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  • 1 After losing weight, how to keep weight?
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Any diet ends sooner or later, because all the time
it is impossible to adhere to strict dietary restrictions, and in
principle is impossible. Many women try to achieve results.
short-term diets, however, after their end simply not
know what to do next, so they jump to the next diet,
or return to their normal diet.

Both the first and the second are fundamentally wrong. In the first case
the organism, not having time to recover from one shock, experiences the next.
Often, instead of the desired buildup of metabolism and weight loss,
kilograms begin to return – the body is stored in case
new fasting. The same thing happens when you return to normal
питанию, которое у вас было до losing weight

After losing weight, how to keep weight?

It is often easier to lose weight than to keep weight after
losing weight Diet teaches us how to lose weight, but does not teach how to keep
result after it. So that life does not seem endless circles
hell, and did not go in cycles diet-rest-diet, you should listen to
советам nutritionist, который призван помогать удержать вес в

Советы nutritionist

If your diet was not too tight, then you can stick
its basic principles and beyond. In that case, of course,
change your life rhythm and review your diet, but if you
manages to lose weight, an extra kilogram can go after a diet.

How to keep weight after losing weight – advice

  • drink more water;
  •  do not be afraid to eat what you could not eat during a diet,
    just limit portions;
  • do not eat before bedtime;
  • Breakfast at home with cereals;
  • do not drink sweet water and juices;
  • do not get carried away with ice cream, it, like the cakes, is put off on
  •  try to use more fiber contained in
    vegetables, and do not give up apples;
  • remember about healthy carbohydrates – they are also necessary for the body,
    like fats.

Conclusion: The best way to save results is to stick.
proper balanced nutrition with the right content
proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Rules for maintaining weight after a strict diet

For some reason, very popular hard diets – all kinds of “Seven
petals “,” Japanese “,” Chocolate “(the last I would have banned
due to harm). Рацион у них очень скуден, и расписывается в
based on a completely healthy person.

However, from year to year there are a lot of lovers of such
экстрим-losing weight The problem is that losing weight so
образом легко, а вот как как после жесткой диеты правильно
to keep weight?

To keep weight after losing weight on a rigid diet, you need
внимательно изучить рацион предложенный nutritionistми и прибегнуть к
small tricks:

  • print multiple copies of the diet menu;
  • mark each sheet with the words “diet”, “1 week of exit”, “2
    week of release “, etc. up to a month;
  • with colored markers, pens, pencils add to
    weekly menu, one or two products or a small weight
    for each portion. For example, you had one egg for breakfast,
    put + egg, or + 100g oatmeal;
  • write changes for the week for all subsequent

A little creative imagination, and your menu change to
unrecognizability in just a month, while you do not gain extra

If you do not trust yourself one hundred percent in this matter,
or afraid that you will not be able to make the right menu on
eye – use calorie counting.

Determine the calorie diet menu for the day. Define your
daily calorie requirement based on desired weight. Here
the main thing is not to overdo it, so feel free to add to
The resulting figure is 500 kcal. Subtract from the resulting figure
calorie diet menu. Divide the difference by four weeks.
of the month. Your task is to add a week to the calorie diet menu
the resulting figure for you. Yes, it will be difficult, but
таким образом, вы найдете для себя наиболее идеальный
result and be able to save weight.

Tips Malysheva

Malysheva’s diet is essentially what is called PP.
(proper nutrition), but with some restrictions. Following her
tips can not only lose weight, but also to keep weight without much
labor. Сама Малышева отмечает, что после ее рекомендаций люди
change their diet often, treat their diet more closely
health, they have diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and she
most often send stories about how her diet helped in
of life.

So, Malysheva advice how to keep after losing weight

  • allowed to add low fat dairy products for breakfast
  • for lunch and dinner, be sure to eat a salad of fresh vegetables and
    greens, seasoned with olive oil, but without salt;
  • instead of desserts are invited to use one large
    fruit, or two small ones;
  • bananas, pears, dates and grapes are still impossible, but you can
  • nutrition, as in the diet, fractional – five times a day, three
    main meals and two snacks;
  • if necessary (after feast) arrange unloading

As you can see – nothing complicated if you do not perceive the right
питание, как труд, а принять его как образ of life.

According to the reviews it is clear that any form of diet – did you assign it
doctor, or you yourself found it on the Internet, have you tried it only
you, or a few people with you, but at the end of
restrictions and a clear menu, it becomes difficult and even scary. After all
how much more can you manage to lose weight after a breakdown? How much
it’s nice to tell how easy it is to keep weight after losing weight,
until life strikes it personally. Overweight comes back with
each time everything is easier and faster.

That is why advice from those who lost weight and did not recover back,
very simple – eat right, follow the basic principles
healthy food, make your menu with a minimum of salt,
try not to exclude healthy fats, eat more fluids
and less sweet. All this is not so difficult if you find
alternative to the usual, not useful products. Having trained yourself to
the PP system, you yourself will not notice how you will improve
losing weight result!

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