How to use Coca-Cola in the household:to make compost, remove stains or marinate meat?

Wed, 01 Aug 2018

The fact that Coca-Cola – a drink is not the most
useful, perhaps, everyone knows. No wonder they say that the coin
thrown into this drink dissolves after a few

Yes, and doctors do not recommend drinking cola, especially those who
troubled stomach. But still it can bring a certain
favor, for example, in the household. So, consider the situations
when Coke can come in handy.


Orthophosphoric acid is one of the components of Coca-Cola, also
part of the fertilizer. Stomach nothing but harm acid is not
will bring, but for green pets will be very useful. therefore
some dacha owners use Coke to
get good compost

Make it simple – you need to collect the fallen leaves, manure, stalks
plants, etc. and pour coca-cola. Thanks to this, in the compost
the phosphorus content increases dramatically, and it accelerates
the process of pereprovaniya

Another way to use pops in the garden is to fight
pests. You can prepare a solution that will help protect
your cucumbers and currants. Dilute the drink with water (in equal parts) and
in the period of ripening plants spray planting.

Cleaning plumbing and dishes

Probably, all hostesses are familiar with lime and nasty
rusty drips appearing on the sink and bathroom. To get rid
from such “jewelry”, pour on the affected surface
Coca-Cola and wait fifteen minutes. After that it will be enough
work a little sponge and all traces will disappear.

The toilet can also be cleaned with this popular drink. Pour in
half a liter of liquid, wait an hour and then wash it off. Will fit
Coca-Cola and tile cleaning – no stains afterwards
will not remain. And if a blockage has formed in the drain pipe, it’s enough
pour a bottle of pop in the neck of the sink at night and in the morning, he
will be eliminated.

In addition, unlike many cleaning products, Coca-Cola
has a chemical, pungent odor.

Burned pot? Pour half a liter of coca-cola into it, put
on the stove and bring to a boil. After rinse the pan clean
water and soot as it did not happen. We perform the same operation with
kettle to destroy the scum.

If you have darkened bronze or chrome products,
put them in a container with a cola for some time, and then take out and
brush with a sponge. In the same way you can easily bring back the shine
coin collections. Generally, it can soak any rusted
an item (for example, door hinges). By the way, for cleaning
motor car, it is also great fit.

Spots on clothes

Coca-Cola will serve you even if you “planted” on
clothing is a greasy stain, as it perfectly dissolves fat.
Moisten the soiled area well and leave it for a few


Marinate the meat in this drink for two hours, and you yourself will notice
how much juicier and more tender it will become.

As we see, Coca-Cola is universal in some way.
drink and can bring a lot of benefits. But her lovers
probably still worth pondering and go to some
safer drinks, as Coca-Cola is more appropriate to take place
not in the grocery store, and in the department of household chemicals.

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