How to teach a child to fall asleep independently.Tips for parents.

Thu, 04 Feb 2016

Useful article for young parents who are concerned about the issue.
quick sleep and regular strong training
to sleep

The appearance of a child in the family is touching and exciting.
period. However, besides the overwhelming happiness and euphoria of
the birth of a little miracle, a young mother can be comprehended by various
anxiety and frustration. One source of concern may
become a schooling child to fall asleep by yourself and sleep all night,
so that mom can rest easy and gain strength for the new
of the day And this problem worries not only parents of babies, but
and those with older children. If you, like many, are interested
question of teaching a child to sleep, this article can help you.

If you do not teach a child to sleep without your presence, you
will have to be near him even while he is sleeping, then
there is almost around the clock. And it can make you nervous and
irritable. In addition, the child will be capricious and will be bad
sleep, constantly wake up at night and wake you up. Because of fear
stay alone, the child will not go to bed, even when
tired, and his fatigue and nervousness will affect all
family members.

The main step in making your child strong
long night sleep is learning him to fall asleep
on their own. To achieve this goal should not rock
baby in his arms when he is still awake. Instead of wearing
on your hands, put your child in the crib and sit with him. it
it is better to start doing when the child is calm, and not when he is nervous
and alarmed.

You should not bring the child to hysterics, forcibly trying
teach him to sleep in the crib. Try to do it discreetly and
gradually. First, let him get used to falling asleep in your crib
presence during daytime sleep. Then go to the evening
stacking. Gradually reduce the time you are
keep your son or daughter in your arms before bedtime, eventually reducing it
just to kiss and hug a child before he
fall asleep.

Попробуйте воспользоваться этими несложными
, которые облегчат приучение малыша к
самостоятельному to sleep

1. One of the important aspects of sound sleep is preparing for
him Certain procedures, repeated every evening, give
child understand that it is time to go to bed. Such a schedule may
include bathing, evening feeding, reading bedtime stories
or singing a lullaby, kiss before bed. Determine for yourself
stages of preparing for bed, and stick to them every time
готовите свое чадо ко to sleep

2. Put the baby to sleep before he falls asleep in your arms.
In other words, try to prevent him from sleeping anywhere outside
cots If the baby gets used to sleep only in his crib or
cradle, it will subsequently be conducive to strong and
здоровому to sleep

3. Daytime sleep is very important, but put your child to sleep during the day.
may be much more difficult than in the evening. If the baby is absorbed
interesting game or excited, he is unlikely to want to fall asleep. For
order you to put your son or daughter to sleep during the day,
try to have a very active morning
and saturated so that he could get tired.

4. The parents bed is the most comfortable for the baby and
safe place in the world. However, you should not put the child in your
matrimonial bed for the night. If the baby is afraid to sleep alone,
it is better to talk to him and dispel his fears, rather than put to sleep
next to you. A child accustomed to sleeping with his parents does not
may give up this habit even when it grows up
causes lack of sleep, and due to increased irritability
in the afternoon both at you, and at your child.

5. All children, even those who are accustomed to sleep separately,
wake up in the middle of the night. It is important to know that the baby can fall asleep.
yourself after waking up instead of
cry and call mom. Therefore, it is not necessary to run to the baby’s crib
every rustle. Wait a while – maybe he can
fall asleep without your help.

6. The mode of the day plays a significant role in the life of each person.
For детей он особенно важен, так как их организм только привыкает к
changing the time of day. Try to develop an approximate daily.
schedule for your baby. If he is accustomed to go to bed
with a certain time, the body adapts to this, and when it comes
it’s time to go to bed, the baby will already feel sleepy and will
ready to go to bed.

7. Do not use additional funds to
make the child fall asleep. Many parents believe that the nipple,
a rattle or a show with your favorite toys before bedtime
will contribute to a better sleep. it действительно так,
however, later you complicate your task, since you will not have to
only to accustom the child to lull, but also to wean him from his beloved

8. If you are tired during the day, you may be tempted
put the baby to bed early. Should not succumb to temptation,
because it will violate the regime of the baby, moreover, if he falls down earlier, he
may wake up very early in the morning and wake you up at the same time.
If you feel tired, find a child some quiet and
quiet occupation before it comes time to go to bed

When a child appears in the house, I want to give it as much as possible.
more attention. But if you are the perfect mom 24 hours a day
7 days a week, very soon you will get tired of this role, and you will
feel tired and deprived. Make an effort to
baby’s nap time to make a manicure or face mask
relax and lie down a bit. These short minutes given
themselves, will give you a new surge of strength.

When the baby went to bed in the evening, pay attention to her husband –
ask how was his day, look together interesting
film, make tea. Thanks to these little rituals your
the spouse will feel that you still love and appreciate him, and not
totally absorbed in caring for the little man.

You will feel rested, rejuvenated, and you
there will be energy for new things. it еще одна причина, по которой
should teach your baby to sleep on their own, and not be
around the clock next to him, forgetting about myself and other members


mamasik 12/08/2016 I agree with other comments – all
recommendations blah blah blah … Chado, child, little man … husband
attention given … Best of all, girls, hire a nanny. Will be
happy, calm and contented life. Will be ВЫСЫПАТЬСЯ. yana
10/23/2016 Tell me how to teach your child to fall asleep
at 8 years old. How many did not try to break, does not go, everything
ends with shaking hysteria almost to the point of vomiting. Olya from Riga
10/01/2016 The article was clearly written by a person, or the child’s correspondent has a
was calm, because the above is almost difficult to apply …
Svetlana 08/07/2016 I haven’t tried anything yet
ended with a tantrum for 2 hours. Not sleeping at night from birth,
Now we are 1 year old. 5 months. At night, drink about 1 liter of liquid.
In the end, after falling asleep, he may be in the crib, but then this is somewhere
an hour and until the morning wakes up every half hour. Already with my husband
go crazy, from this is not a mess. And in the afternoon everything is in order.

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