How to get rid of acne teen: the basicstreatments and facials. Getting rid of acne from a teenager:advice to parents

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Parents of high school students face the inevitable problem
– how to get rid of acne teen?

Medicine and traditional healers invented many ways, like
get rid of acne teens.

Skin defects are not just a temporary inconvenience.

Their dangerous consequences are scars, scars, nervous breakdowns, lingering

Acne in adolescents: causes and types

Age from 12 to 18 years – the time of puberty. Gland
teenage body produce large amounts of male hormones
androgen. It stimulates the production of keratin and dermal protein.
bacon Standing out through the pores, suet clogs them. Skin around
fatty traffic jams inflamed.

This is the classic development of teen acne. They
formed on the face, neck, chest, shoulders, back. Acne Suffer 85
% of boys and girls. Other causes of acne include:

• Heredity. If parents suffered from skin problems,
children have the risk of similar diseases.

• Some cures for chronic diseases. For example,
drugs for epilepsy, lithium, hormonal drugs cause

• Cosmetics and oil-based makeup clog pores.

• Extrusion of single acne. It spreads the infection.

• Long carrying backpacks, bicycle helmets, narrow
collars. В местах сдавливания появляются acne.

• Menstruation in girls. Hormone release 6-7 days before
�”Critical period” causes acne.

Acne does not pose a serious health risk. They наносят
moral harm, compromising self-esteem. Before
what to choose the way to get rid of acne teen, you need
determine the type of rash.

Beauticians distinguish:

• acne – red, inflamed tubercles with purulent head. They
formed in the upper layer of the skin;

• comedones – tiny skin pore cysts. They look like black
points on the skin. Blackness is not dirt, but a collection of bacteria
dead cells and oxidized fat.

• papules (pustules) – painful, swollen lesions. They
inflamed, as infection has penetrated into the clogged follicle.

• кисты — глубокие, заполненные гноем acne.

A person may simultaneously have several
varieties of acne. Every teenager is sick in different ways –
from time to time a pair of pimples appears on the forehead, another
suffers from a continuous rash. In any case, you need to know the methods.
acne treatment.

How to get rid of acne teen: skin care and

The first rule of acne prevention is to maintain the skin in
constant cleanliness. Acne occurs due to hormonal surge.
But they are inflamed and do not heal for a long time when the rules are violated.

Typical mistakes teenagers:

1) Rare or too frequent washing. You need to wash in the morning and
in the evening, warm water with mild soap. The best option is to buy in
pharmacy salicylic or glycerin soap.

2) Sleep with makeup on the face. Make-up needs
Be sure to shoot in the evening.

3) Do not clean the skin after vigorous activity. Walk, sport,
disco – in these situations, the skin sweats, attracts dust.
After returning home, you should thoroughly wash your face, neck and shoulders.

4) Squeeze acne with nails. The most dangerous area is the middle.
faces, from nose to chin. The people called her
�“Triangle of death”, as the infection introduced here can
go to the brain, bones, eyes. Instead of extruding follows
smear mature acne cotton swab with alcohol tincture

5) Use alcohol lotions for wiping the face. This error
typical for boys. Alcohol, of course, dries the skin. But what
сильнее кожа сохнет, тем больше выделяется bacon Better to use
lotion without alcohol (for example, salicylic) or herbal

6) Use oil-based cosmetics. �”Adult” powder and
blush clog pores, and without that overflowing with fat. Cosmetic
means must be water based or dry, apply them
should be a thin layer.

7) “Disguise” acne tonal creams. Similar tricks
I even use boys. Make-up acne is more inflamed.

Уход за угреватой кожей включает маски и
steam cleaning. Masks are made from kefir or yogurt. Need to
moisten a gauze napkin in kefir and put on face for 15 minutes.
or just wash overnight with yogurt. Such procedures are carried out

Чистку лица делает косметолог в
specialized office. Процедуру можно провести дома
– при соблюдении правил гигиены
. For this brew 2
liters of boiling water 2 tbsp. spoons of medicinal plants (chamomile, sage,
mint), leave to insist half an hour. Then the infusion is boiled to
get more steam and pour into the basin. The head is covered with a bath.
a towel and “float” the face over the pelvis 15 min. Sterile cloth of
pharmaceutical packaging wipe face. Most black comedones from
Healing couple go out by themselves. Squeeze pimples on steaming
skin can not. It is necessary to wash a hot decoction of chamomile and give a face
dry naturally.

In severe cases when acne takes on the character of a rash,
часто возникают глубокие болезненные кисты, следует
обратиться к врачу-дерматологу
. Having diagnosed a doctor
determine how a teenager get rid of acne. Most
Common medical treatments are:

• creams and gels with tertinol, benzoyl peroxide;

• antibiotic ointment;

• ingestion of antibiotics (erythromycin, clindamycin,
doxycycline, metronidazole, amoxicillin, cephalexin);

• vitamins A, B, C;

• hormonal drugs.

In the absence of the effect of conventional treatment, large deep
cysts that leave scars, prescribe therapy with isotretinoin.
No drugs should not be taken without prescription and
physician control.

How to get rid of acne teen: folk remedies

The main thing in the treatment of acne is to balance the pH of the skin and
prevent bacteria from multiplying. Good home remedy –
washing with acidic liquids. You can mix 1 part apple cider vinegar
with 10 parts of boiled water and a cotton swab applied to the skin.

Fresh lemon juice helps cleanse the skin. It is applied
directly onto clean skin for a few minutes. Wash off the juice
cool water.

Honey contains enzymes that act as an antimicrobial
means. A thin layer of raw honey is applied to the face and left for 5
– 7 min. It removes bacteria and dirt from the pores.

Many organic oils are natural antibiotics and
antiseptics. If you slightly lubricate the head acne tea oil
wood or jojoba thrice a day, the inflammation passes quickly and does not
arise again.

Herbalists know many ways to treat oily
коже с воспалёнными комедонами

For example:

• 10 min. cook in a glass of water 2 tbsp. spoons of dry leaves
Hypericum Strain. Chilled composition wash face, neck;

• pour boiling water into a ceramic container with 1 tbsp. with a spoon
сухих лепестков calendula In 20 minutes. strain. Apply to
chilled for washes and lotions;

• Apply for 20 minutes. mashed berries of wild strawberry or

Purify oily skin, disinfect and heal acne
berries and fruits: apple, cranberry, lemon. The mashed pulp is mixed with
raw egg white, smeared face. The procedure time is 20 minutes.
The composition is washed with warm water.

How to get rid of acne teen diet and lifestyle

Natural wellness helps reduce acne.
facilities. The most effective ones are:

• Reducing toxins. If the body has a lot of harmful
waste, liver and kidneys fail. Skin takes excretion
toxins on themselves. Возникают acne. Refusal of products with
dyes, preservatives reduces the amount of acne. Salt and sugar
in large quantities – these are also toxins.

• Drinking water. Clean water washes away toxins from the body. Factory
lemonade and juice, on the contrary, pollute the body.

• Greens, raw vegetables, fruits, whole grains cleanse
digestive system. Waste does not enter the bloodstream, does not affect
skin acne.

• Vitamins A, C, E and zinc improve the appearance of the skin, reduce
acne rash. Vitamin A is found in the liver, green and yellow.
fruits and vegetables; Vitamin C – in berries, citrus fruits, salads;
Vitamin E – in avocados, vegetable oils, legumes, nuts,
sunflower seeds. Zinc is present in egg yolks, fish, legumes,
liver, meat, mushrooms.

• Omega-3 fatty acids possess antibacterial and
anti-inflammatory effects. They can be obtained from salmon and
mackerel, fish oil and walnuts.

Very important for getting rid of acne is the right mode of life.
Boys and girls love snacking on chocolates, ice cream, and chips.
This habit is the first enemy of pure skin. Night sitting at the computer
and TV cause hormonal disruptions. If a teenager wishes
look good, it should eat right and as it should
get enough sleep.

Acne irritates, deranges, causes nervous stress.
The help of parents is an important factor in solving an unpleasant problem.
Patience and care help to cure acne for 3 – 4
of the month.

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