How to overcome child shyness

Wed, 25 Feb 2015

Most parents value their particular child and not
attach great importance to his unwillingness to communicate outside
family circle. However shyness can impede
social skills, jeopardizes academic performance in
school and even prevents the formation of personality. Needless to say that
the result will be emotional and physical problems.

The good news is that most children can
learn to manage social anxiety. They just need
a bit of your support. What are the ways to overcome

– Notice the needs of your shy child and react
on them. Responsiveness of the closest helps sensitive children
calm down and manage the behavior. This increased susceptibility
becomes an advantage in communication – it allows better
respond to the needs of interlocutors.

– Empathize with the child and do not be ashamed of him. Parent support in
any situation helps raise self-esteem. Excessive criticism only
makes him close from others. Empathy parents allow
gradually expand social skills.

– Be an example of confident communication with other people. Children
learn by watching adults. It means being friendly with
strangers, offer help and be open to new

– Teach your child basic social skills. Children often need
learn to establish eye contact, shake hands and politely
keep up the conversation. Well master this with the help of role-playing

– Help your child make friends. First time help
Join the game in the yard, arrange children’s parties.
Keep the child willing to join any group of children
develop leadership skills in it.

– Teach your baby how to stand up for yourself. Try to teach
act independently in conflict situations for example when
tease peers. Look for answers in specialized literature and
Do not neglect to play typical situations with the child.

– Provide opportunities for the child to communicate, to practice
acquired social skills. Every little step helps
come to a goal.

– Explain that it is not necessary to be the soul of the company, but it is important
have a good friend. The main thing is that the child feels necessary and
important for someone. Communicating with one or two people makes it easier to flow into
more numerous company.

– Help overcome fear. If the child has internal
fears don’t need to be ignored. Children, которые пытаются держать
experiences in themselves, often suffer from all sorts of disorders.
Consult with a psychologist to get rid of related
shyness problems.

Experts identify different manifestations of shyness.
Some children, whom parents consider shy, are very
sensitive and dependent on the opinions of others. Others are introverts,
they need sometimes to be alone. And the third children are so
absorbed in their own projects and ideas that push communication
in the background. And finally, there are children who
feel embarrassed or anxious with most social
contacts. The main thing is to try to understand your child, his feelings.
and causes of shyness.

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