How to teach a child to order? Effectivemethods of nurturing a love of order in a child

Вт, 19 июн 2018 Автор: Алёна Рассабина

Children are cute and beautiful creatures with whom,
however, there is too much trouble. Bad grades and pranks –
nothing compared to the real life-long problem –
a mess. It would seem: the child is just sloppy or it
age, but it is not. The love of order and cleanliness should
graft parents.

But how to teach a child to order and how?
to begin?


First steps to order

To teach a child to order you need to understand: what is for you personally
is order and bring it to the child.

Age from which you can and should pay attention to your baby
the need to bring cleanliness – 2-3 years. At this point, the child is already
can you tell me exactly what is considered cleanliness in your family and
okay For example, in one family, please mom to restore order,
means wet cleaning, returning each item to its place,
watering flowers. In another family, this same request is only an appeal.
to the fact that you need to collect toys and make the bed.

Taking the first steps in the process of teaching a child to order,
It should be remembered that such qualities as organization and
Attentiveness is under development up to 19 years.

Also, do not lose sight of their influence on the baby.
Children under 5 years of age completely copy their family members. If you not
keep order, do not demonstrate to the child the cleaning process on
your own example or aloud comment on the need for cleaning
As a punishment, do not expect success from this child in this field.

One of the main principles in the process of accustoming to order –
praise. Many parents often sin because of negative
make comments on the child’s actions or do not give at all what has begun to
the end.

The usual picture: a boy of five years old tries to help his mother and takes
in the hands of a vacuum cleaner. Long and hard, he vacuums a small carpet,
while spending all their children’s strength. And what does he hear from mom?
Here the mote, there mote, badly vacuumed. Or even selects
vacuum cleaner to finish cleaning soon.

It is important to remember: children need your praise and support.
Take any children’s initiative with delight. Praise
child, do not blame and do not point to flaws. The main thing –
teach the child to order, and the rest of the quality (accuracy,
accuracy, organization, attentiveness) will be formed with
by age.

How to teach to order a child 2-4 years

A period of two to four years is sensitive to
instilling a love of order, as well as in order to shape
cleanliness as a habit. It is in this age period easier
just form a habit of keeping order. Why is it so important
form exactly the “habit”? Because this term means
performance of any action is automated. Meaning baby
will respect the order yourself.

At this age, there are quite a few methods for teaching a child to
order. But, nevertheless, 2-4 years are the period itself
effective impact on the baby. It should be observed only
several recommendations:

• Own example

At this age, 90% of success depends on the love of cleanliness and order.
family members of the child. Children aged 2-4 years completely imitate
parents. Show your child how you do the dishes, how
vacuum or wipe the rack so that the child grows up with
the knowledge that cleaning is the norm.

• Cleaning is not a punishment.

Parents often make a very tough mistake.
positioning cleaning as punishment. It is this method in consequence
leads to rejection of order. Cleaning should be a joy
associate with something pleasant.

• Age Assignments

A small number of parents force children to perform
buildings that are impossible for children of 2-4 years old to restore order and
purity. On the contrary, children decided to regret and exempt from any
difficulties. But it should be recalled that buildings should be
feasible for the child, not to hurt him and strong

• Game form

The game method in the education of preschoolers is actively used in
all educational areas. Labor activity is not
an exception. Offer the child to imagine that the room has begun.
rain and all toys need to be put on the shelves (in the toy basket,
closet), arrange competition: who put more books on the shelf.
Thanks to this method, children perceive cleaning only as
an exciting game.

How to teach a child to order 5-8 years

Upon reaching a child of five years becomes almost
It is impossible to lure a beloved child to the cleaning by playing the game. To children in
this age, parents begin to be treated with more “adults”
requirements, constantly note that the baby is already big and not
consider it necessary to spend their strength on the search for new methods. In this
conflicts, which also discourage the child from
cleaning up

That’s right, he’s already big. That is why it’s time to start
refers to cleaning as an important mission that any
adult. Рассмотрим several recommendations:

• To-do list

From the age of five, children have already master reading. This fact suggests
about a variety of techniques: family duty schedule, individual
To-do list, individual duties. Write on
a piece of paper feasible tasks for the child, by all means decorating it
some nice pattern. Leave it in a prominent position and let
baby show their independence. It should be noted that about
It is necessary to warn the child in such lists, otherwise it will cause
resentment and even rebellion. Also popular are family duty schedules.
They are preferable, as the child sees that he performs
job with the family and does not feel deprived.

• Persistence

Identify the primary responsibilities of the child. Let him always
vacuuming and watering the flowers. At your discretion. But the baby will be
it is more pleasant to be responsible for certain actions on
permanent basis.

• Formation of independence

Do not do for the child what he can do himself. Often
the situation is as follows: mom said five times
to wipe the dust from the shelves, the child ignored the request, the mother herself
wiped the dust off the shelves. So you can not do. Gently but strictly demand
fulfill your request.

How to teach to order with a child of 9-15 years

The transitional age, which is characterized by conflict,
rebelliousness, principled, begins with just nine years. If a
speak honestly then at this age instill a love of order and
cleanliness is too late, but bring to the teenager the need for cleaning
still possible.

• Motivate

Motivation is the driving force. Варианты «If a уберешься — комната
will become cleaner for teenagers are not effective. Take into account interests
teenager. For example, my floor – he can listen to music, watering
flowers – watch tv.

• Do not make fun

Adolescents often suffer from self-doubt, understated
self-esteem, self-criticism and parental ridicule and reproach
provoke the child in earnest. If a вы уже добились того, что
the child began cleaning, then support him, praise the result. If a
same relationship with a teenager are conflicting, it is better
leave him alone and do not comment on his actions.

So, we found out that it is necessary to teach a child to order with
small years using tricks and pedagogical methods

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