How to teach a child to the pot: what it consists ofprocess? How to speed up the process of teaching a child to the pot?

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As the child grows up, each mother increasingly
begins to think about how to teach a child to
pot, because it is sometimes not so easy. Many children are very
painful perception of the transition to the pot, so some
Moms start to deal with this issue before the age of one

Let’s figure out when to start learning
and how to do it right?

How to teach a child to the pot?

Immediately you should make a reservation that engage in the schooling of children,
that diapers were not worn, much easier and faster. As for
babies who wore diapers throughout their short lives,
everything is much more complicated here, and it is unlikely to manage to do without puddles and

Before you begin the process of schooling, you should first
make an assessment of his psychological development. To make it work
the baby must be aware of why they are trying to seat him on
an object unknown to him, why trousers are and why he is
required. In some cases, this process may continue for
over several weeks or even months, so that parents
have to stock up on calm and patience.

Next, we analyze the process of potty training in stages, which in
The first is to be attributed to children in the 1.5-2 years, but they also
relevant for one year old babies.

How to teach a child to the pot in stages?

The learning process can be divided into 5 stages.

1. • The first thing to do is show the child the pot and
explain its main function. To do this, you can use
rubber toys with holes. So, in a rubber bear or
baby should pour water and release it into a night vase,
while pronouncing that the toy is peeing.

2. • You should also plant the child after he
woke up, before going to eat and after eating, before
daytime sleep and after it, before the walk and after, after all,
before bedtime.

3. • Next you need to abandon the use of diapers on
throughout the day. This will give your baby a chance to learn more.
own body, for which you need genitals and a soft spot.

4. • Every time when the baby will ask for the pot and all
do the right thing, it needs to be praised.

5. • If you see a child already walking to the pot outside
depending on the time of day – this means that you all did
true, and the baby is almost ready to visit
pot. To consolidate the final result is still recommended
follow the characteristic signs of toilet readiness –
straining and reddening of the face.

How to teach a child to the pot: the secrets of speeding up the process

To speed up the process of learning should learn a few
simple recommendations.

1. • Before learning, be sure to spend with the baby
a conversation, maybe even several times about what the pot is for,
how and when it should be applied. So, watching the baby, you
notice how he behaves before emptying: sharply
subsides, groans or expresses its discontent. Just such
the moment is the best to gently and tenderly offer
crumbs go to the pot. It would be nice if parents
show by example how and where to cope
well, I’m waiting.

2. • If the child does not want to sit in the pot, do not
press him and force him – this is unlikely to bring the desired
Effect. All that can be achieved – the baby will become disgusted
to this subject and then the situation will only get worse. If the crumb
feels pretty comfortable on the pot, you can sit it down
first after he makes his “case” in the diaper. So,
a dirty diaper needs to be changed when the baby sits on
pot, indicative of putting it in the pot.

3. • If the baby has an “accident”, you do not need to blame him for
it either somehow show that you are frustrated or unhappy. AT
this moment it would be best to gently tell the crumbs what it is
should be done in the pot.

4. • If the child is still not able to fully control
yourself in the afternoon, do not try to teach him to this process in
night time.

5. • Do not forget that the setting matters when making
�”These things.” The presence of unfamiliar people in the room, stress is unlikely
will contribute to the complete relaxation of the baby.

6. • To go to the pot without a reminder, every child needs
different time. The older the baby, the process will be performed
faster. A one-year-old baby needs 1-2 months to do this, a two-year-old
– 1-2 weeks.

How to teach a child to the pot: choose a pot

Today in children’s stores there
всевозможные модели горшочков для детей любого age Color
gamma is also good, but you can’t go wrong if you pick a pot
blue for the boy, and pink for the girl.

There are general recommendations when choosing a pot for

1. • Not cold. The child is unlikely to appreciate the new item, and the whole
the learning process will turn into torment. It and it is clear to whom
Want to sit on something cold, warm booty? Also baby
so, making a choice, in no case is it recommended to plant it
on a ceramic or iron pot. The best option – models from

2. • Convenience – a very important point when choosing a pot.
The presence of the back will be very welcome here. Today the market can
find models for every taste so you will surely make
right choice.

3. • Pay attention to pot stability. If a child
suddenly falls off the pot, it could turn into what
it will bypass the “danger” side for a long time.

4. • Purchasing a model with a removable cap will be very
by the way on trips.

5. • It is not recommended to buy a pot having musical or
lighting effects, the crumb will treat him like a toy.

Most experts recommend to teach your baby to pot in
two years of age, because it is during this period that he is physiologically and
psychologically ripe for this.

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