How to keep weight after losing weight

For most slimming, a serious problem is how
lose weight. When this cherished desire is fulfilled,
Immediately the question arises: how to maintain weight after losing weight.
Indeed, a large number of issues were devoted to weight loss.
articles, but how to save your results – recommendations
very little. It is precisely the issue of preservation of weight after a diet, we would like to
share with you.

Вес The content of the article:

Agree that every kilogram dropped is a whole
achievement, and when you lose a significant amount of excess weight
– this is a great joy for you, because for this you had to
change your diet and / or do fitness. Very annoying that
after such a difficult period when you waged a difficult struggle for
every kilogram, the weight starts to return, crossing all your
diligence Let’s take a look at what needs to be done to save
weight after you lose weight.

How to lose weight so as not to lose progress

First you need to remember one very simple rule:
чем быстрее теряешь weight, тем быстрее он возвращается. Besides,
быстрое похудение способствует катализаторному возвращению weightа. Thats
есть, если например вы weightили 70 кг, и после использования
set of measures for losing weight – lost 15 kg in a month, then
returning to normal mode, it is likely that you are not only
наберёте потерянные 15 кг, но и после этого weight будет
increase, breaking the mark of 80 kg.

That is why most nutritionists recommend losing weight.
gradually and do not strive for rapid weight loss, the more evenly and
the longer you lose weight, the more effective your loss will be

Учтите, что у каждого человека weight не является постоянным,
поэтому если после диеты ваш weight немного увеличиться — это не повод
to panic.

Набраться weight может не только по причине того, что у вас начал
put off fat – no, maybe you drank big enough
количество жидкости, которая через несколько часов выйдет и weight
back to normal.

Не нужно фанатично становиться на weightы после каждого приёма пищи
– проверяйте свой weight хотя бы один раз в день, а лучше всего раз в
several days.

Девушка после диеты

Как не набрать weight после диеты

Of course, you need to make adjustments to your past
power system. After you are no longer on a diet, you are more
free to choose their diet, but nevertheless, to keep
weight — приём пищи должен быть правильным.

Be sure to follow the following rules:

  • Eat only when you really
    feel hungry and feel hunger or exercise
    food in time, as it was during the diet.
  • Strictly eliminate overeating, as they cause
    самый большой вред, когда вы набираете weight после похудения.
  • Eat small quantities, not quickly, to:
    first, do not overeat, and secondly feel offensive
    feeling full and stop eating.
  • Put small portions on your plate: as much as
    you have enough to satisfy your hunger – this is more
    psychological move. Besides, you can always put an additive in
    a plate.
  • Chew food thoroughly, the better you will be
    chew, the faster it will digest in the stomach, and
    so, therefore, not because of what will appear fat
    отложениям (лишнему weightу).
  • Do not eat 3 hours before you go to bed.
  • If you stopped doing home fitness, be sure to
    increase your walking.

These rules will help you not get better after losing weight and
save the results achieved.

Радостная девушка

Что делать если после диеты вы набираете weight

Если вы набираете weight после диеты, то начните корректировать
свой рацион, в первую очередь путём контроля своего weightа и
computing those products that adversely affect it.
After you identify provocateurs, the problem with
появлением лишнего weightа после диеты, в 80% случае вам удастся

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