Hunger and appetite: whom feed in the evening? howdisaccustom themselves to fill up for the night.

Sat, 16 Jan 2016

Eating at night and losing weight is fantastic. howие бы чудеса не
promised pills and superdies, no one has yet managed to win
nature and keep a slim figure, regularly eating for the night.
most people have an increased appetite in the evening,
which is absolutely not approved by diets. Everything that is eaten on
the night is spent not in energy, but is deposited in those extra pounds.
how побороть вечернюю тягу опустошить холодильник?На самом деле,
such really tough rules that would forbid even the figurative poppy
dewdrop in the mouth to put does not exist. Just do not confuse hunger
with an appetite. If you want a donut, chocolate or chicken with gravy,
this is the work of an insidious appetite, and even if it is a stale crust of bread
It seems the most delicious in the world, it is hunger. Here it is quite possible and
need to “feed”, given that hunger does not need much – a glass
kefir, apple, cucumber, light salad without mayonnaise. You can and fruit
if you are not afraid of increased gas formation and restless
Nights. Why do people eat a lot in the evenings? In many ways it is
due to the time frame in which society exists. we
we leave for work and we return approximately at the same time. If a
all day you had no time to even break away from work, in the evening
Of course, I want to eat in one sitting a plate of something
high-calorie and relax. The most excellent conditions for the appearance
excess fat To avoid bouts of evening gluttony, do not
starve yourself for a day – snacks, vegetables, fruits, a little
Cheese can take with you to work for light snacks. Eat on
work a light sandwich before you go home, and you will not be
experience such feelings of hunger Sometimes people confuse hunger and thirst.
A cup of green tea or herbal infusion will instantly relieve desire
tight snack. Green tea and citrus fruits – excellent meal, after
which you will not feel hungry. When desire is there
caused by the desire to constantly something to chew, chew, stock up
pumpkin seeds and dried fruits. At dinner, try to cook
light food, without being carried away by excessive seasoning and spices,
because they provoke appetite. Coming home, relax in
hot bath, brush your teeth, drink some tea. In general, take a break from
thoughts of a plate of fried potatoes or rich borscht. Many
completely unfairly neglect sports, considering it tedious and
difficult occupation. Meanwhile, sport perfectly relieves seizures.
appetite, switches thoughts, and also effectively burns fat.
The main thing is to choose the type of fitness that suits you. For the most
�“Non-sports” even a walk is suitable – take a walk in the evening and then
go to bed without looking to the refrigerator for guests. Very
bad habit has a habit of eating, so that at least something
to do Watch a movie or read can be unaccompanied
in the form of cakes and sweets. He eats whom he tortures
unresolved internal problems and complexes. But food is not an option,
but only a new round in a grueling fight with mental discomfort!
Solve the problem, without being distracted by the investigation. Something happened
unpleasant? Candy and cookies will not change life for the better. Early or
late, they only make things worse because you gain weight,
stop liking yourself and start painfully looking for a way out of
situations. It turns out that it is easier to start solving the tormenting problem, and
do not make new ones with abundant meals. One small
psychological advice that helps when it is very difficult to keep from
food: put it off until tomorrow. Tell yourself that tomorrow is right in the morning
Be sure to eat this appetizing meat, potatoes or pasta. They
they won’t deprive you (and you don’t deprive yourself)
delicious foods. You just postpone food a little bit.
In the morning, you either do not want to eat potatoes, which was yesterday
It smelled tempting, or eat, but it does little to hurt your
waist. Believe and train yourself to think that life in the country of slim
people are better than boring staying in the fat world, all the joy
which is a bun or kebab. Man becomes
complete not because he is happy and successful, but because our body
reflects our inner self and attitude. You
really think that the shapeless fat hung with folds of fat
Being in the mirror – is that you? And this is all in the world where beautiful women
with good figures go on dates and get from men
compliments, wear beautiful clothes, like yourself and others.
Maybe you should join them after leaving the dark country.
fat? Intrinsic motivation is very important. Good mood, purpose
in life, understanding why and for whom you decided to become beautiful and
slim – it all helps to say goodbye to the hated fat faster and
easier. Any habits require anchoring, but are developed.
fast enough. Start working on your evening gear
overeating and you will surely emerge victorious from this fight with

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