How to report your pregnancy onwork?

Mon, Nov 28, 2016

Work is becoming our second home so much that the question is how
report the pregnancy to the boss, became no less exciting than
preparation for the quick paternity of your own spouse. How to perceive
This news colleagues, would not it be better to keep your mouth shut, while
allows slender camp or should immediately notify
Guide about the need to find a worthy replacement?

There is no consensus here. Some consider the lingering mystery
incorrect and dishonest in relation to the employer. After all
the team has the right to prepare for the coming changes and long
the absence of a colleague. Others urge not to rush to tell
employees about future motherhood – in the end, this question
directly concerns only your family. Besides, about the usual
the employee is obliged to notify the employee not earlier than 2 weeks later, and
the personnel department copes with quick replacement selection. Silent and
Russian legislation, according to which a woman leaves in
vacation from the 30th week of pregnancy, but about the dates in which she
it is recommended to notify your position, official documents
are silent.

Since the issue falls entirely on the shoulders and conscience of the future
Mom, to approach its solution is balanced and practical. Much
will depend on the situation in the team and on the intentions of the
women. If the atmosphere is warm, the bosses belong to
motherhood with understanding, and the woman herself plans to continue
work within the walls of the home institution and after
child care, you can inform the good news in advance. After
of this, all planned visits to the female consultation, which coincide on
time with a working day, you can make quietly, without inventing
excuses and fiction.

In case of heavy workflow or hazardous work, report on
pregnancy will have to be in advance, no matter how
well take this news guide. Prepare in advance
necessary medical certificates of transfer to easy work and decide
The question is officially, through the personnel department.

If a woman has neither the desire nor the mood to share with
colleagues with their own interesting position, she is entitled
do right up to the most maternity leave. Unwillingness
inform about the innermost can be justified and
физическим состоянием women. Those who survived the loss of a child
early terms, or just fears for a dysfunctional outcome
pregnancy, preferring to keep this news secret even from
their loved ones.

What is important to remember for every woman expecting a baby? Law
completely on your side, protecting a pregnant female worker from
layoffs and any irregularities, pressure or kinks. However not
it is worth abusing your position, covering your own laziness
motherhood. It will cause fair anger and resentment.
hand colleagues.

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