How to lose weight on a diet “5 tablespoons”?

Today, diets based on fractional nutrition, enjoy
losing weight is very popular. Among them, also provide a diet
�”Five tablespoons.” What are its features, and what
she will bring results, we will find out further.

How to lose weight on a diet


  • How does diet work?
  • Prohibited Products
  • Products allowed
  • How to measure the amount of food?
  • How to ease the start of a diet
  • Sample menu for the week
  • Weight Loss: Results
  • Useful video about 5 tablespoons of diet

How does diet work?

The popular diet “Five tablespoons” is based on long
known principle of fractional nutrition: food is taken rather
in small portions, but regularly and often. More about fractional
nutrition will learn in this article.

Every 3 hours should be a new meal. During this time, man is not
has time to get hungry, while the volume of the stomach decreases and
takes a normal physiological size. Under “normal
size, “according to doctors, implies a volume of 150-200 grams
– The size of a human fist or five tablespoons.

In ordinary life, a person eats much more. As a result
such food the stomach walls stretch to the size of the grocery
shopping bag, and the feeling of saturation does not occur until this wallet
is full. Some people reduce the size of the stomach by different
surgical methods.

If you are not so hard, that requires serious
medical intervention, the diet “5 tablespoons” is like
just what you need. With it, the stomach volume is really
decrease, you will be less, and therefore lose weight.

Prohibited Products

To diet helped you not only quickly lose extra
kilograms, but also to improve your health, you need to strict mode
exclude the following products:

  • All kinds of sweet and carbonated drinks;
  • Spicy foods – sauces, marinades;
  • Salty dishes;
  • Fried, especially deep-fried;
  • Fast food;

Products allowed

As with every healthy diet diet, it is recommended
Use in the diet of healthy foods:

  • Boiled meat – beef, pork;
  • Chicken fillet, turkey;
  • Boiled eggs, omelette;
  • Sea fish, seafood;
  • Fresh, dried mushrooms (but not salted and marinated);
  • Dairy products – cottage cheese, cheese, kefir, yogurt;
  • Herbal teas;
  • Sugar free coffee;
  • Vegetable oils of good quality – olive, sunflower.
    Cream is better to replace the melted, it is more useful.

How to measure the amount of food?

5 tablespoons is, of course, a conventional name. Spoons
dining rooms are different and 150, and 180 ml, is not the point.
Solid food with spoons is also difficult to measure. Can come to the rescue
Libra. But they are not always at hand, so it’s best to get used to
measure everything “by eye”. In addition, five tablespoons is the volume
cut glass cups (formerly such in Soviet canteens
were), you can focus on this volume. Better first
weigh, and getting used, the scales are no longer needed.

How to ease the start of a diet

If you’re used to a lot of food being eaten, but on
Tomorrow they suddenly reduced the volume by 3 times, nothing but terrible
hunger attack, you will not get. Therefore, doctors recommend for 10
minutes before meals drink a glass of pure water. Water, fill the stomach, in
As a result, a serving volume of 150 or 200 grams does not seem so
scanty. There will be a decrease in the usual portion, but not the volume
stomach, which is necessary at the beginning. So in a few days you will cut
portion volume.

In the following days, reduce the amount of water you drink.
(drunk immediately before meals). That is, the reduction will begin
the volume of the stomach, which is required for the result. If hold
entry into the diet smoothly, then no stress for the body and
psyche will not. Water needs to continue to drink, but an hour later
or after meals. Water helps cleanse the cells and, accordingly,
weight loss On the day should drink 1.5-2 liters of water.

Sample menu for the week

Do not forget about the volume of 150-200 g – 5 tablespoons, as well as
that drinking is allowed no less than half an hour after eating.


  • 7.00 – an omelet from two eggs, coffee without sugar with milk;
  • 10.00 – something from fruit – one pear or one
    an Apple;
  • 13.00 – a piece of chicken fillet or a plate of borsch with sour cream;
  • 16.00 – cheese sandwich;
  • 19.00 – stew of stewed vegetables;
  • 21.00 – kefir.


  • 7.00 – oatmeal porridge with melted butter and fruits, tea from
    lemon balm;
  • 10.00 – a glass of milk or kefir;
  • 13.00 – steamed fish with vegetable garnish;
  • 16.00 – cottage cheese with fruit;
  • 19.00 – salad, meatball from beef;
  • 21.00 – yoghurt.


  • 7.00 – buckwheat porridge, cooked in milk;
  • 10.00 – bread slices with apple sauce;
  • 13.00 – carrot-potato puree, a piece of boiled
  • 16.00- berries jelly;
  • 19.00 – Salad from beets with apples, dressed with sour cream;
  • 21.00 – an apple.


  • 7.00 – pumpkin, baked with millet porridge and raisins;
  • 10.00 – kefir smoothies with nuts;
  • 13.00 – mushrooms, baked with cheese;
  • 16.00 – banana ice cream;
  • 19.00 – pilaf with vegetables, tea with mint;
  • 21.00 – kefir.


  • 7.00 – macaroni with cheese;
  • 10.00 – banana – 1 thing;
  • 13.00 – pepper stuffed with vegetables, tomato juice;
  • 16.00 – a slice of cheese, compote;
  • 19.00 – chicken liver, vegetable salad;
  • 21.00 – yogurt;


  • 7.00 – millet porridge, rosehip tea;
  • 10.00 – fruit salad;
  • 13.00 – soup of mushrooms;
  • 16.00 – muesli bar;
  • 19.00 – bean patties with vegetable sauce;
  • 21.00 – fruits – pear, apple, peach.


  • 7.00 – baked apples with rolled oats;
  • 10.00 – salad from apples, tangerines, carrots and nuts;
  • 13.00 – tomato soup with rice;
  • 16.00 – chicken sandwich;
  • 19.00 – beans, baked in a pot, with sour cream;
  • 21.00 – boiled egg.

This is just an exemplary menu. On its basis, you can invent a lot
tasty and healthy dishes. The diet “Five tablespoons” is possible and
food in the cafe and dining room. Knowing how much food you can afford
allows, you can choose any dishes without fear of getting better.

Once or twice a week there may be a violation of the diet in the form of
favorite treat or sweet dessert. The main thing is not to break,
so that the volume of “forbidden food” was also within 5 canteens

Weight Loss: Results

About this diet, most of the reviews are positive, including
doctors Negative only from those who are completely unbearable
there is. But they should not be taken as an example. Basically, everyone marks
weight reduction from 3 kg per week and up to 15 kg per month. It will not be superfluous
add and exercise so that not only the volume of the stomach
decreased, but the press became stronger.

Tatyana, 32 years old

After giving birth gained extra pounds. Weighed 75 kg (before delivery
63). Решила попробовать диету 5 spoons. At first it was just
unbearably hard. As it turned out, I ate almost 4 times more than
150 grams at a time. But I survived! For the first week it took 3 kilograms,
then another 7 in a month. Somewhere in two weeks accustomed to this
the amount of food is normal now. You can eat all your life.

Svetlana, 29 years old

Great diet! Although the weight goes slowly enough, but not
is returning. I had to throw 6 kg. It turned out, but only for
two months. Of course, not quickly, but then quickly dropped kilograms
quickly and come back. Therefore, the main thing is to get used to such a system.
– через 3 часа по 5 spoons. But a lot of things you can eat, which is
other diets are prohibited.

Katerina, 41 years old

When I turned 40, I began to slowly gain weight. TO
diets are careful, but decided to try this diet. Has come
conclude that this is just a way of life – eat less! therefore
It is not difficult, and the result is good. Weight decreases, but not dramatically.

Contraindications and restrictions

It should be noted that although it is argued that this diet
useful to all, yet there are some categories of people who are given
diet may not be recommended.

  • pregnant and lactating mothers;
  • people with chronic illnesses should definitely
    consult with your doctor. In some cases, the restriction of food
    may be beneficial to health, in others – accurate to
    vice versa.

You also can not argue that you can have it all. Theoretically yes but
if you just reduce the amount of servings, the weight reduction will be
go very slowly. therefore есть продукты, которые лучше исключить
from your diet.

Useful video about 5 tablespoons of diet

In the next video, an expert will tell who is most
interested in this diet, as well as talk about its principles,
limitations and results:

In the next video, the girl will talk about the rules of the diet, which
be sure to stick to losing weight:

This diet allows you to lose weight by reducing the food eaten.
If you not only reduce the amount of food, but also change the diet, on
healthier food, you can not only build, but also health
to strengthen. Accordingly, no side effects, such as loss
hair and brittle nails will not. Try it, maybe it’s yours.
the path to health and harmony.

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