How to quickly remove the lower abdomen at homeconditions?

  • 1 How to remove the lower abdomen at home?
    • 1.1 In a short time a woman
    • 1.2 Basic exercises
    • 1.3 Set of exercises for a man
    • 1.4 With proper nutrition
    • 1.5 With massage

The presence of fatty deposits, formed in the lower abdomen,
due to the uncontrolled use of junk food, soon
time introduces a person into a depressed state, amid
dissatisfaction with his body.

So that such cases do not arise, should immediately
remove the lower abdomen with the help of exercises with which we will introduce you to
the following material. Of course, with the help of basic
exercises for weight loss, from unwanted fat folds just like that
not get rid of. To heighten the effect, moderate your sugar cravings,
fatty and other high-calorie foods.

How to remove the lower abdomen at home?

In this article we will try to understand in more detail how to remove fat.
from the bottom of the abdomen at home. To begin, take a look at
basic principles, adhering to which you can quickly
remove excess body fat:

  • proper nutrition containing the optimal amount of calories and
    without fail including nutrients;
  • getting rid of bad habits in the form of tobacco use
    products and alcohol;
  • daily use of up to two liters of pure non-carbonated
  • exclusion from the diet of products containing a large ratio
  • inclusion in the daily menu of all vegetables, in addition to those that are
    contain starch – potatoes, corn, beets, radishes,
  • complete refusal of carbonated drinks and sweets;
  • eat breakfast and dinner, for dinner – food consumption
    to cut.

In a short time a woman

Despite the fact that excess body fat in the area
belly appear in all, most prone to such unpleasant
The consequences are exactly the fair sex. let’s разберемся, как
woman remove the lower abdomen in a short time at home
For starters, try to observe the following:

Убрать жир с живота можно с помощью регулярных
физических нагрузок
. Even if your health is not
allows you to play sports, try to move as often as possible.
Routine walks in the fresh air are pretty
productive. With good health, dedicate your
time a special set of exercises for pumping the abdominal muscles and
thighs: squats, press, swing legs to the side.

Курс массажа, будь то в профессиональном салоне
or at home will also affect those extra pounds and
will help remove the lower abdomen in a very short time.

Как известно, очищенная вода также быстро
rid the body of harmful substances and fat. Therefore, when
exercise, try as much as possible to drink water.
The average daily rate is two liters.  Drink water
should be sip every 15 minutes.

How to quickly and effectively remove the lower abdomen with simple
exercise at home, you will tell the next paragraph.

Basic exercises

In order to quickly and effectively remove fat from the lower abdomen,
следует пройти комплекс базовых упражнений:

  • Take a prone position so that the loin is
    tightly pressed to the floor. Hands must be placed in parallel
    trunk, palms down. The essence of the fast alternate execution
    swing feet.
  • Lie on your side. Bend your right arm at the elbow and support it
    about the floor The legs should be bent. Lift the thigh above the surface
    floor, lingering in this position for a few seconds. Then
    go down.
  • Сядьте и согните ноги под 45-градусном углом. Back
    lean back. Being in this position, you must perform
    twisting back and forth.

In order to remove fat from the belly at the initial stage
at home, each of the exercises should be given 10-15
minutes a day.

A set of exercises for a man

Strength training in order to remove the lower abdomen
differ from women primarily degree of load. let’s
verify this with the following information. Итак, как
remove the man lower abdomen – a set of exercises at home

  • Lie on your back, tightly pressed to the floor. Lift up
    выпрямленные ноги вверх и таким образом «рисуйте» в воздухе
    numbers from 4 to 12;
  • Being in the same position, with his back pressed to the floor,
    squeeze hands behind head. Then согните ноги в коленях и поднимите
    their. The bottom line is that you have to reach with your right elbow
    to the left knee, and vice versa;
  • Sit on a chair, firmly holding his hands on his back.
    Straighten up and pull the lower abdomen as hard as possible. Legs
    must be pulled to the chest, after bending
  • Stand up straight. Transfer body weight to one of the legs and the other
    bend at the knee, lifting it to the press.

In order to quickly remove fat from the lower abdomen in
at home, exercise should be given a day for half an hour,
performing 20 repetitions of each.

With proper nutrition

If you do not want to exercise, or when
In the absence of predispositions, try to remove the bottom
belly at home conditions using proper nutrition.

As you know, fat accumulates in the stomach “thanks” easily
digestible carbohydrates:

  • confectionery;
  • pastry;
  • sweet fruit.

Although they are the main source of fat,
it is impossible to abandon them completely, since for normal
Functional body needs carbohydrates.

To get the most out of fat at home
условиях, замените вышеуказанные продукты на
grain loaves, nuts, seeds, turkey meat and chicken.
Also do not forget to eat fresh vegetables, fruits and a lot
purified still water.

The most optimal number of meals – from 6 to 8 times,
in small portions.

With the help of massage

Ways to remove fat from the abdomen using
Massages are divided into several categories:

  • Anti-cellulite.  To start, spread it on
    Problem zone anti-cellulite cream or moisturizing lotion.
    Then надавливайте на нее, выполняя тем самым круговые движения.
    In addition to the usual massage, it is allowed easy tingling problem
  • Water. This type of massage suggests
    direction to the problem area of ​​the jet of water, alternately changing it
  • Honey. For this you need to connect
    a few drops of essential oil with two teaspoons of honey.
    The resulting composition should be evenly applied to the problem area.
    skin, then massage it with light fingers.

    In order to remove this or that amount of fat in the home
    conditions, it is not at all necessary to torment yourself with diets and exhausting
    exercises. Enough to adhere to the above rules.

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