How to make lizuna at home to the delight of children!Recipes, necessary materials and recommendations how to make a lizuna inhome conditions

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Lizun (slim, hendgam) is a toy that has become known
the general public not so long ago thanks to the exit of all
famous movie “Ghostbusters”.

One of the main characters of this cartoon picture was to bring
by the name of Lizun.

Its creators are the company Mattel, which released it
under the name Slime.

Lizun this toy began to be called after the translation into Russian

His peculiarity is that he was able to stretch and spread.
and take any form.

Surely in childhood many had such a toy that you can
was throwing a wall or other object, and she invariably to him

Сделать лизуна в home conditions: возможно ли?

Extraordinary and very curious Lizun very quickly found
popularity among the kids, which immediately led to his massive
release worldwide. Lizunov and to this day enjoy
popular. Buy this fun toy can be in the store, but
much more interesting to do it yourself. If you want to
to please your baby, but do not know how to make a lizuna in
home conditions, после прочтения данной статьи у вас не останется

Making such a toy at home out of scrap material is easier.
simple. The most used methods: with shampoo, water,
clay and soda, with or without sodium. In addition,
you will be able to independently adjust the density of the toy
and color it in the desired color using food colors or

Как сделать лизуна в home conditions: необходимые

Как сделать лизуна в home conditions, и какие materials для
Do you need this? The choice of materials is very large, it includes:

  • cud;

  • water with starch;

  • flour;

  • gouache;

  • condensed milk (to make the toy taste).

This is not a complete list of materials, but more about this we
talk below. Now we recommend to get acquainted with the main
recommendations and advice of making toys, if you end up
Want to get a quality toy. The list is as follows
in the following way:

1) the most important condition for storing lizuna – closed
a plate. A small jar that fits tightly is suitable for this.
the lid closes;

2) do not leave the toy in direct sunlight, near
heaters or batteries (lizun prefers a low

3) it is impossible to put a lizun on the surface with a nap (for example, on
rugs and clothing), since miniature villi have the property
stick to it, which will lead to the heterogeneity of its surface;

4) to make the toy unique, during its creation
add some essential oils to the recipe, they are able to give
pleasant aroma to your creation;

5) to lizun was even more original, you can pour in
some mass of sparkles preparing this mass
will give your cartoon superhero a little bit of “glamor”;

6) in order to make the craft more pleasant to the taste, the recipe can be
add sugar, salt or condensed milk;

7) if you want to make your toy more plastic and
sheer, and also so that it does not leave traces, in a solution with paint
need to add a few drops of vinegar;

8) to make the cartoon character natural, add also
some glycerin, it will make it more slippery;

9) Adding hydrogen peroxide will make a homemade lizun
lighter and airy;

10) in order to “revive” the toy, during the manufacture take
several rubber buttons and glue them on the place where the lizun
there will be eyes and a nose. Here everything will depend on your imagination:
use any available tools and do your homework.
crafts of the most believable.

Как сделать лизуна в home conditions: рецепты

So, with the recommendations and tips read, now we
come to the most basic – recipes for manufacturing. Materials from
which can be made lizuna, more than enough, we
Consider a few of the most popular and easiest ways.

We make lizuna out of water

This method is the most popular. Lizun which
It turns out in the end, not much different from the one sold in
the store.

To make it you need:

1) 100 g of PVA glue. It is desirable that the glue was the maximum

2) A solution of sodium tetraborate (4%), and its powder will do. Him
can be purchased at any pharmacy, it is inexpensive and practical
always in stock. In addition, this solution is often
used in jewelry workshops, so it can be found also in
points where radio products are sold or in shops with chemical

3) Dye desired color. It is advisable to use food
it is safer for the human body. Alternatively, you can
use gouache or brilliant green.

Process of creation:

1. Prepare a small container in which you
You will make a solution for crafts. Pour 1/4 cup into it.
slightly warm water.

2. Take 100 g of PVA glue and pour into a container with water. From
the amount of glue will be directly depend on the density of the toy, therefore
here you will need to define it yourself. If you mix
seemed too liquid, add a little more glue than
it is necessary. After that, the mixture should be thoroughly mixed.

3. Then you need to add sodium tetraborate. If you use
a solution, on 100 g of glue one bubble will be enough. With
using powder dissolve 1 tbsp. l in 1/2 cup water and
rinse into container.

4. At the end add the dye.

The mixture is ready. Now take the container with the mixture, pour
all the contents in a plastic bag and remember well.

Done! You got a new toy – lizun out of the water.

How is lizun made from soda

If there is no sodium tetraborate available, then this method will do.
you could not be better. But keep in mind that such a lizun is short-lived, and
You can play with him for no longer than four days.

Necessary components:

  • PVA glue.

  • Soda.

  • If necessary – food coloring.

  • Plastic container.

  • Stirring Wand. If you interfere in manual mode,
    Use rubber gloves.

Creation method:

1) Take a plastic container and mix 1/4 cup in it.
warm water and 50 g of glue to get a homogeneous mass;

2) Then add the dye of the desired color and again all
mix up;

3) Take another separate container and mix 1/4 in it
glasses of water and 1 tbsp. l soda;

4) Pour the contents from the additional container into the main container.
and stir well again.

That’s the whole process, lizun of soda is ready!

Sculpt plasticine mold

This type of toy is different from others in that it has excellent
ability to keep its shape.

To create this type of need:

  • food gelatin;

  • plasticine;

  • container; plastic ware is best;

  • additional metal container;

  • paddle for mixing.

Process of creation:

1) first you need to pour a certain amount of cold water
in a metal container and add gelatin to it. The right proportions
can be read on the packaging. After that you need to give gelatin
settle in water for 1 hour;

2) after an hour you need to put the container on the fire and bring everything
contents to boil. As soon as the water boils, remove the container from

3) then take in hands 100 g of plasticine and remember well
him so that he warmed up;

4) then take a plastic container, pour 50 g into it
warm water and mix the clay well in it with
shoulder blades;

5) then pour all the contents from the metal into the plastic
container and mix well until smooth;

6) put the mixture in the refrigerator until full
cooling down

Everything, the process is completed, you have a lick from plasticine.

How to make a licensed shampoo

This method is very easy to prepare, but at the same time it has
A significant disadvantage is reliability. However, this does not prevent him
have popularity among the population.

You will need:

  • Clay “Titan”. Choose this type of glue, and be sure to
    look at its expiration date, because low-quality glue can
    spoil you with the whole end result. Withобрести его можно в любом
    office or household store;

  • Shampoo (any brand will do);

  • Rubber gloves.

The process of creating toys:

1) Take a plastic bag and pour shampoo and glue into it.
ratio of 2 to 3;

2) Mix the mixture until it is finally

Take out the ready-made toy from the package and please your

How is sodium free lizun

If there is no sodium tetraborate at home, you can use this.
in a way. To make it, you need these

  • warm water;

  • starch;

  • dye;

  • sparkles;

  • essential oils.

How is done

1) take water and starch and mix them in a ratio of 1 to

2) add some amount of dye and mix again;

3) glitter can be used as desired, they are able to give
your craftsmanship of brightness and unusualness;

4) essential oils will be needed to give your toy
nice smell.

Mix all the above ingredients and voila – you
got a new kind of lizun.

In conclusion, I would like to say that lizun – very
exciting toy that can please your child, his
can also be used as a gift to a loved one.
In addition, lizun is useful and that will help develop a child
fine motor skills of the hands, and adults – to massage the palms.

Make toys with your own hands, because it is very interesting and
informatively, people close to you will surely appreciate your efforts

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