How to make a dandelion from foamirana: master classwith photo. Do-it-yourself dandelions from foamiran – it’s easy!

Ср, 28 июн 2017 Автор: Полина Рябинина

Home missing flowers? Want something sunny? Make a
imagine a sunny flower from foamirana. For this you need a little bit
magic, a little skill and a bit of want.

How to make a foamiran dandelion

For this we need:

1. Chinese foamiran yellow and light green (in any
case, any other foamiran may come up)

2. Hot glue (also suitable second)

3. Toothpick or orange stick

4. Scissors

5. Wire

6. Teip tape (floristic tape)

7. Iron

Step 1. Cut off a strip of yellow foamiran 1.5 – 2 centimeters.
The longer the strip, the more dandelion will be more magnificent. For bud need
a strip of 5 centimeters, and for an open flower 20-25

Step 2. Using scissors, you need to make a fringe out of a strip. For
this should be cut into thin parallel strips, without cutting to
punish The thinner the stripes, the more natural and beautiful will be

Step 3. If the color is not bright enough or you want more shades,
then you can paint the fringe with pastels. It is necessary to wet the cotton
wand (or take a damp napkin) and rub it on the chalk, after which
spending smooth movements on the workpiece “tinted” it.

Step 4. To make the flower petals more real they need
process on iron. It should be without steam. As soon as the iron will be
hot enough, you need to attach a strip to the iron and wait
until the strip begins to lag behind the iron. It is still warm fringe
you need to rub it between the palms. To she was a bit curled
in some places.

Step 5. Now you need to take the wire, it should be enough
tough. If its density is not enough, twist it a little.
time. Wrap the wire with floral tape, tightly pulling
her. Next, you should unfold the workpiece so that the strips stick out
push. Spread one of the edges with glue and attach the wire. Need to
wrap and constantly glue, do not regret the glue! (Pay
attention to fringe sticking out, not inside)

Step 6. Using a stencil, cut a cruciform sepal from
green foamirana. (they should be wide enough (0.7-1
centimeters) and about 1.5 centimeters long, at the ends of the sepal
should be notches.) It will be a sepal for the bud

Шаг 7. For пушистого одуванчика нужен другой чашелистик. Of
green foamiran cut circle. On the edge we make cloves.

Step 8. To make the flower seem real, you should use pastel
for tinted edges swamp green chalk. You can also add
blue and brown. (Toning in different places) – at will

Step 9. What is characteristic of all flowers is leaves. And dandelion
eat leaves. Cut out an elongated sheet with a height of 15 centimeters, and
We make cloves of different heights along the edge.

Step 10. On the iron should handle all blanks.
The cross-shaped sepal should be applied to the iron (until it
will begin to lag behind the hot iron), then you need to press down with a finger
in the middle until all the parts of the sepal will rise. Round
sepal you just need to put on some spherical
subject (or press down in the middle). A simple sheet is necessary
pull out, fold in half and fold from the side of the fold arc.

Step 11. Using glue to glue the cruciform sepal
to buds (short stripes), round to lush dandelions, and to
each pedicel to stick a sheet.


1. When working with foamiran, do not stretch it strongly.
Some foamiran stretches well and some not so much. But not
overdo it. Need to обратить на его качество.

2. In order not to get burned when working with an iron, you can hold it or
wand, or tweezers.

3. For тонирования лучше использовать масляную пастель. Her
the quality is more “waxy”, another pastel is showered.

4. In addition to pastels, you can use acrylic paints (but only
after the iron, otherwise he end)

5. If you overdo the foamiran on the iron, then it will curl and strongly
will decrease.

6. It is enough to have only white foamiran and any
toning materials.

7. For нагревания фоамирана можно использовать свечу или
lighter, the main thing is not to overdo it, so as not to tar

8. For приданию формы фоамирану можно использовать бульки.

9. To make a brook, you need to attach to a long skewer.
bead (they can be of different sizes)

10. Dandelions can be used not only as interior decor,
but also as a decoration. You can make a brooch, hairpin, decorate gum,
stick to the heels, make a bezel or a wreath and so on …

11. They can also be used as decor for a notebook, an album, in
scrapbooking decorative elements are very necessary.

12. An interesting solution would be to glue a dandelion mug,
which will be a great gift.

13. As well as a memento you can give a decorated magnet.

14. Of них можно сделать панно или картину, дополнив её любыми
decorative elements.

15. No smart wrapping paper? Her легко украсить самому!
Take cheap craft paper, we pack a gift. And on top
glue a few dandelions. It will be a pleasant surprise for
the recipient.

These flowers can be a great decor in the kitchen, in the hallway, in
bedroom or guest. But for this they need to be turned into a composition,
создать обtime. �”To cut this uncut diamond.”

How to make a composition of dandelions

We will need:

1. A small jar (suitable glass from under the toothpicks)

2. Sisal (or any other material imitating grass)

3. Dandelions

4. Decorative little apple

5. Hot glue (universal glue is also suitable, second
will not work)

6. Ruler

7. Foamiran

8. Scissors

9. Gypsum (construction)

10. Water

11. A piece of foam

Step 1 Knead the gypsum and water in a ratio of 2 (gypsum) to 1 (water).
Pour into the harvested jar is not up to the end (2 centimeters to
the edges)

Шаг 2 Ofмерить высоту вашей баночки и отметить на фоамиране.
After that, you need to wrap the bottle with foamiran to find out the length
stripes. Choose the color of foamiran to your taste and color (for example: under
the color of the room, the color of dandelions, which is available, and so

Step 3 Cut the strip to the appropriate size. And cut
a thin strip of 1-1.5 centimeters wide, and a length equal to wide

Step 4 Tape the jar with Foamiran and glue along the top edge.
thin stripes.

In the absence of the desired vessel, you can purchase ready
plastic or ceramic pot. In the future it can be
decorate with ribbon or lace.

Step 5 Cut the volume of the foam cans. And stick it

Step 6 Now you need to mimic the grass. The easiest way,
This fluff sisal and stick to the foam. But! If by
for objective reasons you do not have it, that is, two more options.
First: stick velvet paper. Second: finely chop foamiran
green color, cover with foam glue (leaving holes under
flowers) and sprinkle with green “powder”

Step 7 Paste dandelions into the prepared holes.

Step 8 Add a decorative ornament, in this case an apple.
You can also glue a ladybird or butterfly.

So in a short time you can create a universal decor,
which will add to your home a warm atmosphere and a drop of sun. Not
Dandelion gift is considered a sunny flower. Be creative! Do it!
Dream it!

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