How to lose weight with olive oil

Back in ancient times, people used olive oil not
only as food, but also to improve the appearance, in
including slimming. This tool can be made in the golden five
effective oils that help get rid of excess

How to lose weight with olive oil


  • Composition and useful properties
  • How can you lose weight on olive oil
  • Terms of losing weight with olive oil
  • How to use olive oil to lose weight
  • Wraps
  • Effective olive-based slimming recipes
  • How to choose a quality product
  • How to store olive oil
  • Contraindications


Composition and useful properties

Natural olive oil is produced (pressed) from the stone
(olives), growing on butterflies trees – olives.

В состав оливкового oils входят:

  1. Monounsaturated fatty acids. Mostly olein,
    perfectly absorbed by the body.
  2. Vitamins: E, C, B, A, K, F.
  3. Antioxidants.

Thanks to its rich and healthy composition, olive oil has found
wide application in the food industry, cosmetology and

Полезные свойства oils:

  • cleans the digestive tract;
  • speeds up digestion and slows down the absorption of fat;
  • stabilizes the appetite;
  • removes all harmful substances from the body;
  • beneficial effect on gastrointestinal diseases: heals quickly
    ulcers and is an excellent prevention against gastritis;
  • strengthens the heart and blood vessels;
  • has a choleretic effect;
  • fights excess cholesterol;
  • possesses the regenerating property;
  • relieves constipation and treats hemorrhoids;
  • supports good vision;
  • strengthens the immune system;
  • has a rejuvenating effect on the skin;
  • increases the possibility of successful conception.

For maximum effect, olive oil needs
use on a regular basis: add to soups, salads,
roast. And only under such conditions it is possible gradually, without
additional diets, with proper nutrition, lose extra

How can you lose weight on olive oil

If you are not able to follow strict strict diets, then losing weight
с помощью оливкового oils – идеальное решение. Only need
stock up with natural and high-quality oil, make the right one and
healthy diet and support the process of losing weight small
physical exertion.

Olive oil acts gently: oleic acid activates
synthesis of oleuthanolamide, which begins to regulate the feeling
satiety. В результате при регулярном употреблении оливкового oils
appetite decreases, and the amount of food eaten is reduced to
one and a half times. This means that the need for frequent snacks
just disappears.

Terms of losing weight with olive oil

There is no clear answer to this question, since
the results are completely dependent on the individuality of the organism and
properly selected diet. But any result of losing weight can
improve if in combination with a diet to engage in sports
exercises and periodically arrange fasting days.

Видимый результат от употребления oils оливы можно получить уже
a month later. And with limited diets with elevated physical
loads can boast results after 2 weeks.

Оливковое масло

The main thing in losing weight is not to torture yourself with starvation and not to lash out.
olive oil. Резкое снижение веса и большое употребление oils
can badly affect your health.

The minimum weight loss on an olive diet is 3-4 kg
per month. Maximum values ​​can reach 10-15 kg for four
of the week. Moreover, these indicators were obtained without complying with strict
hunger strike.

The most harmonious and gentle diet with the use of olive
oils считается «Средиземноморская диета».

How to use olive oil to lose weight

It is customary to use olive oil for weight loss in three

  1. Drink in pure form. To improve the external
    the type of figure and to make the skin elastic, it is recommended
    use olive oil in the morning on an empty stomach. It is advisable to drink
    oil 1 hour before meals. First you should start drinking with one
    teaspoon and after 7-10 days to increase the volume to 1 tablespoon.
    You can also drink oil at night for 1 tablespoon. If a
    there are problems with the digestive tract, the oil is better to take with water.
  2. Добавлять в пищу. The most common
    way to. Добавляем небольшое количество oils в продукты питания:
    salads, soups, cereals. You can completely replace the vegetable oil
    olive. Много лить oils не рекомендуется, так как оно очень
    caloric. Стоит понимать, что термическая обработка oils снижает
    its nutritional value, so it is better to add it to the already prepared and
    fried foods.
  3. Делать обертывания. Another effective method
    losing weight Apply oil on problem areas and wrap the body.
    Effective against cellulite. Consider this method
    in details.


Помимо употребления оливкового oils внутрь, рекомендуется
carry out regular wrappings with it. This procedure
is carried out by applying an oily composition to the skin. Massage
movements of the oil rubbed into the areas of cellulite, and then
tightly covered with food film in 2-4 layer.

Various reinforcing effects can be added to the oil.

  • sea ​​salt;
  • coffee (more on coffee wrap with the addition of olive
    oils читайте тут);
  • cocoa;
  • mustard (3-4 tablespoons);
  • red pepper (2-3 spoons).

Selected ingredients must be diluted with olive oil and
add some water to the mixture. The resulting slurry is heated to 40
degrees and rubbed on the body. The composition on the skin is aged for about
one hour.

Wraps проводят регулярно, желательно каждые 2-3 дня.

The mixture has a warming effect and instantly begins
accelerate the metabolic processes of the skin, thereby removing from the body
harmful substances, toxins and slags. To get soft,
supple, without cellulite skin, it is desirable to make at least 10-13

Обертывание с оливковым маслом

If a в процессе обертывания стало сильно жечь – это норма, но
if the burning sensation causes a strong painful feeling, then it should be stopped
procedure and rinse the skin with cool water using a gel to
soul. After the procedure, it is recommended to lubricate the skin with baby cream or
panthenol. And next time, reduce the portion of “hot”

Effective olive-based slimming recipes

Nourishing honey cream

Состав: 50 мл oils оливы, 200 г меда, 1/2 лимона.

Приготовление: тщательно перемешать все ингредиенты.
Lemon can grind in a blender.

Употребление: в течении двух месяцев на голодный
stomach in the morning, take 1 teaspoon.

Результат: крепкий иммунитет, очищение организма,
improvement of the digestive tract and weight loss up to 5 kg.

Sour-milk Olive

Состав: 1 стакан обезжиренного кефира и 1 ложка
оливкового oils.

Приготовление: смешать все составляющие.

Употребление: выпить всю смесь натощак.

Результат: очищает организм и помогает похудеть.

Garlic olive oil

Состав: 5 головок чеснока и 2 столовые ложки оливкового

Приготовление: измельчить чеснок и выжать из него сок.
Garlic liquid mix with oil.

Употребление: по 1 ч. л. while eating.

Результат: уменьшение аппетита, укрепление

Get acquainted with interesting information about olive oil and about
its proper application is possible by watching this video from E.

How to choose a quality product

Not every olive oil is the same in composition and quality.
Therefore, you need to learn how to choose the product that
It is right for you, both in taste and price.

The highest quality, pure and enriched with vitamins oil
Extra oil is considered – unrefined, fragrant olive oil
top class.

The main choice is to check the shelf life of the product, composition and
choose a dark bottle that protects the oil from the sun

Разновидности оливкового oils:

  • Light olive oil – хорошо подходит для жарки и
    extinguishing. Refined oil. For the price – budget.
  • Olive-Pomace Oil/ Pomace olive oil – масло
    second grade. Produce it from the secondary cake. By price
    considered the cheapest.
  • Pure olive oil и olive oil
    half refined oil.
  • Virgin olive oil/Olio di oliva vergine – масло
    medium quality, having all the useful properties.
  • Extra Virgin D. O. P. – самое дорогое и
    elite olive oil. By taste almost no
    different from Extra Virgin. Considered a favorite treat for
    connoisseurs of gourmet cuisine.

How to store olive oil

So that the oil maximally preserves its beneficial properties and
taste, it must be properly stored before and after

Storage Rules:

  1. Only store olive oil in a glass bottle.
  2. The oil bottle should be in the dark and cool.
  3. After use, close the bottle tightly.
  4. Do not overheat much and do not cool.
  5. Do not add other liquids to the oil.


Despite its most valuable properties, olive oil has
special contraindications for use:

  • cholecystitis;
  • individual intolerance;
  • gall bladder problems;
  • allergy (rare).

Slimming with olive oil has a gradual effect.
Instant results can not be obtained, so do not
увеличивать дозировку oils. For more effective results
recommend visiting a nutritionist.

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