How to spend fasting days on oatmeal?

Oatmeal contains high amounts of vitamin B, which helps
eliminate the problem of obesity. To lose a few extra
kilograms, it is enough to spend a fasting day on oatmeal once
in 10-14 days and the result is not long in coming.

How to spend fasting days on oatmeal?


  • How to cook oatmeal?
  • Examples of fasting days
  • Oatmeal Recipes
  • The benefits of oatmeal for the body
  • The advantages of fasting days on oatmeal
  • Disadvantages of fasting days in oatmeal
  • Tips and tricks
  • How to lose weight in oatmeal (video)

Oatmeal contains high amounts of vitamin B, which helps
eliminate the problem of obesity. To lose a few extra
kilograms, it is enough to spend a fasting day on oatmeal once
in 10-14 days and the result is not long in coming.


How to cook oatmeal?

Oatmeal should be cooked only on water, not recommended.
add butter, salt, milk or sugar. To make the dish more
delicious, allowed to use a little raisins, dried apricots or

During the day, you need to eat 5-6 servings of oatmeal, but no later than in
19 pm With the observance of fasting days you can use
not only porridge, but also herbal teas. It also benefits from a decoction
wild rose, as it supplies the body with many nutrients.
It is important that any liquid is consumed without

Examples of fasting days

Bunting and Apples

For a fasting day on oatmeal and apples you need
Take 5 ripe apples and 500 grams of finished oatmeal. This amount
Food is divided into exactly 5 meals. Allowed to drink a cup
зеленого чая, но без добавления Sahara.

Porridge is prepared according to the above recipe, but you can add
chopped apple or eat it separately, there are no any
strict rules. Fasting day on oatmeal and apples enjoys
most popular because the porridge is not so much

Oatmeal and kefir

If you regularly use this version of weight loss, you can not
only bring digestion back to normal, but also improve skin condition.
Oatmeal in the evening is filled with boiled cold water and left
swell all night

In the morning you can fill the oatmeal with a glass of kefir and a small
the amount of honey. For lunch it is recommended to drink a glass of kefir and
eat a ripe apple. A great choice for dinner would be a portion.
oatmeal, a few crackers and herbal tea. Before bedtime you can
drink a glass of kefir with a minimum percentage of fat. On
throughout the day it is recommended to drink dogrose infusion, but only
без Sahara.

Oatmeal Recipes


Planning to spend fasting days on oatmeal, you can
eat not only porridge, but also other dishes made from
this kind of cereal, for example, soup. It is prepared very simply. AT
the pot is poured 2.5 tbsp. skimmed milk and brought to
boil, then introduced 0.5 st. oatmeal and 1 tsp. ground

Soup доводится до кипения, остужается. Then you can eat it
almost any time and in any quantity. Also when appearing
feelings of hunger are recommended to drink herbal teas and rosehip decoction,
low fat kefir is allowed.


If this variant of fasting days with
oatmeal, it is necessary to choose only those muesli that need
long preparation. Take 0.5 st. flakes poured 1 hour
l корицы (ground) и на 30 секунд помещается в микроволновку.

Then add a glass of skimmed yogurt or milk and porridge
overnight fit in the fridge. In the morning muesli are divided into about 5
equal parts and consumed throughout the day. You can drink oatmeal
non-carbonated water, kefir or unsweetened tea.

The benefits of oatmeal for the body

This cereal should be included in a person’s daily diet, since
it is simply indispensable for the body and has a mass of beneficial

  • there is an improvement and restoration of correct work
    gastrointestinal tract;
  • out of the body quickly and naturally goes all the excess
  • hair and nails strengthen and heal; skin gains
    natural shade;
  • efficient and simultaneous soft cleaning of the whole is carried out
    of an organism, as all slags with a natural way are removed
    toxins accumulated during the absence of cleansing;
  • insomnia is eliminated, sleep becomes strong and healthy;
  • provides a feeling of satiety for a long time, while after
    the meal feels light and there is no heaviness in the stomach;
  • after entering the stomach, oatmeal swells and gently
    envelops its walls, accelerates the healing process of existing
    wounds and prevents the emergence of new ones;
  • the body is quickly saturated, receives the required amount
    vitamins with trace elements, hunger does not bother
    over several hours.

Oatmeal is considered an indispensable tool for losing weight, because with its
using you can get the perfect figure and not have to exhaust yourself
hunger. Porridge is allowed to eat at almost any time and almost
unlimited quantities, which is what this method of dealing with
overweight is the most popular and sought after among girls
which there is no time or opportunity to regularly visit the gym

You can follow long-term diets on oatmeal, but monotonous
food is very annoying. Best done regularly
fasting day on oatmeal, for example, every 2 weeks.
Thanks to him, you can quickly get rid of 1-2 kg of excess mass

The advantages of fasting days on oatmeal

Regular use of oatmeal helps solve mass
problems and conduct an effective cleansing course for the whole body.
The main advantages of such fasting days are:

  1. Porridge is completely safe and very useful for human
    organism. ATо время разгрузочных дней организм не будет испытывать
    lack of vitamins or valuable substances, as they are included in
    composition of oatmeal.
  2. Such fasting days are very easy to carry out, since neither
    have to stand for hours at the stove and cook complex diet
    the dishes.
  3. Availability, because oatmeal has the lowest
    cost, so everyone can afford them.
  4. Oatmeal gives a feeling of satiety, which remains for a long
    time, so do not have to suffer from hunger.

Disadvantages of fasting days in oatmeal

Despite a lot of positive qualities, the use of this
method for losing weight has certain disadvantages:

  1. The process of losing weight is very slow and to get the desired
    the result will have to wait a long time. In one fasting day in
    on average, it takes about 1-2 kg of excess mass, it all depends on the initial
    веса и индивидуальных особенностей organism.
  2. Such fasting days may not seem very tasty, so
    how the greatest benefit will bring oatmeal, cooked in water, without
    add sugar, butter and salt.

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Tips and tricks

To spend fasting days brought for the body
maximum benefit, and oatmeal helped to lose weight, you need to
follow a few simple rules:

  • before and after unloading, it is worth adhering
    small restrictions on food. The last meal should be for
    a few hours before bedtime;
  • готовить овсянку рекомендуется только на воде, но в неwhich
    cases you can use milk;
  • from the diet it is necessary to eliminate sugar, butter, salt. ATместо
    sugar allowed to use honey, but only in small
  • It is not recommended to use various
  • during the day you must drink at least 1.5 liters of clean
    water. It is worth while to abandon the sweet soda and store
    juices, as there are a lot of sugar in their composition, and all efforts
    will be in vain;
  • for discharge, it is best to choose a day off when
    no need to run all day;
  • this day does not need great physical exertion;
  • to consolidate the result and improve it,
    fasting days on oatmeal must be performed
    systematically – 1-2 times per month.

For a fasting day with porridge recommended
choose flakes that need to be boiled or cereal grains. Not
рекомендуется употреблять хлопья, для заваривания which требуется
just a few minutes, as they are not useful
substances and they contain harmful sugar.

Benefit brings fasting day on oatmeal and yogurt, but
you need to choose dairy products with a minimum percentage
fat content, so as not to harm the process of losing weight.
Contraindications By itself, oatmeal has absolutely no
no contraindications, but it is worth being very careful with
разгрузочными днями, так как в неwhich случаях есть риск
spoil your own health.

Not рекомендуется использовать данную методику похудения в
following cases:

  • in the presence of chronic diseases;
  • if diabetes is diagnosed;
  • the presence of anemia;
  • allergy or idiosyncrasy.

How to lose weight in oatmeal (video)

Fasting days with oatmeal always give results, but only when
subject to their proper conduct. AT следующем видео подробно
talked about the benefits of this type of cereals for the body and features
losing weight

Most women, after completing the fasting days on
oatmeal and weight loss just relax and come back to
habitual diet. Then dropped pounds appear again.
Therefore, to consolidate the result, it is better to fully
abandon instant foods and minimize
sweets and flour products, otherwise all efforts will be

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