How to give water to newborns: tips and tricks.Do I need newborns to drink water: delusions andactuality

Ср, 21 сен 2016 Автор: Юлия Еркова

New parents have a lot of questions regarding
grooming babies, including watering

Deciding whether to do it at all, of course,
parents themselves, but there are some factors
who are able to assist in making such a decision.

Do babies need to drink water, in which cases it is

Primary role in the need for water for a newborn
plays a feeding method. When breastfeeding babies are usually not
water is required. Mother’s milk contains 90% of water,
the rest is the rest of the nutritional components and
substances. The composition determines the need for additional

Breast milk is heterogeneous in composition, it is accepted
split into front and back that perform different
functions. Front milk is the liquid that enters
the body of the baby in the first minutes of feeding and acts almost
drink it Back milk has a more dense composition, in which
there are all the useful elements, it is food for the child and
gives saturation to the body.

In normal cases, the newborn can do without water in
its “diet” until the introduction of complementary foods. However cases and
situations are different, and then you need to start watering your baby

1. If mother consumes salty food or due to the peculiarities
some products her milk has become fatty, then the child may
появиться потребность в drink.

2. Babies who are on artificial nutrition, is necessary
water between feedings. Due to the introduction of their diet
solid food increases the need for water.

3. Too thick stools in a newborn can be a sign.
lack of water in the body. This is also indicated by colic.
A lack of water can even manifest as constipation.

4. When the child is hot, he has sweating, then
these cases also need to be watered with water.

5. Other signs of dehydration can be:
fontanelle, dry skin, rare urination, crying without visible
the reasons. Most often, these symptoms appear in the summer.

6. If the room is too stuffy and dry, you need not only
to supply the baby’s body with the lack of it in such conditions
liquid, but also to purchase a humidifier.

Some moms may have questions, why drink water
baby if you can drink his chest?

It is not difficult to imagine the hot summer time, the body of the baby
may also overheat and produce sweat. And make up for the lost
body fluid is a must. Baby may want to drink
every half hour, if you give him a chest each time, it threatens
overfeeding and abundant regurgitation.

How to give water to newborns: how much liquid a baby needs

The body’s need for fluid in each child manifests itself in
individual order. At this rate may have
Impact of various factors:

• nutrition;

• degree of physical activity;

• dimensions, i.e. height and weight;

• climate and ambient atmosphere;

• health status.

Those parents who still made a positive decision in
use of water for newborns should not blindly water their
baby There is a generally accepted formula that is calculated
based on the weight of the baby. For every 1 kg of weight there is 100 ml of water
per day. In these 100 ml all volume coming to an organism is considered
baby fluids, including those from breast milk, mixes or
dill water.

Orientation should still be primarily in need
child If he does not want to drink water, then he will not be forced to drink
follows. And it’s okay that this indicator has not reached
example, and 50 ml. So your baby’s body is no longer needed, and
the daily need for water is satisfied for him.

Нужно ли новорождённых поить водой: как сdo это

Once the question has been clarified whether newborns are needed
watered with water, there is quite a logical following about how
сdo это right? In fact, everything is not so difficult as
may seem at first glance.

• If your baby is breastfeeding, then water will be his
Better with a spoon or pipette. You can dispel the myth that water
a baby from a bottle with a dummy is fraught with failure from the breast, and
use such an attribute. Not all moms can agree on this,
fearing possible whims and losing the baby sucking

• With artificial feeding, you can safely feed a child out of
bottles with a nipple, moreover, this method will help ease in
future introduction of complementary foods. Usually when feeding the temperature
nutrient mixture is about 36 ° C, water can also be given
babies cooler from 25 to 29 ° C in the first few months,
and later and 20 ° C.

• The main rule is to take into account the needs and desires.
newborn When a baby doesn’t want to drink, it’s noticeable, he
spits, turns away, chokes and the like that Not necessary
insist on your own, try giving it a liquid later.

• Weeping children do not need to give water, in the process of drinking it can
swallow a lot of air that will cause colic or simply
to choke. Therefore, the baby must first be reassured before
what to water.

• Giving water to the newborn should be after taking food in
time intervals between feedings.

How to water newborns and what to choose

When the question of how to feed the newborn rises,
most moms claim to be perfect for this purpose
ordinary boiled water. After all, after boiling all pathogens
bacteria and microbes that exist in the water die, however, along with
they destroy and salt, the necessary children’s body.

What, then, give preference? Water from under
the tap is clearly not to drink the baby, the water in open sources and
wells may contain harmful compounds leaking from
soil. A baby’s health is not a place for experimentation.

Therefore, in the modern century a special water has been developed for
babies that has all the necessary ingredients for
the fragile child’s body. Be sure to use this
bottled water not only to give water to the newborn, but also
cook on it feed mixtures.

This water contains in its composition set

• calcium (content up to 60 mg / l);

• minerals (less than 250 mg / l);

• potassium (from 10 to 20 mg / l);

• magnesium (from 10 to 30 mg / l).

An alternative option for bottled water for moms will be
purchase of a baby filter that will successfully purify water
от вредных веществ и соединений для организма baby It is advisable
acquire it in case you often use water in
the diet of the baby, for example, prepare mixtures, give to drink, boil
decoctions or compotes. One cartridge can last long
up to 150 l. water.

It is possible to give water to newborns not only with clean water, but also with decoctions
for example, dill. This drink can carry several

• quench;

• eliminate bloating and colic.

Чтобы сdo такой отвар, понадобится 1 ст. l dill seed. Their
it will be necessary to pour boiling water in the amount of 1 cup and boil
about 10 minutes. Then the fluid will need to drain and give it
to brew. It is better to water her baby while she is still warm, so
the effectiveness of the decoction will be higher.

How to give water to newborns: when to start

Modern medicine insists on feeding newborns
from the first days of life is not worth water. Начинать это do лучше всего
from 4-5 months. In case of illness of the child, feeding him
artificial mixtures the use of water is considered in
individual order.

If you give babies water from the first days of life, it can
lead to the breakdown of a still weak digestion, refusal to take
food. Because of the small stomach of a child, even a small amount
water in his body can provoke the appearance of imaginary feelings

With artificial feeding problems with water in the first days
life should not occur, as in infants. This is explained
increased protein content in mixtures. If you started to water the baby
water, then do not give it in large quantities, for the first time
a couple of teaspoons will suffice. If the child has a fever,
the volume of water they consume must be increased to 30 ml per

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