Humidifier can protect fromflu

Sun, Jan 17, 2016

Почему вспышки flu всегда происходят в зимнее время? Before
Recently, the true cause was not known.

Influenza always spreads in winter in temperate regions
such as North America and Europe. It was a mystery because
that in tropical regions, flu spreads during hot days
rainy season.

A new study seems to give the answer: it turns out that
разгадка к вспышкам flu не жара, а влажность.

According to scientists from the Virginia University of Technology,
вирус flu процветает, когда относительная влажность воздуха либо
below 50%, or above 98%. In winter, when buildings are heated,
indoor humidity is often below 50%, ensuring ideal
условия для распространения flu.

Under these conditions, the virus is able to separate from the portable
air mucus and float in the air until there is a master-man.
�”In a really warm room, the virus is happy when a drop of mucus
evaporates completely and leaves it floating around, ”says
Lindsay Marr, a professor of civil and environmental engineering in
Virginia University of Technology, which found that
the virus survived in very high humidity conditions, such as in
rainy season in the tropics. But with humidity from 50% to 98%
the virus does not survive.

Что это значит для тех, кто хочет избежать flu? Buy one
humidifier and use it during the heating season.
Maintain humidity above 50 percent, but not above 60 – in
Otherwise, mold may appear in the room, creating
other health problems.

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