How to teach a child to bring startedthe end

Mon 05 May 2014

Our whole life is spent in developing plans and achieving goals.
Small matters, cardinal tasks, expected problems or
Achievements require a serious approach. Often we do not
доводим начатое до the end, не добиваемся цели, откладываем дело в
longbox or completely forget about it. Not always there.
good reasons. Mostly this is the result of laziness,
irresponsibility, unwillingness to overcome difficulties arising on
of the way.

It may seem strange to some, but this is bad.
the habit originates from a distant childhood. Parents who
did not pay attention to the fact that the child is constantly giving up classes,
увлечения, работу, не доводя их до the end, могут не сомневаться, что
in adulthood, he is bound to face problems. This
habit does not allow to achieve something meaningful. Person,
faced with problems, switches to another thing, where his
waiting for the same result. As a result, even the constant efforts of something
achieve lead to nothing.

The process of educating a child in the habit of finishing everything started before
the end потребует времени, терпения. Children do not take long
notation, and even more cry and strict requirements. All this will form
hostility to the refinement process will destroy interest in any
endeavors. You should look for methods that will stimulate
child’s desire to achieve goals, despite the obstacles, laziness.

Small children for the performance of their simple duties can
encourage. For example, if a child cleans a room, he can
Watch your favorite cartoon. Older children can be allowed
invite friends or let go to the movies.

It is important to help the child succeed in his passion.
For example, all kids like to draw. But only some
persists craving for this art. Perhaps the parents did not help
master the skills gradually, moving from simple to complex.
This also applies to other creative activities: sculpting, weaving beads,
burning out, etc.

Need to spend time on the development of the basics, engaging with the child,
correcting him. Then you should stimulate interest in
improving skills by showing attractive finished jobs
in the book, on the Internet. It is necessary to celebrate all the achievements of the child,
show how mom and dad are proud of his successes, emphasizing
attention to the fact that these skills will certainly come in handy.

The main point in the formation of a good habit of doing business
до the end должен стать личный пример родителей. Need to carefully
take care of yourself, do not allow such blunders. Otherwise, the whole
The educational process will go down the drain.

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