How to get out of fasting

In order to lose weight a sufficiently large number of girls and
women use fasting. Indeed, if the cause of your
overweight is unhealthy diet, pollution of the body
slagging or excessive eating, then fasting will help you
achieve maximum results in losing weight.

Медитация у холодильника As you remember, we already wrote about
fasting for weight loss by talking about positive and negative
sides of fasting, as well as how to start fasting.
This time we decided to tell you in more detail how
right out of fasting. So let’s start with a couple of words.
let’s say about the exit from fasting. Exit fasting produced
in four cases:

  • If you have achieved the result;
  • If the number of days you spent on
  • If you can no longer continue fasting due to problems with
  • If you can’t morally continue fasting or just don’t
    can no longer eat.

That is, if you set a goal: to lose weight by 10
kilogram or weigh, say, 60 kilograms, then when you
achieve the result – you can finish fasting. Same
It concerns if you limited starvation in the time interval,
when for example, using a 21-day fast on the 22nd day you need
start going out of hunger.

If at some stage you have problems with
health: severe dizziness, nausea, you have risen
temperature or you faint – go out immediately
from fasting.

In the case when you can no longer starve by virtue of moral
reasons, if you just can no longer stick to this
regime and want to eat – it is also better to stop fasting, because
it should not be a burden.

Девушка взвешивается

How to return to the usual diet after fasting

You should know that getting out of fasting does not mean that you
you can eat right away so eat so much that for all the days you would
not eaten so much, it is this opinion that visits the heads of girls, but
it is wrong. Returning to the usual diet is necessary very
smoothly and gradually.

How to get out of one-day and three-day fasting

With this fasting to return to the usual diet much
simpler since you practically did not starve and digestive
processes in the body did not have time to restructure. However, if you
hungry for 1-3 days, then you need to start out of hunger with
diluted juice, after a few hours you can eat fresh
vegetables, and after a few hours you can cook porridge on

The next day, you can add to food boiled eggs, lean
soups and pursue familiar foods from your diet.

How to get out of a long fast

More than 3 days to go out from fasting
more difficult, especially if you were starving for 21 days, it needs to be done
gradually. So, the way out of starvation should last so much
how much and fasting itself, that is, if you were hungry for 21 days, then
The exit from fasting should also be 21 days, after which you can
go to the usual diet. Consider in more detail how
must go out of a 21-day fast.

Рука тянется в холодильник

In the first week you can eat only freshly squeezed fruit.
or vegetable juice diluted with water in a ratio of 1 to 2, that is, on
one part juice 2 parts water. You can drink no more than one per day.
liter of diluted juice.

We want to draw your attention to the fact that the use is unacceptable
store juices, juice you need to cook yourself from fruit and
vegetables. The most suitable juices when leaving dry starvation
will be: apple, orange, tomato and carrot, but
grape and beet is not recommended. Drink juice
in small portions and little by little.

The second week out of starvation allows the use of
undiluted juice. In this case, you can gradually begin to increase
its quantity, but not too much.

The third week is preparatory to recovery.
your usual diet. Already you can gradually include in your
buckwheat ration with grated carrots, rice with steamed
vegetables and other light products, without spices and seasonings. Also
You can start to eat vegetables, exclusively boiled.

As you can see, the way out of fasting is quite a serious procedure,
firstly, it is necessary for the organism, and secondly, that all
fasting results in weight loss were not lost. AT
anyway, both before fasting and before leaving it
consult a doctor.

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