How to understand that a child is afraid of exams, whyis he afraid of them? Signs and symptoms of test anxiety

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As the time for exams approaches, children
getting more and more nervous. This concerns not only
weak disciples, but also strong ones.

Some concern to those in charge.
affairs, not so bad. It helps to focus better and
answer all required questions. But when anxiety becomes
too strong, it already interferes and does not give either focus or
correct answer. This is the test anxiety that occurs
before exams and other important events. She is
manifested by specific, very specific symptoms. More often it
young children suffer, but it also occurs in
older ones.

Anxiety before exams can be caused by the following

1. parental pressure

If you are the parent who constantly makes
child to learn to be the best, then your child can
develop test anxiety.

2. Fear of failure

Children whose parents are constantly scolded for poor grades, to
horror fear bad result. This fear is so strong that
prevents children from working, and they do not cope with those tasks
who would easily have done if they hadn’t been afraid of the reaction

3. Inability to prepare for lessons

Postponing the case for later and delay does not allow
prepare well for the exam or test. Lay off children
training because experiencing something like a panic attack,
which does not allow them to focus on the necessary for the exam
the material.

These are the main causes of test anxiety. Other
The reason may be bad marks for exams or tests in
the past.

What are the symptoms of test anxiety?

With test anxiety, the following physical and
psychological symptoms:

1. Необычные боли. Some children in front
exam or test begin to experience pain in different parts of the body.
For example, they may have a stomach, arm or leg. However if
make a medical examination, it turns out that the child is absolutely
healthy The child’s fear of control is so great that he
subconsciously wants to avoid work in any way.

2. Панические атаки. Heavy test
anxiety in some cases can lead to panic attacks,
which are manifested by palpitations, profuse sweating,
shortness of breath, dizziness, and even nausea and vomiting.

3. Изменения аппетита. In children with
test anxiety disorder, before testing, can
dramatically change your appetite. Some begin to eat everything, while others
cannot touch food at all. If last try
make them vomit.

4. Бессонница. In children who are afraid of control,
exams and tests, sleep may be disturbed. This is usually manifested.
a few days before the responsible day. And the night before
writing work children generally can not sleep. Of course on
the control head does not understand, it is impossible to concentrate because
physical and mental fatigue, and the result is usually

5. Чувство отчаяния. Children suffering test
anxiety, often feel themselves all abandoned and helpless.
They are no longer able to concentrate on their studies, fear binds them
so much so that they can do nothing. Because of this, they often
angry or self-incriminating.

6. Низкая самооценка. Anger, guilt and
helplessness make a child feel weak and
worthless. So this can also be a manifestation of the test.

As you can see, one symptom leads to another, and another to third,
and so on, resulting in a vicious circle. Because
those who suffer from anxiety, have low self-esteem, they must
support and encourage positive perception
of reality.

If you are a parent, and your child has a described situation,
Go to the teacher, talk and ask for a special
plan to work with a child to overcome the test anxiety.

At home, you, as a parent, must stop giving a child
pressure in the implementation of lessons and studies. Do not compare it with
other children, whether his classmates or neighbors. Good studies
– this is not the only way to success.

Better look for talents in your child and, if you find them, start
develop them.

Perhaps, this sense will be much more.

If the child will be engaged in the favorite business, he and from
test anxiety will get rid of, and learning will be easier to relate, and
will achieve better results in the future.

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