How to lose weight after giving birth at homeconditions?

  • 1 How to lose weight quickly after giving birth?
    • 1.1 Principles of nutrition
    • 1.2 Tips for nursing mom
    • 1.3 Ways to remove the stomach at home

Often, after the birth, the figure of a woman loses its former forms.
Fat deposits accumulated during pregnancy look
absolutely not aesthetically pleasing. At the same time, they play an important role in protecting
the fetus inside the womb and the recovering uterus after
baby’s birth Cheer up and give up should not lose weight after
pregnancy and childbirth can be quickly and efficiently.

How to quickly lose weight after giving birth?

Lose weight quickly after giving birth – the dream of many women who have become
moms. However, due to changes in hormonal levels,
postpartum stress, reduced physical activity during
pregnancy, vitamin deficiency, on average, the process
recovery takes from 6 months to a year. Focus on
showbiz stars who managed to lose weight in the shortest time
after childbirth is not worth it, because they have a whole arsenal of helpers from
personal nutritionists to maids and nannies. Woman needs to lose weight
and get in shape after giving birth correctly, without prejudice to

How to lose weight after birth – basic

  • Daily long walks in the fresh
    the air.
    Already after discharge from the hospital, you can make
    short walks with a stroller. Gradually the duration of walks
    need to increase. In one walk, about 160 Kcal are burned,
    what helps to lose weight after giving birth. In addition, when walking
    the state of health and mood improves.
  • Balanced diet. Better in advance
    make a menu of healthy foods for a day or a week and
    strictly adhere to it. Pre-Diet
    will help to effectively lose weight after childbirth, avoid breakdowns and
    the use of harmful products that lead not to slimness, but to
    weight gain.
  • Полноценный сон. For wellbeing and
    Mood need to get enough sleep. Interrupted night sleep can
    fill the daytime, sleep an hour or two during the holidays
  • Послеродовая депрессия, которую многие молодые
    Moms jam sweet and floury. During the restructuring of the body
    (reducing progesterones and estrogens, increasing the hormone prolactin)
    there is a frequent change of mood, irritability, fatigue.
    It is useless to fight postpartum depression
    more rest, spend time with loved ones, gradually
    increase physical exertion.
  • Physical exercise. In the first weeks after
    childbirth prohibited physical activity. At this time you can
    walk, practice breathing exercises. 4-6 weeks later
    to lose weight, you can start to exercise, slowly increasing
    intensity. Physical activity of high intensity (running,
    swimming, pilates, gym classes) are shown after 4-6
    месяцев после рождения baby
  • Cosmetic procedures. Help to lose weight
    various wraps (honey, coffee, clay), which can
    perform at home. Effective also massage and
    cold and hot shower.

Principles of nutrition

�”How to lose weight after giving birth?” – A question that concerns many
young mummies. To begin with, you should completely eliminate from your
the menu is all fatty, smoked, fried, pickled, sweet dishes,
baked pastries, flour products.

Despite many restrictions in the menu, food after delivery
must be balanced and diverse. For,
to lose weight should follow proper nutrition.
The shown rate of daily calories for women who are lactating
baby is 2000 Kcal breastfeeding, not nursing – 1500-1600

You should eat often, at least 4-5 times a day. Volume of one
servings should be 200 grams. In the diet, women after childbirth should
complex carbohydrates (vegetables, fruits, cereals), enriched
fiber, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Of proteins
animal origin must be preferred non-fat
poultry (turkey, chicken), eggs, dairy and sour milk
low fat products (hard cheese 10-15%). Bread
can be used rye and wholegrain, preferably in the first
half a day It is recommended to include boiled, stewed,
Baked dishes, steamed. To lose weight,
snacking on hunger is better than dried fruit,
seeds, nuts, fresh juices (vegetable or

It is necessary to maintain the body’s water balance. During the day
should drink at least 1.5 liters of pure water without gas. Shown
drinking is not strong tea or decoction of berries without sugar and other
additives (milk, syrup). It should reduce the amount of use
salt, which leads to moisture retention in the body. Spices, spices
and seasonings should be excluded from your diet altogether, since they
increase the appetite, thereby preventing losing weight after childbirth.

Nursing mom tips

How to lose weight after giving birth to a nursing mother? Categorically not
It is recommended to keep tight while breastfeeding.
diets. Strict diet can reduce
quantity of milk and the deterioration of its quality, education in him
toxins, as a result of the child’s abandonment of the infant

Shown daily caloric intake of the nursing mother =
2000 Kcal because breastfeeding takes a lot of energy and
энергии, 500 Kcal.

It is important not to overeat, the milk will not become overweight
better, but body fat can only increase. For,
to lose weight after giving birth to a nursing mother, you need to eat 4-5
once a day in small portions. The last meal should not be
after 3-4 hours before night sleep.

As a snack you should drink freshly squeezed vegetables and
fruit juices. To speed up the metabolism is shown green tea,
but without sugar and additives. You can drink it 30 minutes before the start.
feeding After feeding the baby is recommended to drink cold
drinks, the absorption of which the body spends much more
энергии, what helps to lose weight after giving birth.

Ways to remove the stomach at home

How to lose weight and remove the stomach after giving birth at home
conditions? In addition to proper, balanced and low-calorie
nutrition, you need to pay special attention to the level of their physical
load. To remove the stomach, it is recommended to perform daily
set of exercises at home.

A set of exercises for a flat stomach:

  • Lie on your back, clasp your hands behind your head, bend your legs at the knees.
    To lift the upper body, tearing the shoulder blades from the floor,
    touching elbows to the knees in the air. Without dropping into the original
    position, straighten the left leg, leaving the weight. Knee right
    feet touch the elbow of the left hand. Back to original
    position. Repeat the exercise 10 times in 3 sets.
  • Лечь на левый бок, himного выгнув корпус вправо. Sharp
    reach for the heels, tearing the shoulder blades off the floor. Stand in this
    position for 30-60 seconds. Back to original положение,
    repeat the exercise on the other side. Repeat 10 times in 3
  • Lie on your back, legs clenched at the knees, lift perpendicular
    body. Tearing the shoulder blades from the floor, stretch your arms to one side.
    Feet to the other. The load on the oblique abdominal muscles. This exercise
    contributes to a slim waist, it should be repeated 10-15 times in 3
  • Lose weight and remove the stomach after childbirth helps hoop. Twist it
    need 15-20 minutes, preferably 2-3 times a day. At the initial stage
    recovery figure should not use a hoop with a burden,
    It is necessary to increase the load gradually.

Another way to help lose weight and reduce the stomach after childbirth in
home conditions – wraps. They are performed using food
films and special masks that can be purchased at the pharmacy,
store, and cook yourself, for example, from honey,
vinegar, coffee, diluted with water. Masks are applied to the area
belly. Then tightly wrapped with cling film. Required
leave for 20-30 minutes, and then rinse with warm water and apply on
cream belly (nourishing, anti-cellulite, moisturizing).

Effectively lose weight after childbirth is possible only in the complex,
sticking to proper nutrition, paying attention to their physical
load, not forgetting the full rest for recovery

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