How to make clay at home. whatneed to make plasticine at home: technology and detailedbriefing

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Plasticine is an excellent raw material for modeling, from which a child
will be able to fashion a lot of curious handicrafts.

Also, such an exercise will be very useful for the development of the baby,
because plasticine is the best way to improve the fine
hand motor skills, which is very important for his age.

Why make clay at home

Unfortunately, the store does not always sell quality goods,
moreover, he can even harm the child by causing him
allergic reaction, besides the current prices for good clay
quite high.

To avoid this, you can use the alternative
option, namely to make clay at home,
using available materials.

This article will be entirely devoted to the question of how to make
plasticine at home.

How to make clay at home: from what?

To begin, let’s see what ingredients we need
for work.

1. Мука — 1 стакан. Flour is the main
component without which to make clay at home in
principle is impossible. Suitable for work as the usual wheat
flour, and corn or oatmeal. It’s better to be bright
This will give the opportunity to give it any shades.

2. Теплая вода — 1 стакан. Water, like flour,
also a very important component, as it will give the clay the right
consistency and plasticity.

3. ATинный камень или квасцы — 2 чайные ложки.
Most recipes for making plasticine have such
Components. Do not be afraid of strange names, these components
are accessible to any person. So, tartar can
buy in a specialty pastry shop, and alum – in
ordinary pharmacy. Both of these components are needed for the same
function, namely – the preservation of the form and consistency.

4. Соль — 1/4 стакана. Salt is required for
in order to prevent the moisture contained in the component from evaporating.
Without salt, clay dries quickly and becomes useless.

5. Sunflower oil (refined) – 1 tea
. Oil performs 3 important functions at once: fastens
all ingredients in one, makes the mass more plastic and not
gives plasticine to stick to hands during work.

6. Dyes. Of course, the child is much more
it is curious to work with multi-colored material, rather than monotonous
plasticine. Apply food natural dyes, they are
safe enough and will not harm the baby’s body.

Council As we all know, little babes
love to pull everything in your mouth. So, to quickly and for a long time wean
put plasticine in your mouth, add 4 to the list of ingredients
spoons of salt or lemon juice, and his desire to try it again
disappear forever.

How to make plasticine at home: technology

Now that all of our ingredients have been gathered, we begin the process.
manufacturing. First you need to collect all the components (for
except dyes) in a pan with a deep bottom. Set it on
medium heat and stir until homogeneous
weight. Continue to interfere continuously until the mass is finally
thickens. This process does not last long, usually it does not last longer.
one — two minutes. After that the pan can be removed from the fire and
leave so that the mass is completely cooled.

After complete cooling, you need to thoroughly knead the mass to
get a uniform texture, and mold the ball. Then share it
into a number of parts depending on how much you are in
As a result, you want to get different colors. Then in each part by
separately add the dye of the desired color and stir it until

whatбы не слишком пачкать руки и мебель на кухне, можно
take advantage of surgical gloves, and on the countertop
lay a thick oilcloth. Then from the finished parts form the balls
and distribute them in special storage containers. If a
there are none, you can simply wrap them in plastic wrap.
All work is ready.

Smart plasticine: how to do?

Next I would like to talk about the so-called “smart
plasticine “. Such a toy is both liquid and solid, and
make it out of clay house also will not be difficult.
�The “trick” of such clay is that it is able to take
any shape and texture depending on the force applied to

The main advantage of smart clay is that it
does not stick at all to hands and does not soil clothes and furniture. If a вы
until now, I have never seen such a toy on sale, try
do it yourself. Components for its manufacture are sold in
stores (stationery, building) and in pharmacies.

So, for the manufacture of smart clay to us

  • PVA glue;

  • sodium tetraborate;

  • gouache

  • wooden stick

  • polyethylene bag.


Take a deep bowl, squeeze a tube of glue into it and
dilute it with food dye of the desired color. Then the resulting
Mix well with a wooden stick. More will
added food coloring, the higher the color saturation. AT
the result is that you get a completely homogeneous mass without
any divorces and lumps.

To the resulting mass you need to add 1 teaspoon of tetraborate
sodium, continuing to interfere continuously. The resulting mixture is very soon
will begin to thicken, so you need to adjust it as needed
consistency. The more sodium tetraborate in the mixture, the
clay will be denser.

The material is almost ready, all that’s left is to put
ready plasticine in a plastic bag and knead it well
hands so that the mass is softer and

Alcohol recipe

For the manufacture of smart clay very often use the recipe
on alcohol. For this we need the following ingredients:

  • medical alcohol;

  • silicate glue

  • food coloring.


Take a separate container and mix in it alcohol and silicate
клей в соотношении 1 к 1. Then the resulting смесь нужно взбить до
consistency similar to wallpaper glue.

whatбы получить нужный цвет, в пластилин можно добавлять пищевые
dyes, paint, iodine, even ordinary nail polish will do. With
adding phosphorus or spangles with different colors to the crumb
get a glowing effect.

Ready elastic material should be thoroughly rinsed under pressure.
cold water. Use smart homemade clay can be short-lived,
just a few hours, after which the material begins to harden.


As we mentioned above, the child likes to taste everything,
therefore, dyes must be selected food and safe,
their benefit is now quite a lot on sale. Alternatively, you can
try food dyes, which remain after painting
Easter eggs or so-called gel dyes. You can also
try powders from yuppi known to us since childhood or
like him.

If a же вы хотите обеспечить максимальную безопасность своему
baby, then we recommend to use natural natural
dyes of such types:

  • carrot juice will give an orange tint;

  • seasoning saffron and curry – yellow;

  • raspberry and cherry juice – pink;

  • beet juice or paprika powder – red;

  • blackberry or blueberry juice – purple;

  • purple cabbage juice – blue;

  • cocoa brown.

This kind of natural dyes are not too harsh.
or acidic, however, they remain quite juicy, and
A wide palette of colors can be obtained thanks to a mixture of different

Совет: If a краситель получился жидковат,
it can either be evaporated until the desired concentrate is obtained, or
reduce the amount of liquid stated in the recipe.

How to store?

Unfortunately, no matter how high quality plasticine you make,
�It will “live” not too long, because after some
time he begins to dry and lose elasticity. Therefore store
the product made at home is better in the refrigerator in
sealed container or cling film.

If a пластилин еще не сильно высох, то его еще можно
recover by adding a small amount of water and
mixing. However, if the material is already very dry, then return
his former plasticity will be impossible, because to prepare raw materials
will have to be redone.

If a во время разбавления или подготовки материала было
added слишком большое количество воды, то массу можно будет
warm slightly to evaporate excess moisture.

Clay figures can then even be baked, after which
to decorate them, for example, the nursery.

The main advantages of homemade clay

The main advantages of using homemade clay

  • full safety of the material obtained;

  • the ability to make the material yourself at any time;

  • wide palette of colors;

  • low price of components, some of which can be taken

  • using homemade clay, you have the opportunity to
    hands to do crafts for memory.

Magnetic clay

There is another type of plasticine that we will mention
in short. Its essence is quite simple – the name “magnetic” it
got thanks to the ability to be attracted to metal

whatбы сделать такой пластилин, в клей нужно добавить магнитные
particles of fine type, it will then force the finished material
literally reach for metal objects.

Homemade clay – a great alternative to store goods,
Moreover, it is safer and more versatile. If a вы хотите
to please your baby with a new toy or to develop his petty
hand motility, homemade clay is the most suitable for
this stuff.


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