, which is wrapped with lutrasil or
other covering materials, for example, spunbond.

3. The following method allows you to save the hydrangea in particular
harsh winters. To do this, all shoots sag to the ground from the center
shrubs and pinned, and the base is peppered with peat. Over the top
shelters impose a layer of spruce branches and cover with non-woven material,
which is fixed with bricks and pins. In such a shelter plant
maintains temperature to -40 degrees.

4. Shoots on mature hydrangea bushes are quite difficult to lay.
on the ground and pinned, so these plants harbor differently.
Bush tight covering material and well connected, after which
above it set the frame of the grid. The space between the frame
and shrubs covered with dry leaves, sawdust or spruce branches.
Over the top каркаса натягивают пленку или рубероид.

In such a shelter, hydrangeas will winter well until spring. With coming
warm days you need to disassemble the frames and free the plant from
covering material. If at the same time damaged and
frozen shoots, they need to be removed.

ATажно помнить, что укрытие кустарника должно быть
, что позволит растению свободно дышать,
and the resulting condensate will not be the beginning of rotting of the kidneys and
shoots. It is better to use lutrasil as a covering material.
or spunbond. These материалы не накапливают влагу внутри укрытия,
well ventilated.

При укрытии гортензий особенное Attention нужно уделить молодым и
the newly planted plants, because the hardiness of the bush
only increases with age.

In the middle lane, adult hydrangea bushes can overwinter
without additional shelter.

Gardener’s mistakes

1. Hydrangea often suffers from chlorosis. The cause of the disease
становится неправильно подобранный грунт при посадке plants. On
too alkaline soil hydrangea does not grow. Acidify the soil
Special preparations or high peat will help.

2. When planting hydrangeas can not make lime and ash.

3. The flowering shrub is not very pompous. Hydrangea
needs regular feedings. They are used from early spring. AT
urea, ammonium sulfate, sulphate
potassium, superphosphate. In the autumn hydrangea feed swollen
compost or manure.

4. Hydrangea не цветет. The reason for this may be incorrect.
planting plants, irrigation disturbance, lack of nutrients
substances in the soil, as well as improper pruning shrubs.

Proper autumn care for hydrangea will give positive results.
results next season.

The plant will appreciate the abundance of flowers to the frost.

Complex activities and the preparation of hydrangeas for the winter will help
preserve the health of the bush for many years.

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