How to help a child with low self-esteem

W, 02 Sep 2014

One and all parents find it unpleasant when they
notice that their child has low self-esteem. Unsure of one’s
when children are uncomfortable when communicating as peers,
so with adults, they are hard going through their failures and learn
noticeably worse than others.

How to recognize low self-esteem

Most often, parents will learn about this issue from children
psychologist in the first years of schooling a child. However reveal
low self-esteem and they can start to fight with it themselves, if
carefully observe the behavior of your child and listen,
what he says.

Children with low self-esteem often say phrases such as “I
I do not know, “” I can not “and” I will not succeed. ” Very revealing
may be the behavior of the child in the circle of his peers: uncertain in
Children themselves may be uncommunicative, shy, and sometimes
behave too defiantly. Very often bullies and teasers
in fact, they feel insecurity and anxiety, and their
behavior is only a mask for others.

An emerging problem can be identified with a simple
psychological test: you just need to ask the baby
draw yourself. If the little man in the picture will look like
inconspicuous, and for registration the child uses only gloomy
colors, it says without a word that parents have weighty
cause for concern. If a child with low self-esteem
ask to draw the whole family, then he paints himself disproportionately
small compared to the others.

Causes of low self-esteem

Often, low self-esteem can be observed in children from incomplete
families or those suffering from physical disabilities (for example,
stutter, have excess weight, do not pronounce a few letters or
wear glasses). Children are very cruel and tactless and can
invent such offensive nicknames for such a child.

Sometimes the fact that a child has low self-esteem is sometimes to blame.
parents. If dad or mom, when something went wrong,
they say that the baby does not know how or understands a child
can withdraw into herself and be convinced of her worthlessness. The same
manifestations occur in children whose parents have too much
prohibit or overprotection do not give them their own
learn the world.

How to deal with low self-esteem

To help your child become confident, parents
should praise him more often, focusing on the merits and
successes and ignoring failures. If a child has serious problems with
academic performance, you need to help him do his homework. Next to parents
the baby will feel more confident. When the task will be
done, the child needs to be praised, not forgetting to mention that
they can be proud of, because he has done the most difficult himself.

If a child suffers from the ridicule of peers, it is necessary
find out the reason and try to eliminate it. For example, if
child overweight, you can together with him to adjust his mode
or choose a sports section, and if the child cannot
to spell some letters, you can write it to class with
speech therapist. A flaw that cannot be fixed is needed either
turn into dignity, or try to make invisible,
teaching the child to focus on their own merits.

Unsure baby needs help getting close with peers
and win authority in their eyes. For this you can arrange for
him and his comrades unforgettable holiday, for example, in honor of his
birthday. The most important thing is to never complain with a child.
on problems, do not scold your life and diminish your dignity,
because children tend to imitate their parents in everything.

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