How to increase the breast without surgery?

kak-uvelichit-grud-bez-operatsiiBust correction operations
occupy most of all cosmetic procedures performed
plastic surgeons around the world.

But this approach is quite expensive and not always
safe “pleasure”, it is therefore not surprising that many
women prefer to use natural methods to
enlarge breast without surgery.

Although natural methods are not so reliable, but they allow
achieve the effect with less cost and impact than it can
suggest plastic. Currently not carried out necessary
number of studies confirming the effectiveness of such
methods, but still in world practice has accumulated enough
evidence that this approach is effective.

Therefore, we can safely say that natural ways are ideal
suitable for those who are not comfortable with traditional surgical

After consulting with your health care provider, use the following.
home remedies to improve the size and shape of the bust.

So, how to increase a breast without operation?

Weight gain

Weight gain is probably the most reliable and
a natural way to increase breast.

Although this approach is completely unproductive for women, already
overweight or borderline
weight gain may be ideal
bust correction is not for everyone. But if the structure allows
your body, consider the option of including high-calorie, healthy
food in your daily diet. Lactation

Many women avoid breastfeeding their
newborns because they are afraid that it may cause her
sagging. However, there is no evidence that this
has any negative effect on its shape and size.

That is, your breasts will stay healthy for
the whole period of lactation, which means that it gives absolutely no
benefits for mothers who choose artificial
power supply.

Eat tofu

Tofu and other minimally processed soy products may be
effective by influencing the production of reproductive hormone
estrogen. Soy is an excellent source of isoflavones –
plant compounds that mimic human estrogen.
Although soy is considered as a potential drug for growth
breast, but its effectiveness is only theoretical.

Other beneficial benefits of soy include
ability to lower cholesterol and reduce risk
the occurrence of various cancers.

Take supplements

Dozens of different herbal supplements can help.
you increase your breasts, increasing the level of certain

For example, licorice root increases prolactin and
estrogen, which is closely associated with an increase in bust volume.
Certain hormonal effects have a vegetable compound –
anethole, which is found in fennel and anise. Other rich
on estrogen herbs include blissful thistle and red

Use this method only under medical supervision, since
uncontrolled use of herbs can cause serious side effects.
Other natural ways

There are special devices that create
vacuum effect, and can also be used for breast augmentation
without surgery, contributing to its gradual expansion. Disadvantage
such devices is the duration of use to see
sustainable results.

Massage can also be attributed to effective methods that allow
affect the bust. It improves breast lymphatic drainage and can
contribute to its significant growth, especially if it is performed

Warning: Since it was not held full
studies able to establish the long-term effects
use of plant elements for breast growth then not exactly
it is clear whether these supplements are safe with long-term use
and whether they can increase the risk of hormonal disorders.

Massage is strictly contraindicated for women with breast cancer.
or unknown neoplasms.

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